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Black Friday Sale - 20% off 1964 In Ear Monitor Headphones


This Friday only, get 20% off all A-Series, U-Series, V6Stage, and V8 In-Ear Monitors! Sale goes from Friday, Nov. 27, 12:01am - 11:59pm. Open to all international customers. Use the promo code: BF15 at checkout. Ear impressions required for custom IEM models.

These are In ear monitors, not designed for general use, they are designed for people that perform live gigs and do studio recordings.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2015

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1964 Ears
1964 Ears

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      That's all relative to people's budgets, needs and preferences; no need to judge. It's a bargain in so much as it is a substantial saving over the product's normal price.. although personally I won't be purchasing anything

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        The word "bargain" can't be used to describe $2000 headphones… Just like a $10k painting or a $300k car… they are nice things, but certainly not bargains regardless of the %age off.

        • That's ridiculous. As roadeh said it's all relative. So you're saying 10k for a Picasso isn't a bargain "regardless of the % off?"

  • $2000 dollar headphones and thanks to my kid itunes has carly rae jepsen on high rotation.

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    12 months delivery ETA?

    I pledged to your ADEL campaign on kickstarter last year and still hasn't received mine yet, will be exactly 12 months in 5 days time

    • I suggest you talk to them.

      I'm not a store rep

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        Sorry, I thought you are associated, since you have a '64' at the end of your name, and they just changed their name to '64Audio'

        • Oh haha, its just a number I use for my usernames. All good