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Fujifilm X-T10 with 18-55mm Lens $1,129.91 ($829.91 after $300 Cashback) Delivered @ Ted's eBay


Good time to buy this great little camera with stacked eBay deal and cash back.

Link to Fujifilm cashback

Original eBay 20% off CXMASTECH deal

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  • Can you please let me know how it becomes $829 as I've got $1,029.91. (Linked ebay store price $1399.95+$9.95 (Shipping) - $279.99(CXMASTECH) - $100(Fujifilm cashback)

  • It appears the OP is applying two cashbacks, $100 for the X-T10 body and $200 for the XF18-55 lens, not sure if this is legitimate?

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      Yes, you can!

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    You can also claim $200 cash back on the 18-55mm lens

  • Bought the xt10 with 18-135 and the 27mm for $978 including $500 cash back. $150 more than this deal but better lenses.

    • Can you please share where?

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        Ted's. They sell that as a bundle for $1699..I got one during the 13% sale so no longer valid.

        • Just checked their website.
          Can't see any kit option: x-10+18-135mm. Googd catch!

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          @Kyrylo: It's in-store only. Camera house have the same bundle but a bit more expensive.

    • I think both lenses have cons and pros. The better lens would be 16-50 f/2.8.

  • How are you getting $1029?

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      Should be $1129. Title edited.

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    Sold Out, but you still can get X-T1 + 18-55:

    = 1439.96 (after coupon)
    = 1385.96 (after coupon & cash rewards)
    = 1085.96 (after coupon & cash rewards & Fuji cash back)
    = 905.96 (after coupon & cash rewards & Fuji cash back & TRS)

  • does anyone know if:


    is eligible to claim cash back for the lens as well?

    I'm after the graphite body, only this kit has it :(

      1. The following cash back amounts will be paid in respect of valid claims:
        X-T1 Graphite Silver $100.00
        XF18-55mm F2.8 $200.00

      Due to the fact that there is no difference between Black & Graphite in terms of specs, I would go with Black option and spend the difference on lenses, but it is up to you.

      • The difference is in the lens, one is OIS, one is standard 18-5mm, that's why I ask if anyone here knows if I can claim cashback on the 18-55mm OIS lens..

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          There is no 18-55 non OIS lens…

        • I think, all 18-55 have image stabilization…

          Check the official website:

          XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WRNew
          XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS => you will get these lenses either with X-T1 Black or X-T1 Graphite

        • @Kyrylo:

          OH? Damn, I asked a stupid question then :D, so the difference on those 2 are just the color? Or does the graphite offers better durability than the other 1?

        • @dannylie85:
          Not sure about durability, but the difference is only in colour.
          After firmware update => they should be the same.

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          @Kyrylo: \

          Ah thanks, that cleared it up.

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