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eBay Tech Frenzy - 20% off on Selected Retailers


Several info from T&C:

  • This offer commences at 10.00 (AEDT) on Friday 27 November 2015 and ends at 23.59 (AEDT) on Monday 30 November 2015.
  • The offer entitles you to 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage) of Selected Tech at Participating Stores on eBay.com.au during the Offer Period, for up to 5 transactions and up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction.
  • Selected Tech means any item listed in one of the following categories:
    • Cameras (#625);
    • Computers/Tablets & Networking (#58058);
    • Electronics (#293);
    • Home Appliances (#20710);
    • Home Entertainment (#172176);
    • Phones & Accessories (#15032);
    • Home & Garden: Home, Personal Security (#41968), Lighting, Fans (#20697), BBQs (#151621);
    • Toys, Hobbies: Radio Control (#2562), Robots, Space Toys (#19192), Powered Toys (#19071);
    • Sporting Goods, Fitness Running & Yoga: Fitness Technology (#44075);
    • Vehicle Parts & Accessories: Vehicle Electronics & GPS (#3270); and
    • Video Games & Consoles: Accessories (#54968), Consoles (#139971) and Games (#139973).

Participating Stores:

Don't forget 2.5 3% cashback via Cashrewards

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  • +92

    Let the price rises & product removals begin

    • +8

      Always happens. But there's always bargains to be found too.

      • Agree, can't blame them really some products just don't have the margin eg Apple..

        • +4

          But isn't ebay covering the 20% discount or are the retailers paying?

        • -5

          @scyth3r: In memory Ebay took roughly 2~8% profit, to cover 20% margin it's not possibly possible or possibly impossible.

        • You can get 20% off ipad air 2 wifi and cell as per this deal though; https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/221444

    • +7

      That's a Dick move!

      • +6

        Did you expect them to be good guys?

        • +7

          No, but Ted's opinion is that if they raised prices for Future Gear we should oo kick them - and Betta to Target them right in the Bing Lee

        • @bdl: I appreciated that.

        • +2

          They are always a target here and need to be betta online.

        • -1


          You're welcome! Next time I see you I will mWave at you cause you're a Good Guy!

    • +18

      Search all stores (Thanks to user @pm88)


      • Thanks!

      • +3

        this search link doesn't appear to include all stores that are participating, e.g. it doesn't include the good guys so be aware of that

      • Thanks, these links never seem to work though, for example searching

        "breville flavour maker" just shows one result from Bing Lee.

        But searching without the filter, the top result is from The Good Guys which is also part of the sale.

    • Last time, Target screwed up with the 1TB Xbox One IIRC - it was $459? $480? or something, minus 20% made it like 350 or so? (something like that) iwth 2 or so games - good deal accident tho - it magically went out of stock and was repriced at 550 a few days later

  • +7

    Here we go again (sellers raising their prices and removing stock that is).

    • +15

      Not The good guys, they are really persistent with their catalogue prices

      • +4

        Yea I hear they're the Good guys

        • +22

          Apparently you gotta pay them cash or they slash your tyres

    • +12

      Here we go again. The exact same comment just repeated from above in a different form.

      • +4

        Posted 1 second apart. OzBargain Hivemind.

      • lol

      • +1

        Here we go again.

    • +1

      Yep, Dicks raised the price of the Canon 7D from $2k(ish) to 2600… thats more than 20%

      Also - noone has any gopros :(

  • +1

    great find,

    Hopefully they wont increase prices by 20%

    • +3

      They already have.

      WD Red WD30EFRX 3TB on MWave website: $174.98

      Same one on MWave Ebay store: $206.48

    • +8

      They'd need to increase prices by 25% to be the same price when lowered 20%. $100 + 25% = $125. $125 - 20% = $100.

  • +11

    Hey TA, 4% eBay Cashback please :)

  • Holy shite this could be awesome.

  • +5

    I love/hate these sales. ALWAYS tempted to spend money.

    • These ones are easy. When retailers decide to Jack prices up its easy to resist

      • Not necessarily. Mid year we picked up one of the Samsung 55" UHD TV's for around $1500 from TGG.

  • :( was hoping for Telstra to be added.

  • +2

    Dell XPS 15 6th Gen for $2K is very decent.

    • +2

      Would be good to have the UHD listed as well!

      • +1

        Yup, would be a good opportunity for such an expensive laptop. Need that 16gb of ram!

        • It's more the screen! You can easily upgrade the ram.

  • there you go! i know this will come again ☺☺☺

  • +1

    have to resist too hard

  • +3

    Funny friend at work was going to buy TV from them TGG today and I asked him to wait for few weeks for The 20% deal. Looks like will be spending 5k tomorrow

    • +3

      5k for a tv??

      • $1000 saving?

      • Hi wants 2 lg curved old 55 inches for his new place

    • +9

      Your friend is a comedian?

      • lol

  • +11

    Teds Nikon D610 = $1900
    20% off = $`1520
    Plus nikon $300 cash back? = $1220?

    Doesn't sound to bad of a deal :)

    • +2

      If you're brave ex-display (could be returns from the same clearance sale) is still showing at JB - https://www.jbhifi.com.au/cameras/dslr/nikon/nikon-d610-24mp… —-$999 after cashback—-

      • +2

        I bought one of these, still waiting on delivery. No idea what the shutter count will be. According to the T&Cs the camera WILL be in good condition, no dent, cracks etc.

    • That's a good price. Maybe hold out though. This time last year I got it for 1300 from jbh :)

      • +3

        How is that better than $1220 from Teds?

        • +2

          Obviously it is not.

      • +2

        I got my D610 last year for 1580 and $100 cashback afterwards. $1220 is a very good price actually

    • Unfortunately Ted only has the Nikon D750 and not the kit with lens. Nikon only does cash back on the kit

    • +2

      Can anyone please confirm if it qualifies for the nikon cashback? I am confused because while claiming the cashback, we need to input retailer location. I am not sure what to provide for that field….

  • +4

    Trying to find a good deal on a LG G4, none of the stores are selling it boo :(

    • Me too! Annoyed I missed the $425 deal last month! Let us know if any come up again!

    • +2

      Yep also wanting a G4. Decided I wanted one just as the deals apparently dried up.

    • If we make enough noise about this, a retailer might notice and throw up a deal before Xmas? :D

      Bring back the LG G4 deals!

    • I'm in the same boat! Need a G4

    • +1

      I also want a G4, but i dont neg this deal.

      If you want a G4 and shoppingsquare promoting 128GB microSD for $30. You will neg it because it does not have what you want?

      Then you can neg all the deals in ozbargain until G4 shows up.

    • That's not really a reason to neg the deal though…

  • +1


    • +3

      What did you find?

      • +5

        nothing, because i didn't wait for it..

    • +12

      such as bowel movements

      • no way! might ended up with hemorrhoid if waited too long..

  • Couldn't find any good deals on graphic cards.

    • There were some cracker deals on newegg but a lot of the bargains have sold out already. e.g. MSI 980 Ti for $818 sold out in 12 mins. I was setting up a log in and then it was gone.

      • I'm looking for something like R9 290.
        Hopefully there will be some good deals on Amazon or Newegg in the next few days.

        • Gumtree is your friend. I picked up a used 8 month old Sapphire R9 290 for $250. Came with receipt and two year warranty. I'm using it as a temporary upgrade for an inevitable Pascal build, but prices are cheap enough on Gumtree.

  • +2

    where is PC case gear?

    • i was hoping the same as well, and Kogan.. it's ok then, i found out there will be Mwave participating, quite a good store based in NSW although i prefer PCCG personally..PCCG would list more stuff on their eBay store most of the time.

    • If PC case gear was on there i'd be spending a good 2K there.

      • PCCG is the apple of computer stores imo, they never have specials and their prices aren't too noteworthy and expensive shipping ($17 to ship rolled mousepad)

        • they have also been guilty of increasing prices during these ebay sales.

        • Erm there prices are always within 5% of any other store and are often the lowest.

        • PCCG is great for range and new released products, and reasonably priced tbh. In my last two builds umart hasn't yet stocked about half of the components I wanted, even if they did eventually they were at least 6 months slower than PCCG.

    • They dont have proper sales

  • Brace Yourselves 20% off deals are coming 😁.

    Nice post been waiting for it missed the last one. Thanks OP

  • Here we go again!

  • I'm still here thinking what I should buy with my previous $100 voucher.. Any suggestions?

    • mind to share how/where/when did you get your $100voucher?

      • +1

        Spend $200 click and collect and ebay gives you a $100 voucher.

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