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Philips X-Treme Vision +130% H4 Headlights @ Powerbulbs.com $35AU~ Delivered


I picked up a pair 6 months ago and it was $38 on sale then, took a week to arrive. Good quality lights. You also get a free pair of Osram parker bulbs aswell!

30% off the whole site using the coupon code but these philips xtreme vision have the best value for money.

Available in other bulb fittings aswell (H7, H11, etc). Osram nightbreakers are available too if you prefer a whitish tinge.

INSTALL TIP: When you install headlight bulbs NEVER touch the glass part of bulb. Any contamination (oils, fingerprints) will shorten the lives of bulbs.

Original coupon code post

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2015

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    I grabbed these same bulbs earlier this month from the same site. Delivery is fast for a UK seller.

    • What's your opinion on the product?

      • I will use my lifx to demonstrate.


        If it displays the same as it did on my screen, the far RIGHT is what I had in my 94 accord
        The middle is what I got out of the X-Treme Visions
        The far LEFT is what I expected to get out of them though, so they aren't as white as what you might hope for.

        Overall it feels like I'm driving with high beams on at all times, so I'm happy with my purchase.

  • Ordered a pair of these yesterday, got a note that they are dispatched already. Hope they are as good as you say. Charged $35.98 incl delivery.

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      They are good, but dont expect it be 130% better.

      I've got the Narva Plus 120 on my other car and i find these just a bit better.

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        Agree. They are also less "yellow" than stock lights. Only issue is life of the bulb - of my first pair, one globe went within half a year. But the next pair have been going strong since (+1yr). Pity the +130% aren't in H11's…

        On a different note, does anyone know whether the Philips Crystal Visions are road legal or not in NSW? Assume Diamond Vision is not.

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          Both are non ADR approved. I had the Diamond vision in the past, they looked nice but really lacked the light especially when its raining.

      • -1

        Narva is not a very good manufacturer…

    • Thanks for the price verification including postage

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    Fantastic website, I cannot recommend it enough!!

    Buy all my globes through here - they take about 1.5 weeks to arrive.

    So much cheaper than Repco, Supercheap etc.

    I mean the basic no-name H4 at Supercheap is $15, yet you can get two brighter Philips globes for slightly more!!

  • Philips X-treme Vision +130% (Twin Pack) - why H4 $51.13 but H7 $62.64 AUD???

    • -3

      Cos H7 are lame.

      • +1

        so in your books if a comparable commodity is priced higher it is lame!?

        • No, just I need h7 and hate paying a premium for them

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      H7 fits many European rides… so Philips knows to apply the euro tax

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    Apply the coupon code and it goes down to $43.38.

    H7 bulbs is usually a bit more expensive than H4.

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    these or the nightbreakers?

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      I'd go whatever's cheapest to be honest. I mean you'll notice a difference between these and standard replacement bulbs, but I would be hard pressed to think on a day to day basis you'd notice any real difference between the top-of-the-range Philips and Osram bulbs.

      I had this dilemma when I upgraded the globes in my most recent car. It was something like $40 for the best Osrams and $65 for the best Philips (from Powerbulbs). Multiply that by two to do high beams also. I went for the Osrams and didn't regret it. Although now I'm running HIDs :) (with a proper projector retrofit, before someone has a go at me)

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        thanks for that!

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    Remember not to touch globe glass with bare hands when installing!

    • yep. wear them sexy nitrile gloves instead ;)

  • Awesome, perfect timing - I'm doing a big cross country trip (Melbourne to Brissy) in my car over the Christmas break, so these will be a nice upgrade for a safer trip. :)

    I used to use the +100% bulbs which were really nice, but they blew after a few years and I didn't both replacing them as they're rarely cheap. :)

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    In case anyone is wondering if there are downsides to these type of super bright bulbs, after doing some research I found that generally, the brighter the headlight the shorter it will last.

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      Some of the brightest H4 halogens have rated lifetimes of as little as 200 hours.

      I bought a pair of OSRAM +50% H4s, that were rated for long distance driving (read: they won't blow after a few months). One bulb lasted just 4 months. After that I switched back to bog standard cheapo Chinese H4s. Sure, the light is a bit more yellow but they'll last years instead of months.

      • don't be a racialist thanks mate

        • +2

          really? so someone cant even say the country of origin of a product now without being called a racist?

        • +8

          @faceman54: i think he was making a joke, particularly in reference to this text: "…a bit more yellow but they'll last years instead of months"

          thats just my take on it.

        • +1

          @anthman: That's it. Chinese lights being a bit more yellow was once comedy gold. Even Ali G references are getting a bit old it seems.

    • +2

      and it's a trade-off i'm happy to accept.

      i have a black car so drive around with my headlights on all the time. still, some people pull out and cut me off like they can't see me. could also be deliberate since perth drivers are primo (profanity) but if brighter bulbs make me more visible, then they're cheap insurance

      • I'm not sure if it'll make a difference like that, particularly in the day time. Low beams are always going to be dwarfed by the sun light. I've used Philips +50s and Osram +80s over the years and looking head on I didn't notice much of a difference from factory. The difference was in the actual light output at nighttime.

        If you want to be really visible during the day, add a set of good quality daytime running lights - they are far brighter than your low beams :)

        • we'll see. i've yet to try these +130's or their crystal and diamond vision bulbs. i've ordered some LED w5w park lights as well.

          with car components, it's a never-ending experiment to find the best product ;)

        • If you want to be really visible during the day, add a set of good quality daytime running lights - they are far brighter than your low beams


          be careful It may look pretty but road transport officers have teeth here in Qld.

          Division 4 Daytime running lights of
          67 Daytime running lights
          (1) A pair of daytime running lights may be fitted to a motor
          (2) A pair of daytime running lights fitted to a motor vehicle with
          4 or more wheels must be fitted with the centre of each light—
          (a) at least 600mm from the centre of the other light; and
          (b) not over 510mm from the nearer side of the vehicle.
          (3) However, a pair of daytime running lights fitted to a motor
          vehicle under 1300mm wide may be fitted with the centre of
          each light not under 400mm from the centre of the other light.
          (4) When on, a daytime running light must—
          (a) show a white or yellow light visible from the front of the
          vehicle; and
          (b) not use over 25W.
          Schedule 1
          Transport Operations (Road Use Management—Vehicle Standards and Safety) Regulation
          Current as at 1 September 2015 Page 95
          (5) Daytime running lights must be wired so they are off when a
          headlight, other than a headlight being used as a flashing
          signal, is on.

        • +1

          @tdw: Agreed entirely.

          I actually bought some Philips LED W5W parkers from Powerbulbs and was slightly disappointed. I was hoping they could function as a de-facto DRL, but they're not bright enough for that. They match my HIDs perfectly though, so on the whole I'm happy enough with them.

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    Do these have a shelf life? Thinking of stocking up on some.

    • Halogen wknt have a shelf life, just dont drop them as the filament can break

  • X-treme Vision or WhiteVision?

    • +1

      Got the WhiteVision after watching the review in youtube.

  • Thank you so much! was just about to get the 60+ lights from Supercheap auto for $45, made my night :)

  • Is this plug and play like factory fitted bulbs? Do I need relay for this?

    • +1

      Yeap plug and play like factory. It uses the same wattage as the standard.

      Should take 2 mins to replace on most cars. If in doubt, instructions will be on your cars owners manual.

  • Thanks OP
    OZB hype - couldn't say no :-( bought the White Vision

  • Thanks OP, just bought two lots of the Philips Vision Plus H7. I can't justify to myself the extra expense of the X-Tremes when the Pluses will be more than adequate, and probably last longer.

  • Just purchased these at supercheap auto today! $99 less $6 gift voucher leftover from old purchase and $10 back using AMEX..
    Returning tomorrow and ordered this! Thanks OP!!!
    Sadly I can only give 1 plus one!

  • Hi I don't know much about this searching online looks like my car (Nissan Pulsar/Almera N16) takes both H7 low beam and H4 high beam. Was thinking of getting both the X-Treme h4 pack and h7 pack but am not confident I am correct - do I purchase both of I want a complete set?

  • Excellent.
    I was tempted by the white vision but just seemed extra price for styling!

  • +1

    i've got $271 of bulbs in my cart and the free gift becomes Philips WhiteVision W5W (Twin).

    ooh ferncy

  • +1

    I really hate it when people install this kind of head light.
    The light is too stingy to the eyes & shiny that I need to cover my eyes from it

    • +1

      is it the blue light you're sensitive to?

      from the reading i've done into headlight bulbs, blueish/very white bulbs don't actually offer better vision for the driver (despite what they might think), and even less for oncoming drivers.

      which is why i'm trying the xtreme visions over the "styling" diamond/crystal/white visions…the performance of the bulb is more important to me than the colour.

    • +1

      This used to be a common problem 10 years ago. The main reason back then is because HID Xenon headlights were the latest and everyone wanted to imitate them using affordable H4 bulbs with blue tint.

      Around 2005, 99% of the cars with the blue-ish lights were owners of standard cars with the H4 blue tinted bulbs. The problem of the blinding cars was because the buyers of the blue tinted H4 bulbs were usually cheapskate owners who changed their own bulbs AND WERE TOO LAZY to realign their headlights properly.

      I assure you that a properly aligned headlight with a H4 blue tinted +130% bulb is no more annoying than any other bulb. In theory they can be less blinding because the spread of the beam will be tighter (its to do with how the +130%, +90%, +50% comes about).

  • Just got mine today, and wow they are low light headlights :/

    The old ones I have are about 50% brighter so a big wast of money that was, only thing better about them is they are not as yellow but thats it.

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