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AfterHoursPlus Family Membership (12mths) for $39 (Was $59) @ National Home Doctor Service


National Home Doctor Service's After Hours Plus membership is an additional service that patients needing an out-of-hours home doctor visit may subscribe to. Membership lasts for 12 months (one full year) and covers up to 10 family members for the one subscription fee. Members enjoy additional benefits such as-
x Urgent Medications on the spot; a full course of prescription, episodic medications for each member, supplied during the doctor's consultation at no further cost (use as many times as required for 12 months). There are 13 categories of included medications.
x Follow-up appointments (when required) made with your own GP by us, so you can keep resting
x a Second membership may be gifted (for free) to an additional household, provided the total number of patients on any one membership does not exceed 10 people

Please refer to the URL/Link above for access to the full T&Cs and for more details about the provided medications.

PLEASE NOTE a condensed version (less family is covered) is currently available as part of your BUPA health insurance. BUPA member numbers must be provided to access their After Hours Plus membership benefits.

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    what is the difference between this and all the free (bulk billed) after hours services? e.g. http://www.homedoctor.com.au/

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      Hi poop-

      The biggest difference, and biggest bargain is that the free (bulk billed) service includes a written prescription for medication/s that you may need; whereas the membership includes the dispensing of a full course of treatment, for example, a week's worth of antibiotics. So no need to go to the pharmacy and no need to pay for these medication/s. All year long.

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        I guess if you want to pay up front for your meds (that you may never need) then sure. But most/all these free services will offer you enough medication to get started on treatment or can sell it to you on the spot.

        • I'm assuming if its 3am in the morning and you're vomiting all over the place, having them give you anti-nausea medication is the benefit when no pharmacies are open. Is that correct?

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          @Doey21: Hi Doey21, yes- when pharmacies are closed is when this is of huge benefit.

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          @Doey21: all the home visit doctors will provide you with medication if it's urgently required, at no cost.

  • Do you have a list of the included medications available?

    • Hi Yacht, yes we do. However legislation dictates we cannot broadcast the list publicly. We can tell you over the phone, post the list to you or I can tell you some typical illnesses that are covered?

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    I think you can still use the doctor service free. This is to get added prescriptions included.

  • This the service thats free for BUPA members?

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      Yes wheresthebeef- that is correct. Thanks for the reminder, I shall update the deal listing. - The Bupa offer, is just for one household thought, just to be accurate.

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    covered for pregnancy related stuff too ?

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      Hi abhi900, did you have a specific illness, medication or concern?

      We certainly do conduct home doctor visits for pregnant women, new mums and young children. All medications and their dispensing are up to the visiting doctor.

  • Not really useful or a bargain..

  • I've used this service in the past and I was extremely impressed. My 2 young kids, my wife and I all got sick at the same time and there was no way we could've gotten into the car to head down to the GP to sit and wait in the waiting room for a couple of hours. Then got I the chemist and wait another 20 minutes for them to print a label to stick on a box.
    Called homedoctor and let the kids sleep. The Dr was busy but still arrived within a few hours. He was very professional, caring and gave the kids thorough exams. Gave us adults the quick once over and confirmed that we all needed meds. He went back out to the car and a few minutes later we had 4 courses of antibiotics with written instructions. Those alone would've cost me about $15 each x 4 = $60. Saved me a lot of drama when I was already feeling like I'd done a round with Mike Tyson. I highly recommend them.

    • Thanks for the lovely feedback, Squirta - glad you had a positive patient experience.

  • I've used this twice now, but have found the results mixed. First time was quite late on a Saturday night - had a doctor who was new to the country, and though perhaps English was not his first language, he was fantastic. Very clear, very thorough, and gave us confidence that we were in good hands and would use the service again.
    Second experience was not so great. Older doctor, seemed distant, a little impatient, even a bit rude at times. Perhaps he had a long bad night.
    Basically we'll stick to our normal doc when available but will probably use this service if we really need it and hope for a decent doc.

    TL;DR - not a replacement for your usual GP, but handy.

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