This was posted 8 years 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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eBay 3% Cashback (from 2.5%) @ Cashrewards


I am very excited about this post as its the first TA/EC collaboration !!

I spoke to TA (Cashrewards Rep) about increasing the cashback at Cashrewards for the ebay 20% off Xmas Frenzy Sale and they were able to increase it to 3%.

For those who have had problems with cashback tracking, have a read of scotty's comment here

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  • Thanks TA & EC, you rock!

    • -2

      Should have increased it to 4%…

  • Cheers!

  • Hopefully this is the first of many collaborations so that everybody wins!

  • -7

    Sorry, if you were TA negotiating with TA you should of gotten ozb's best interest and gain at least 4% cash back!!

  • My last purchase via eBay wasn't tracked, was it because I clicked a link in eBay for recently viewed item?

    • Have a read here of scotty's comment about cashback tracking

      • +6

        Their tracking system is dodgy, straight up. I made dozens of ebay purchases, over $2000, following the exact same procedure each time. Hell I was anal about it. 20% didn't track, and that 20% was 50% of the $$$ I spent…

        There's another thread on here with heaps of people complaining of the exact same thing. Cashrewards aren't interested in the problem either.

        • +2

          Good luck getting it tracked and getting paid months later if at all. Not something you can count on like many do.

        • +6

          Hi Uncle Chop Chop.

          Cashrewards aren't interested in the problem either.

          Nothing could be further from the truth. We are doing everything in our power to be as open & transparent as possible, and I have personally responded to every PM I've received from members. You're probably aware of this, but one of the biggest issues we find are adblockers. Some don't even realise they have them, which is why we're developing an adblock sniffer to warn our members. This may not be the case with your transactions, which is why I'd like to investigate your circumstances further. Please PM me your Cashrewards email address and dates of purchase and I promise to look into this for you as a matter of priority. Kind regards, TA.

        • I'm pretty sure, whether you get a cashback or not is entirely up to the site you are buying from and there's not much cashrewards can do to influence this.

          That said, for me it seems to work quite reliably on ebay while, it hasn't worked a single time on DanMurphy's.

        • +1

          My last 3 DM purchases I was suprised by how quick the cash back was acknowledged…..

        • Must say that I've done about 15 transactions with Cashrewards. One didn't track (Dan Murphy's) but all others have. I had a problem with a purchase which hadn't been confirmed for months, but TA solved it the next day when I PMed him.

        • @tightarse: I don't believe it's cashrewards fault either. I have made numerous purchases with cashrewards and the only problems I've had is cause the store system was slow in acknowledging the transaction. I Sent TA a message and he was quick to reply to my message and was able to solve my problem. I am really happy with their service, I've also dealt with other cashrewards staff through emails and they have always been polite, and quick to respond :)

        • @tightarse: You are doing a bloody good job in true OzBargain fashion. Well done mate!

        • +1

          Tracking with CashRewards and eBay is completely unreliable. Unless CashRewards can give a 100% guarantee that cashback with eBay will track, I can't go with them no matter how high their cash back % is. There's no point if it's unreliable and doesn't go through at all. I've already lost $150+ or so potential cashback with eBay by going with them in the past and having high priced ebay purchases go 'missing' (smaller purchases tracked fine).

    • A few days ago I made two purchases using the same browsing session (2 different stores using CR links), one didn't track and the other did but tracked as $1.02 instead of $102. There is a min spend for cashback so I'm afraid it'll be declined.

      • Andrew from Cashrewards here. That sounds very strange. Can you send PM your CR email as I want to look into this immediately. Also which store didn't track, some stores can take a week to report.

        • Thanks Andrew PM sent

  • +6


    I have nothing I need to buy, but now I'm gonna find something I don't need.

    • Tell us what you end up buying please :)

      I usually end up with books or dress up clothing.
      I love these…

      • +1

        Those socks are awesome

        • Tell me about it!
          I have so many pairs. I actually dress up my lounge wear. I have a baseball outfit, a basketball outfit, a rapper outfit, a nerd outfit…. The list goes on.
          Baseball top, cap, black and white socks and black Lycra shorts. It makes life fun :)

        • @Beethoven: lol trying to picture what 'a rapper outfit' would even be. Just a baggy t-shirt and an oversized gold necklace? How high are the socks you linked? Buying asian thigh high socks can be pretty disappointing due to how short most asians are they are only just under knee high.

        • @Agret:

          I always wear Lycra black shorts - it's only the socks and top half which changes.

          Rapper = oversized logo shirt, oversized black jacket, gold chain, backwards cap, graffiti socks.
          Rapper "video girl" is another but only when home alone.

          Honestly I don't buy that one that was just the first I googled when I posted above. I buy from another seller. I can recommend one if you need. I'm tall too so length is super important.

  • +1

    I'd like to dub OzBargain's new "it" couple ArseCult though ArseCulture also has a nice ring to it (The pun's a bonus).

  • thanks!

  • Love TA/EC collaboration ! Thank you !

  • What does it mean if my purchases were tracked, and then 2 months later when they are expected to be paid there is a big red negative sign saying declined?

  • +3

    We need JV to join in now and make all deals BOLD :D

  • Good on ya EC

  • Two legends collaborating - way better than the Aerosmith / Run DMC ' Walk This Way'. Thank you!

  • Thanks TA, bought a Dyson v6 with the 3% cashback. Cheers :)

  • When the purchase is successfully tracked for eBay how quickly do you recieve the email? 1 day, 1 hour, 7 days?

    • -1

      Hi CLoSeR. As per the terms on our site, eBay email tracking notification can take up to 7 days. TA.

      • Hi TA, purchase made on the 24th and tracking receipt just came through so all good! I'm 2 for 2 with CR now!

        • Great stuff. Thanks for the feedback :)

  • +2

    Congrats, for a moment I thought you were enemies as youre always looking for a better deal than the ones TA posts. Now it's like two super heros trying to save the world from ridiculous prices retailers charge

  • Thanks TA, I hope it tracks this time. Last time (when cashrewards was offering 3.5%), it conveniently dropped a $800 transaction but tracked all other measly $10 purchases.

  • Shopandmint is 3.5% … and u get instant notification of your purchase.

  • Does any of those stores have the bose qc 20i? I can't seem to find any…:(

  • anyone else get a mental of image of TA and EC standing around saying
    'With our powers combined'…

    • +1

      man… no love for captain planet references ;)

  • Don't you all love it when available rewards never moves off $0.00 and the transactions you actually managed to get to track stay pending for months? Genuine question: has anyone actually managed to get any real money back?

    • +1

      Yep, around $230 in cashbacks so far.

      • +1

        I'm obviously shopping at the wrong stores. So which stores are actually confirming to become real money?

        • Ebay has worked for me

        • Anywhere really

          P.S. Ignore the e-gift purchases since they're not cashbacks.

        • +1

          They all become real money. It's just that some have much longer return/warranty periods and therefore longer pending periods. For example, The Iconic has a return period of 90 days I believe, so they need to check to make sure you haven't returned the item before they can release the money.

    • Yep, Hundreds of dollars

    • I have.
      Priceline takes agessssss.
      Mine usually says

      $56.05 cash back,
      $1.05 available

    • +1

      Started in late 2014. I've probably taken out $700 in real dollars. I still have $500 or so banked (about $350 pending)

      CR has been pretty good, would recommend however as Scotty as mentioned before it should be seen as a "bonus".

    • Yep, all of my transactions have tracked except my first don't know if that was because I used the mobile site. All the others since I have used the desktop and closed all my windows and start a new one. And so far have been able to withdraw 3 times in the last couple of months already. Very happy with them, the ebay ones take a while to receive a tracking receipt but the other stores come through fairly quickly.

  • I received email from eBay/cashrewards tracking a few days ago for purchases made in August. Better late than never I suppose…

  • -7

    This is not a bargain! A 0.5% discount has never been and will never be a bargain. Why are people voting for this?!

    • It's significant when spending a few hundred dollars.

      EDIT: Oh you mean it's only a 0.5% increase? It's better than nothing if you were already going to use the service.

    • spot on,

    • +2

      Actually it's a 20% cashback bonus in my eyes. 0.5/2.5 is 20%. Bargain

      • Percentages of percentages. Pretty rose coloured glasses you've got there.

        Discount increase is pretty pissweak in real terms, but if you were going to spend a few grand 0.5% is indeed better than nothing. Not worth negging the deal over.

    • Say you're going to buy a $1000 TV on eBay

      The normal 2.5% Cash Rewards discount will give you: $25
      The new 3.0% Cash Rewards discount will give you: $30

      So, you're getting an extra $5 due to this new 'bargain'. Wow! I'd better tell the world about this one.

      • +3

        $5 is still $5.

        maybe you're on the wrong site.

      • -1

        Wow! I'd better tell the world about this one.

        Ive told my CNN contact about your announcement.

        They are excited and awaiting your press conference to broadcast it Live worldwide

        They think this is the event they have been waiting for to increase their viewers worldwide

  • You OPs ROCK!

  • Maybe a silly question but does the cash back apply to the full value or the value after the 20% off?

    • +1

      Hi Hoju. No such thing as a silly question. For eBay, it's 3% off the full price before any other discounts are applied. So using the current 20% eBay deal as an example, a $100 item is $100 less 3%, then $100 less 20% :)

      • -1

        Hi TA, I am thinking of getting a deal from Bing Lee Ebay Store. Apparently there is manufacturer cashback via redemption promo too (outside Ebay). Trying to understand if the 20% at ebay, 3% cashrewards and $$ cashback to manufacturer will work altogether. Thoughts? Never use cashrewards yeah..

        • Hi stanice. Manufacturer cashback is totally separate to the initial purchase & CR. So all 3 can be combined.

  • Thanks! Wow that's really good. Here's hoping it gets trAcked, not often I make a $549 purchase so every little bit helps! Hopefully I did everything right as far as the tracking process goes…

  • +2

    Now all CR need to do is implement a tracking system that doesn't rely on cookies. Cookies are notoriously unreliable. Still can't believe they aren't using a more reliable system.

    Have had more transactions than I can count not get tracked correctly. Contact CR support and they just say there is no evidence of the transaction so nothing they can do. Have followed the steps to a tee every purchase.

    If you are lucky enough to even have your transactions count, it will take months for payment to become available. I still have some cashbacks from nearly 6 months ago from Dan Murphy's that are still pending.

    If CR want to be taken seriously they REALLY need to sort these issues out.

    • +2

      Hi shawnsmaggot. I'd like to look into the issues you have with Dan's please. Can you PM me your CR email address. And believe me, we want nothing more than to sort these issues out. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. TA.

      • +1

        Thank you very much for sorting this out for me TA. You have restored my faith in CR!

    • Forgot to mention, good to see EC and TA putting aside the rivalry to bring us another great bargain!

  • Quick question.

    Does cashrewards track on a mobile?

    On android using chrome.


    • Yes Cashrewards will work on mobile, its just the same, please make sure to follow all the same guidelines as on desktop. As always if for any reason your purchase does not track after 7 days just let us know.

    • No never works for me. Won't risk it. And cr couldn't care less if it doesn't track.

  • upvote for the deal and for TA providing great support to us ozbargainers :)

  • So if I buy a TV from the eBay sale how long can I expect to receive my cash back funds?

    • eBay cashback is approved and available for payment no later than 60 days after the date of purchase and mostly quicker than that.

      • OK thanks I will keep track.

        There seems to be many conditions regarding purchasing from eBay ie. your browser type, ad blockers etc isn't there anyway to make it easier for non-techs?

  • +1

    How long does the ebay purchases take to get acknowledged,ie, how long till you get the email confirmation from Cash Rewards about your purchases.(not whether it's been cleared etc)
    DM is almost instantly.
    Amaysim was rather quick.
    Nothing yet on EBay buys?

    • eBay generally reports within 2 days after a purchase however depending on a range of factors some purchases can take up to 14 days to come through the eBay pipeline

      • Thanks. Just got the eBay track now.

  • Ok, now have 3% on the $549 D3300 purchase and 3% on the $262 Nikon 50mm 1.8G lens that I'm hoping come through.

    Did everything hopefully right. Used Safari, not my usual Chrome which would have had my ebay history in it. No ad blockers or anything.

    Fingers crossed I get the $16.47 + $7.86!
    In some ways I consider it a bonus, but I also do factor the cash back into my budget / purchase decision making so hopefully it's reliable

  • Does any one know if the 28 Degrees Card Shoppers Protection apply to purchases where only partial payment is on the credit card such as this sale?

  • Does this work only for buy it now items?
    What about auctions? What if you used cash rewards for the bid, but not for payment or vice versa?

  • Just got tracking email for my d3300 purchase. Really pleased thanks guys!

  • +1

    Am still waiting for my Cashback to go through. I ordered my item on August 31st… 3 months ago…..

  • +1

    Topcashback has 3.1% cashback on eBay US for the next few days.

    I would submit this as a deal - but I'm tired of the politics/popularity contest around here.

  • 4% back with Qantas right now and they are more efficient at tracking.

  • Tracking went through for second purchase of Nikon lens deal! Just realised I had ad blocker on chrome AND had previously browsed the item on eBay + had it open in another tab still when going through cash rewards so I'm feeling pretty lucky

  • My cashback through ebay didnt work. I have had it work before but not this time. This also happened to be an $800 purchase, is this coincidence?

  • I'm also waiting on a 2.2k purchase. I read Scotty's notes and followed them to the T.

  • It's been almost 2 days and no purchase tracking email from cashrewards. Usually receive the tracking receipt next day.

    • received the tracking receipt just now.

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