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10% off Gift Cards at Rebel, SCA, SurfStitch, BCF and More at eBay


10% off Gift cards at:

Super cheap auto
Victoria's basement
Rays Outdoor
Spa and Wellness
Good Food

T/Cs - Max $100 discount per transaction and limited to 2 transactions per person.'

Dick Smith Gift Cards seem to be included as well with no max limit - Thanks ccwwayne and Turd

Don't forget Cashback!

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  • Dicksmith Gift cards aswell

    • Link?

      EDIT: HERE http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/272065864680 works with CARD10 too!

      AND BONUS STAGE - NO MAX LIMIT! I just put 4 cards and it says -$40 off!

      YES YOU CAN!

      EDIT: QUICK only 5 cards left!~ lololol

        • Oh nice works on $500 card too!

      • +1

        More than 5 left, just capped at 5 per buyer.

        • Oh nice! You can buy max $4500 cards for $4200!

          Add all the DSE gift cards to your card and change update the value to max 5 and you win bonus points!!

          CARD10 - AU $300.00 off applied
          Subtotal (20 items) AU $4,500.00
          Postage FREE
          Discounts - AU $300.00
          Total AU $4,200.00

          Dont forget cashrewards (before discount), so that is extra 3% off or 3.5% off for shopandmint (after discount)

        • @Turd:
          Max $100 discount per transaction

        • @edw0000000: Hmm derp me

        • @Turd: I bought something with cashrewards today and it is showing 2.50% for ebay

        • +2

          @Turd: and next thing you know..DSE is going under Administration ..

        • @Ryxxi: QUICK BUY THAT expensive ITEM NOWW !

        • Did you received the dick smith gift card?

        • +1

          @Ryxxi: Lol and it HAPPENED.

        • @Ryxxi: I hope people can get their giftcards back using paypal/ebay

        • @Ryxxi:

          Yeah…gee would be a tragedy if you purchased a huge gift card!

    • Where did you see DS cards?

      Cheers! I've added it to the post

    • Isn't the Coles promo still going?

      • +4

        Why would anyone want to buy worthless dse cards at only 10% off? Especially now. Something tells me you guys aren't very good with money. Not insulting, just looking out for you guys before you impulse buy worthless crap.

        • You can use DS cards to get 20% off Apple which are usually excluded in sales - 10% off GCs + stack on the usual 10% off Apple that they have almost every week. Winning!

        • all we have is money~

        • +1

          @steff: Be very worry to stock up DSE gift card at the moment, I just checked their website and there are NO stock for Macbook Pro… They have also changed their system and you won't be able to buy gift card using DSE gift card anymore.

          So word of warning, ONLY buy DSE gift card if you plan to buy something right now. I seriously think that it is not worth the risk for 10% off for to hold on to DSE gift cards.

        • +1


          id hardly say that the sales are 'almost every week' - they occasionally have % off macbooks but these aren't as common as you make it out to be. the prices, even with 10% off, are very, very average. not to mention, no stock.

          don't learn the hard way that $100 off $1000 on a gift card is almost nothing. this even includes woolworths/big w cards where you get $50-75/$1000. being locked into certain stores and not having the cash available on hand is not worth your investment. the only time it is, is if you were already going to buy a product (a very low proportion of people) and you purposely seeked out this discount for that item. and no, even if you were 'going to purchase at woolies anyway', the effort of always using the gift card at the store (annoying AF to always look up and enter in the codes on the keypad), buying extra things because you believe you have alot of credit on the gift card and can spare the money, and purposely travelling to caltex woolies gas stations and paying premium, already ruins the discount.

          having the cash that you can do anything with anytime is almost always more valuable than a measly saving of 5-10%. will never 'stock up' on gift cards ever again unless they are at least 20%.

        • @steff: It's like playing the lottery. I am expecting to wake up any day to find all DS stores closed. I really wanted to get the iPad Air 3, but I cashed out my gift cards because I have no trust in DS being around in a week's time. This is a liquidation sale. History tells us a lot about liquidations.

        • @takutox: True with the Cash comment. I got $500 worth of GCs because I'm looking to get an iPad for Christmas. Given that they had a 10% off apple last week, I think it would be a fair assumption to say they'll have one in the next couple of weeks to the run up to Christmas; or there's always boxing day haha

  • Better off holding out for the inevitable 20% off ebay promo thats always around the corner

    • +1

      20% off excludes gift cards. This also cannot be stacked with $25 Amayasim coupon as only one coupon is allowed.

  • I want that %20 off eBay now!!!!!!!!!!!

    • is there a way to use your gift cards with ebay purchases?

      • No, only on DSE online store or instore, eBay system doesnt recognise DSE gift card codes

    • I may be wrong but every 20% off ebay sale has excluded gift cards, you also cannot use both promo codes together since they would be separate codes.

  • Can Dick Smith gift cards be used for online purchases or only in store??

    • Both

  • +5

    Just remember gift cards are not part of the eBay money back guarantee and are not covered under paypal protection. If they are lost, or delivered to the wrong address (which is what happened to us) paypal/eBay will not protect you.

    • Did you get it back?

      • +2

        I did in the end, we lodged a complaint with the FIO against paypal, it was not easy and I wouldn't want to go through it again. But it was for a $700 gift card!

  • +1

    For those with (multiple) AMEX - spend $50 get $20 credit at Rebel. Just buy gift cards like that. Essentially 40% off, cap depending on how many AMEX cards you have.

    • That offer was used up quite awhile ago.

      • I guess for people that have registered their cards but haven't used it yet it might be handy.

    • Cheers, I have the offer on 4 different cards, and no idea what to use it on! Will be buying 4 $50 gift cards for presents now!

    • Does this work? Buying through rebel ebay store will Amex recognise that?

  • Top find. BCF here I come!

  • +7

    not gonna risk my money on DSE gift card

  • On another topic anyone used those goodfood gift card before? Any good/experience?

    • get entertainment book instead

      • Why not get both? The gift cards are essentially just a payment method.

        • you can't use both, "4. Good Food Gift Cards cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer including Entertainment Book vouchers"

        • @imahapyboy:

          Ah yes, I am aware of that point, but in my experience (with the Best Restaurants GC which is very similar) I haven't been denied. They also just see it as a payment method, much like just saying "I want to pay by Credit Card".

          I guess if you do get denied though you won't have any grounds to complain.

        • not too sure, i get rejected twice at brisbane

        • +2

          Why not get both?

          cue old el paso music

        • @imahapyboy: I went to a restaurant last year and they accepted both the Entertainment Book voucher and the Good Food Gift card. We ended up giving back some of the discount as a tip.

        • @ben1980:

          Always call up or ask if you can use (both together if that is your thing) before you sit down and dine. It's not required of entertainment or good food but it's a good lesson to learn. if they refuse, you'll have a strong case afterwards to just leave the restaurant as most of it is just an implicit/verbal contract anyway. If they give you bad treatment because of asking that question, you're probably dining at the wrong restaurant in the first place.

          Also, gfgc were 20% off at Woolworths 1-2 weeks ago. If you're willing to wait for the next sale.

  • I'm guessing you can't use Amaysim voucher for this

  • I received an email about an hour ago from flybuys saying "collect double points on all your ebay & eshop christmas shopping for 4 days only".

  • +1

    Be careful buying gift cards. I just remembered I bought a $10 dicksmith gift card for $5 back on 29/09/2014. I don't think I ever used it though. I assume they only last 12 months?


    • +2

      Just remember to use them up then?

      • Remember not to buy it in the first place. Dicksmith so called "mammoth sale" is total rubbish.

        • There are some truly great bargains. They had some kick ass remote control cars, selling elsewhere for $350-$400. They were clearing out for $99. These are unbelievable. The motor doesn't look like the filter for a home made cigarette!!

          But, I would not personally buy DS gift cards, nor would I recommend any friends to but them either.

  • anyone know if this can be stacked with the current %35 off surfstitch deal and how long it will take to get the GC?

  • Are these stackable with the AMEX offers?

  • For Rebel, why not buy Rebel gift card with your AMEX offer if you are registered ??

    • Porque no los dos?

      If you are buying an item more than $50. Pay $50 with Amex and with gift card with this deal.

      • If you registered multiple cards, buy gift cards then when they have sales, you can use multiple gift cards to pay.

  • If …

    So if you dont have enought amex cards to cover the item you want. Use this deal

  • Perfect deal for DS before going out of business

    • Why would you trust they won't go to administration and still accumulated their gift cards when their big investors didn't trust them and already dumped the shares at a big loss.

      • Administration does not mean they close shop… You can still buy from them even if they pass administration without hope and go in for liquidation lol

  • Are the codes emailed to you instantly? Can the rebel sport ones be used online? Cheers

    • The gains are wiped out by delivery fee.

  • I have free delivery on shoes, questions still stand…

    • With all eBay sales, seller dispatch goods. So have to wait.

  • Good deal (esp. for pre christmas and Boxing Day sales) but if buying an more than $50 id be anxious as hell waiting for them to successfully arrive in the mail! Click and Collect is available at Woolies/Big W which makes it lower risk. Imagine buying a $500 card and getting stiffed with it not arriving! Christmas over!

  • Anyone didn't received dick smith gift cards yet?

    • I have ordered a $50 Good Food Gift Card.

      Nothing received yet no feedback on seller yet apart from one negative comment.

      I can't see how it is possible that this is a scam when it is an advertised Ebay deal.

      Any idea what is going on?

      • +1

        Same here.

        • What are going to do about it?

        • Same issue here.
          I purchased $800 gift card and just realised it is a scam after I read those -Ve comment.

          But I guess it's fine. eBay got it covered so we just need to claim from eBay for our losses

        • @rainvegie:
          PayPal generally don't give money back on gift cards though.

          However they have not even been sent which goes in our favour.

  • Mum called as I got one for her. Said she got through to someone and they'll call back by the end of business today.
    Whether they will or not is uncertain but we'll see.

  • Weird their ebay feedback has wiped 5 of the negative comments…


  • They called back and blamed Australia Post. It has been sent apparently but couldn't provide a tracking number.

    • They changed my status to item posted now.
      Not sure if we really going to received it though

      • Did you get the email today that they have sent it and it should arrive today or tomorrow?
        Then another email saying they will resend via star trak to make sure you get it by Christmas?

        • I received 2 days ago
          In ordinary mail!
          I couldn't believe they send 800 dollar worth of gift card in ordinary mail. No wonder they couldn't provide a tracking number.

          By the look of the letter in the mail, this eBay id is belong to the good food company. Seems legit. Not scam. They just lack of eBay selling experience I guess

        • @rainvegie:

          From my research they are Gifte…

          If you were watching their feedback they were on negative 3 then deactivated and reactivated account to rid the 3 negative votes.
          Seem to know what they are doing as far as I'm concerned.

          Make sure you activate the gift card otherwise balance will show as $0

  • Did anybody get their money back even though they got the gift voucher?

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