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[PRE-ORDER] Huawei W1 Smart Watch (Leather) - $264.32 USD Shipped (~$370 AUD) @ Amazon


Currently out of stock but can take pre-orders. US$254.99 which is 27% off the list price of US$349.99.

If using Amazon exchange rates it is ~AU$381, using Mastercard exchange rates ~AU$370

Pre-order information:

Order now and we'll deliver when available. We'll e-mail you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information. Your account will only be charged when we ship the item.

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  • Good fine OP. Any knows how is this compared with Moto 360 2nd in terms of user experience?

    • +3

      heres a recent amazon review, seems he had a moto 360 before getting this watch

      "I really like the style and function of this watch.
      Each generation brings something new.. For context, I went from Pebble -> Galaxy Gear -> Moto 360 to this Huawei.

      The Huawei functionality is almost identical to the first-gen Moto 360, because both are based on Android Wear. The Huawei is a little snappier, and the built-in watch faces are far more elegant, classy, and useful, but hey, Wear is Wear, so you know what you're getting.

      The heartrate sensor works much better than Moto's, but I can't say I care. The biggest difference is battery life. I can go two days on the Huawei with normal use, and the Moto would be dead by dinnertime every day. This was the single biggest motivation to upgrade.

      The always-on dim display is also much more useful than I imagined, and I could never go back to Moto's always-off LCD screen.

      I've checked for the 'dim red glow' others have described, and sure, I can see it if I really look for it — in a dark dark room while scrutinizing the display, but I simply don't understand the big deal. It's a total non-issue and I care not at all. That someone would return a watch over this microscopic dim glow is just weird.

      However, I'm taking off one star because I really miss wireless charging. The Huawei charger attaches magnetically, with four pogo pins that you have to line up with the back. It doesn't always seat correctly the first try, so you have to fiddle with it until you get the charge indication. This is a big step backwards from Moto's wireless charging. There's also no cradle or dock, so you are left with how exactly to set the whole thing down to charge, watch on its side, wires sticking up.. it feels amateur. I've tried making a cradle for it, but really.. it should have come with something more reliable. I'm also concerned about the (brass?) contacts on the back of the watch — against your skin all day. If those corrode or get dirty, charge connection would suffer further.

      The styling and band is going to be personal preference, but I found this one to be very solid and robust. The metal band is higher quality than the Pebble or Moto ones available, and the quick-release pins are a bonus. The clasp is more elegant than the Moto-style 'curved bottom' bracket.

      The links, however, are a bit large, so it's quite possible to fit between two sizes.. remove one and it's tight, add it back and it sits loose. I would have liked to have a half-width link in there for more fitment.

      The cover glass is protected by a raised stainless ridge, which should offer it more protection than the Moto's exposed surface glass. The stainless will take on a few scratches with daily wear, but the sapphire lens should last a good long time.

      The display resolution is also a huge step up from the Moto 360 — the difference is not subtle. It's really gorgeous. The message text is easily readable, and it's plenty bright in most environments. Auto-dimming would have been nice, but I prefer having no 'flat tire' by far. The stock/default watch faces are a good match for the watch, though tend toward the 'brown/brass' color schemes.

      All in all, this one topped out all the competitors I looked at in this price range (LG Urbane, Moto 360 gen2, Gear). It's a winner."

      • thanks mate!

  • Woah.. Super cheap

  • Just be warned, these Huawei watches look chunky compared to the Moto 360. You might want to take it into consideration, especially for someone that does not have big wrists.

    • That thing is already chunky! It fills up my entire wrist.

  • I wonder why people don't compare it to the LG Urbane watch?

    The two look pretty much alike. It comes down to features I guess.

  • bought one (actually it was pre-order), i was looking for one for a long time…

  • The steel mesh one is there for US$297.49 and in stock.