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Optus 4G Wi-Fi Modem with 4GB $34.50 Half Price was $69 @ Coles. Starts 25th Nov


Saw this in the Coles catalogue that starts tomorrow. Model is Huawei E5573.


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  • • Includes 4GB start-up data
    • 14 day expiry. For use in Australia

    • wait, what? Since when did they start making the initial data inclusions valid for only 2 weeks? Is that a new thing?

    • 14 days. New record. It so happens that the SIM inside was faulty and I had to go out and buy a specific Mobile Broadband Pack SIM (not any other Optus packeted SIM). Could not find it anywhere, told them all the shops I went to. And they decided to send me one by post. Took 6 days to arrive. Then activation and then realised that when trying to port over a number using the earlier SIM, Optus lost my number in the process. It is in Optus control but they ask me to get a new number. Bah!
      30 days and I got about 20 days of use (5GB) now. They told me I could extend it. Had to make so many calls and finally a rep say : All extended for a month. I was overjoyed.
      But when the original expiry day came - the system just cut me off. Asked me to reload.
      No rep bothered about the "extension" story. He noted in my account but never bothered to actually extend the date. All the time wasted for a faulty SIM. And a lost nice number too. :)
      I decided enough was enough and just went out there and bought another company's.
      So with 14 days, they can give you 400GB but with a faulty SIM, you will get nothing. Singaporean excellence in Australia. And oh the competitor product has better coverage too.

      • I just switched to Telstra thinking I would get better coverage…. Telstra is worse then Optus along the Sandringham train line so now to wait 12 months to switch back. yes I have 4g on my phone and modem inc 700 MHz but Telstra is no better. and actually worse.

    • 14 days to use 4GB.. Might as well use my neighbor's unsecured wifi.

  • Telstra equivalent is $24.50 from various places, and there's the cashback deals on Telstra starter kits

      • $10 cheaper too, and after c/b it's $5 cheaper with a $30 starter kit (which gives 7.6GB). And it's Telstra 4G instead of Optus 4G

        But you know, focus on that 2Gb

        • $24.50 for 2GB = $12.50/GB.

          $34.50 for 4GB = $8.63/GB, provided you can use it all in 2 weeks.

          7.6GB is a bit misleading. I think half of that is night time only?

        • @lostn:

          Yep, now lets add to that, as I said

          $29.50 (after cashback) for 9.6GB
          $34.50 for 4GB

        • @Spackbace: How much GB do you get if you don't want to buy any starter kits, and don't want to wait 3 months for a cashback?

          I was just providing context. Without it, you said "Telstra equivalent is $24.50" implying that it's an apples to apples comparison, 4GB for $10 cheaper, and no fiddling around.

          I'm not going to have much luck because Telstra are stringent with ID checks, and limit you to 5 or something. Then you have to be home to receive the delivery because for some stupid reason no one else can accept it on your behalf. People have reported horror stories of their package being returned to big T, and them asking for 100 pts ID, and employment payslips, just to collect some starter kits they already paid for!

          Lastly, the bonus 6GB for Telstra has to be activated soon. I plan to buy one of these to keep in storage until I travel somewhere with it, not use it right away.

          Which plan gets you 7.6GB on a $30 kit anyway? If it's night data, I don't want it.

        • @lostn:

          If you have the time to write that up, you have the time to research the plan yourself. Only a few clicks away.

  • I'm looking at getting a 3G/4G device to use only once or twice a week..

    Am I right in thinking the optus pre-paid mobile deals would be best here because they only charge for days you actually use, and have quite a long expiry time for your pre-paid credit?


    Could be better than 2 weeks! but not Optus, no thanks
    Not because it is a foreign company and not trustworthy regarding our confidential data, but because their coverage is horrible!

    • along Sandringham train line Optus is better than Telstra for coverage, switched to Telstra from Optus .

      so it's only applicable if they actually have specific coverage where you need it rather than generalised and hope they have it.


        Well I generalised it coz it is. Not Telstra or Vodafone get you covered 100% but they would when they should.
        I live not far from the cbd but when I catch a train to city, Optus is dead 70% of the time. One day I missed my home station and travelled far away, on my way back from countryside and over the mountains optus had 100% coverage, that was horrible, just so they can bulshit about their coverage over Telstra!

  • I'm considering buying one for travel abroad.

    Between this and the Telstra version, which one would be better for overseas compatibility?

    • Do they come unlocked automatically?


      it really depends on where you're going (if it's the US, then which region).
      A lot of the 4g frequencies such as 700Mhz won't work.

  • Anyone know the network band this supports? Seems like optus only list their own network in the description. Found this but I'm not sure if it is the same product


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    I bought one of these 6mths ago from tjhe Optus shop & it was unlocked - I tested with both Telstra & Amaysim. 4G in regional Oz (700Mhz band) it works a treat.

    • Does it come with a charger or do you need to plug it to a computer or USB hub to charge it?

      The reviews I read all say there is no wall charger included.


        no charger, just a micro usb -> usb cable. I just use one of the many micro usb charges I have lying around (android phone/tablet charges work a treat).

    • mine was also unlocked and it seems to pick up better signals than my Samsung s5 …. guess they can put bigger antennas in the modems.