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BWS Beer of the Month DOS EQUIS 6*330ml $10


Another BWS beer of the month Dos Equis

A very refreshing, golden, aromatic, pilsner-style lager.

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BWS - Beer Wine Spirits
BWS - Beer Wine Spirits

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  • 330 mls !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are we meant to drink it or inhale it ???

  • Nice, was waiting for this months.

  • Why do they always release these so late in the month?

  • gotta love Friday evening beer specials

  • Do we have to get naked with a horse to buy this beer?

  • Does anyone else wonder why the voucher looks like a 3yr old was trying to learn photoshop while making this?

  • just got my 6-pack. pretty good. refreshing and smooth!

  • Like this beer. Liked when they had this deal last time as well. Cheers mate.

  • I didn't like this beer last time, but I will buy it because it is the right price. Each to his own, but I think this is swill. Better than VB though.

  • @sus888: I believe that beers and spirit-based RTDs are taxed on how many standard drinks they contain. That's why stronger beers tend to be in smaller bottles, as it lowers the tax that needs to be paid on them.
    That is also why several RTD's like Smirnoff, Bullet, Woodstock etc. have lowered the alcohol percentage in some of their drinks, as opposed to a few years ago.

    @fattyboombatty: Speaking of taxes, I believe that the tax on mid-strength and light beers is much lower than that of full strength beers. I think the reason that they are similar / the same price as 'normal' beer is that the companies have realised people will pay that much, leading to a much higher profit margin for them.

    Anyone with certain knowledge: feel free to step in and correct me if I'm wrong :-)

  • Sorry have to neg this. Bws will only accept a printed voucher. Can't show it on a screen like phone/laptop. Save a tree and accept electronic vouchers

    • Why would that be a reason to neg the deal? Don't they have to scan the voucher?

      • some people think they live in utopia

        • Maybe when BWS starts to accept electronic vouchers covert will ho the extra mile for environment and say to BWS "Why not just take my word for it, save electricity and accept people's words."

      • Barcodes scan just fine of a screen.

    • just get them to type in the numbers under the barcode and the deal comes up. I know I often forget to print it off at a high quality, so the code doesn't scan (I have a rather old printer), but I just ask if he can type in the numbers and sure enough, up the deal pops.

  • As a self confessed beer-o-holic I would reccomend the 330ml for a hot day to prevent warm beer syndrome.

    I think we have strayed in the comments away from the true meaning of this bargain…..beer!

  • I got this deal for a present for my Dad's birthday. I had printer the voucher and put it in my car for myself, and then i was thinking of getting some decent beer as one gift for my Dad, "hey, i've got that voucher in the car!" :)

    I will be getting some tomorrow for myself. :)

    For those concerned with saving a tree (or at least 1/5000 of a tree), so much that you neg the deal, then why not do like i do and print on a recycled piece of paper. I keep A4 pieces that i've previously printed on and don't need anymore, or made a printing error etc, or done an ink cartridge alignment.