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Telstra $30 Starter Kits $5 (after $10 Cashback) @ Cashrewards


Save 50% on Telstra $30 Pre-Paid Starter Kit for $15 delivered from Telstra plus receive $10 cashback from Cashrewards (for a limited time only).

A great deal brought to you by the team at Cashrewards. Have a great night :)

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • Thanks rep. Great deals as usual
    Do we have to apply an arse code?

    • well you will have to visit uranus to find out

    • Looks like you just purchase through Cashrewards. No need to sell your arse to get a discount this time.

    • Yup, it's 'telstrarse'

    • Yeah, I am missing a lot of cashback lately and they haven't replied either.

      • I switched to microsoft edge when using cashrewards and its tracking much better now. Adblock also blocks the tracking.

        Give it a go.

      • Yeah me too. I have 3 cashbacks that have been verified but not paid. All of them over 3 months old. I do not bother with cash rewards any more.

        • I do it when I remember but never budget it as a saving. I'll be passing on this deal for that reason.


          Andrew from Cashrewards here. If your cashback has been verified it is available for payment to your bank account, just log-in and go to 'Get Paid'

          Any issues PM me and Ill sort it out for you.

        • +13 votes


          Andrew, i'm missing few cashback and no one replied. I've PM u last week, and you also didn't reply… I agree with dlakers, dont bother with cash rewards 😡

        • +4 votes

          @ahc99: yeah same here, % advertised on website, can differ to the % actually payed (50% in my most recent case). as @sween64 says, never bank on the payout offered when purchasing, just shop normally & take anything as a bonus. (e.g. use the discounted %5 wishcards to pay as you may not get the offered 7% cashback)


          Aug 3rd CR cashback just paid to my account (6 x $10) today (email notification), done automatically, so be patient.

        • bought a $599 laptop last month on eBay, clear all cookies & history (cleared everything),
          login to cashrewards, go straight to eBay page and click the "go to page" link.
          go to eBay, wait till it stop loading by itself (5~10 seconds),
          login, go to laptop page & straight to payment.

          1 week later, NEVER a tracking on cashrewards!
          I have now switched back to PricePal instead! At least ALL tracking works!
          and there is a page/link that tells you whether current click/cashback is "Registered/Confirmed"
          which is MUCH better than cashrewards!

          I now only purchase from cashrewards IF it's an instant cashback/deal like the woolworths 5%!

        • @Indgal: pricepal usually have the same after cash rewards start and they are great with following up and responding, however many had problems with Telstra not actually sending sim cards or refunds

        • @kima:
          Thanks for the info

      • sounds normal… never had my hopes up for cashback sites.

    • +1 vote

      And assuming telstra would deliver…

      • Check past versions of these deals. I wouldn't be holding my breath.


          I received 2/3, but got $10 cash rewards for all, so average cost $7.50. I'm not going to chase up telstra based on the difficulties others encountered.

    • Tracking works fine for me. Telstra are slow to pay.

  • TA, respect for u but as per rule, put actual price before cash rewards in title.

  • For a better understanding of the deal…
    1) You buy the pre-paid kit on telstra.com as you would. They are currently half-price on telstra website.
    2) Cashrewards then gives you $10 cashback, which you will get after so many days …

    From the title, I thought you could purchase the kit for $5 using your cash in the cashrewards.com.au account

  • cashback from last deal 3months ago still pending despite a kind response to my email query. but it looks like im the only one = (

    • Not the only one. I have one pending from 4/8/15 and others through to 15/8/15. Some have been paid, some have not.

      • Who doesn't pay?
        So I know who not to buy from.

        Thanks. :)

      • I have only received two cashrewards payments from ebay, but all other ebay transactions have not been paid yet.
        All others have not been paid. My balance if over $280, but I have only $1.32 that has actually been paid that I can access. Even Lenovo have not paid from July!!!
        Also companies like Asos and Oroton.
        So far it's a waste of my time.

      • I stopped using them, switch to other CashBack sites

    • not really, mine also still pending lol

    • You're not the only one :(

    • +1 vote

      Me too, from the last one, still pending

    • +1 vote

      Mine was pending until I sent Cashreward an email, hope you will receive your soon.
      Still have 3 packs from the last deal and 2x 8GB sim from the Vodafone one. Not sure if I will need more, so tempted.
      Part of the email they sent me

      Thanks for getting in touch. We apologise for the delay in the approval of your Telstra Pre-Paid purchase. This has now been approved and is part of your available rewards balance.

      If we can be of any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you for using Cashrewards when you shop online.

      Kind Regards,
      Customer Service

      • Just so you know, those 8gb Vodafone packs ended up being 16gb if your referring to the 8+3gb deal which I also bought 2 of and used one which was certainly 16gb (90 days)


      PM me your Cashrewards user email and we will fix this up tomorrow.

      • power of ozbargain. automagically just got the confirmation mail for cashback before seeing your comment. Cheers. Just one more question, is it possible to fix up adblock causing tracking fail? Bought couple of items (yd, asos usual ozb deals) about a week havn't shown up yet. Will PM my email. Thanks rep!

  • Expiry ??


    TA you work for CR now?

  • Does anyone know if you can keep your old (Telstra prepaid) number when activating one of these?
    I currently use prepaid Telstra, and these deals may be worth getting a new sim every time they're available at this price.

  • Title misleading, it is delivered for $15 and maybe 90 days from now, you will receive $10

    • True. Cashbacks take months to show in your account. Not seen any deals where you show cashback price in title. It should say: $15 ($5 after cashback)

    • +5 votes

      Slight correction…..
      ..you might or might not receive $10

    • that's what I thought, it's NOT an instant cashback!
      and from my experience, cashrewards does not pay up!

  • Can I use this to get $30 google play credits?

      • Is it easy to do? I won't be using the new Telstra service, just using it to buy stuff of Google Play

        • Yeah pretty easy esp. if you have a spare phone.

          Just make sure you activate with a freedom bonus so your phone doesn't gobble up the credit trying to download the stuff you buy.

        • Activate. Usually takes 15 min to process. Telstra Billing should be available, sometimes you need to wait 24 hours.

        • +1 vote


          If its purely for Google play credit then id activate as long life, and just turn off data when you temporarily put the sim in your phone to activate google billing. That way your $30 lasts for 6 months.


          Last 4 Sims I have activated have required online chat to setup google billing - something they needed to change in their system.

        • @Gofast:

          Doesn't it need to be on 3G for the telstra billing?

        • +1 vote

          Data not required, it says sms authentication from memory, but there is no cost.

  • Unfortunately the link seems to be broken?? I am also getting

    "HTTP 400 error

    It’s not you, it’s this link (it appears to be broken)"

  • Thanks TA, I ordered one. $5 can't go wrong.

  • with the current bonus 25c for 1gb data and $10 credit which can be used for Play store, I think I don't need any of these anymore, 3 months on and I haven't got my cashback from last deal.

  • CashRewards is a bit slow recently, just received an email yesterday for money confirmation from purchase in Nov 2014


      Some stores are very slow and some are very quick and some in between. The good thing is that now Cashrewards is bigger we are removing slow to pay stores and guess what they pay up quicker and want to get back on board!

      • A suggestion would be om wesbite state which stores pay quick 1 month and note which stores pay slow eg 4 months later. That way stores that pay fast get rewarded for their promptness with more customers.

        Ozbargainers will avoid the slow stores like the plague.

  • I got my money back but no sims from Telstra ordered June rang three times no result ,have to go to shop to prove I'm alive

    • Why pay slips? Why two IDs?

      • telstra sends a follow up email saying they can't 'verify' your perfectly legitimate details, and you must go to a store with the documents mentioned above.

        Yes, it makes no sense, and you have to jump through MANY loopholes just to try and get a refund (or, if you have a lot of time, i suppose you can waste it attempting to satisfy all their criteria)

        • I can verify that the above is true.
          ID, payslips and proof of address…

          not to mention you must book an appointment at a telstra store to do that..

          I am hesitating whether I want to click on this deal..

      • Lol, they won't just stop at two IDs. they will harass you because they love that!

        see here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/210671

    • This is the first time I've heard of payslips being required for a prepaid service.

      • I can verify this - I'm still waiting on a refund for non-delivered SIMs from Telstra back in August. I escalated to complaints and now TIO. I did take a few weeks to give the required IDs and bank statement but it's been more then 3 months now.

        Cashback was received but it required an email to Cashrewards after 90 days to get it.

        However later SIM orders were delivered promptly.

      • Not the first time. Telstra already does this. See here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/210671. The control group is a joke!

    • This can happen if the ID information you provided did not match up properly. One possibility is that you had multiple Telstra accounts (by mistake - often Telstra's) and one of them had incorrect data, causing a mismatch. The most annoying part of it is that any ID which failed the automatic checking process goes to Telstra control group.

      Telstra control group know nothing about Telstra products. They only know the procedure to do the ID checks for Postpaid. To make the matter worse, they often refuse to accept the ID check results done by Telstra shop staff, insisting to see those records themselves.