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CyberGhost VPN - 50% Christmas Special Starting at $3.12AUD/Mo & 50% off 7 Yrs VPN


N.B. CyberGhost has a FREE version of their service. This version is completely different from their premium service! Free software gives access to a limited number of servers, the speed is much slower, disconnects every 3 hours and requires to wait to establish connection. Free version also doesn't have all the features the premium subscription offers. Please do not confuse the two!

- 560 servers in 30 countries
- Kill Switch
- NAT Firewall
- Anti-Fingerprinting
- DNS Leak and Tracking protection
- Ad-Blocker
- Anti-Malware, AntiVirus
- software for all devices

They also have -50% off their 7 years subscription for 409 AUD

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    this was free for 12 months https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/223838

    it's not worth it, save your money. terrible service. ask everyone in the free thread about it.

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      your knowledge of VPN services doesn't stop to amaze me. really.

      do you realize that cyberghost has a completely FREE service for anyone to use that gives access to fewer & slower servers with waiting time and a PREMIUM subscription that gives access to premium servers along with a lot of other features? or your knowledge of this industry is based on some stories that you think you've seen somewhere…

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        @VPNsecurity I tested CyberGhost's premium offering last year and found the software awful, the speeds slower than most other VPNs, and the connection kept disconnecting without warning, making the product completely useless. Other users have found the same. Your knowledge appears to be based on press releases. Have you even tried to use CyberGhost to see what their software is like?

        @VPNsecurity you are based in America. Things are different here. Sometimes certain websites route through different ISPs and bandwidth is restricted. A product that works beautifully in the US may not work at all here, or work very poorly.


          Yes, I have personally used CyberGhost and it works beautifully. It's a large provider and most people find their software very reliable. It is possible things didn't work as expected for some people for a number of reasons, but those reasons are generally related to something specific, not an overall issue with a provider. The smaller the provider the smaller the customer base, which means the number of people who experienced issues is smaller too (unless the provider sucks in general). But CyberGhost is one of the leading with a very large customer base.

          Which provider are you using now that doesn't have the same issues as CyberGhost? just curious

          As far as my comment to the other guy goes, he just has a tendency to jump into treads claiming that he knows it all without anything to back up his claims. Most people posting in that deal used the free version of the service which is why their feedback was bad.


          did you bother to read the link there ? it is CYBERGHOST FOR TWELVE MONTHS! and it was for free!!!

          because you have no idea and just like talking rubbish, here is what you get:

          Cyber ​​Ghost
          Special Edition 12 months

          Unlimited data volume included
          No bandwidth limitation
          Access to servers in Germany, USA, Romania, Czech Republic and the Netherlands
          Additional protection for mobile devices with apps for iOS and Android, or PPTP, L2TP and IPSec
          Guaranteed availability without delays
          Includes Premium Support
          Premium Support Included
          1 unit
          Ad Blocking
          Remove viruses and malicious software
          Data Compression
          Prevent online tracking
          Force HTTPS
          Premium rate

          some of the comments

          "Last time I tried cyberghost it was a pretty poor experience, connecting to servers was a finnicky experience that worked about 20% of the time. Lets see if its any better now…."

          "Tried it last time, it is more like “a dial up simulator” but hey it's free"

          "I had to uninstall. My existing downloads simply stopped downloading. Once I uninstalled, downloading resumed."

          I have used it each time the free keys come out and each time it gets no better. It's not really a 'bargain' if you pay for a VPN that is awful


          @Makoto: Well to be honest you can find any type of good or bad comments about anything on the www. So bit irrelevant, but it is a good service that I used when I paid for it but the free one it not so bad but there is no P2P on it. Call me crazy but that would be a major point to use a VPN for most users. By the way I do have the free key version installed and it take me through the countdown timer to connect. So for me was not a deal.

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          @some_one_some_where: if you got a countdown to connect to a server you did it wrong



          What gives you the right to call me names?!
          Yes, I have read comments. People complain about issues because they downloaded the free version (countdown to connect to server, disconnection after a few hours etc). Free version doesn't allow torrenting. But I guess you were too busy jumping to conclusions…

          "Edit: So this is a free version and not a premium, is it? I mean, if you want the Ad-Blocker, Malware Protection and extra speed etc then you have to upgrade, right?"

          "This allows you to log straight into the servers. The free one puts you in a queue and is slower. The difference between the various packages is on the website."

          "No it is still doing a countdown timer before connecting!"

          "I also wanted non-premium Canadian, UK or US IP addresses but either they're all premium ones (you have to upgrade/buy a subscription) or are banned on whatever server you're on at that specific time."

          "It is still giving the message to wait for connection as all free servers are taken up? What have I missed here?"

          "Must be a problem your end
          I have been using it daily for 3 years and never an issue."

          "really easy to get started and all features are there except extra speed which is an upgrade service."


          @Makoto: Would you know what was done wrong. I got the code in the email and just followed the bouncing ball from there.


          @VPNsecurity: the free 12 months is not for the "free version" but one you can torrent on and unlimited speeds and access to all the premium junk, so why would anyone then pay for it after its been given away constantly for free ?


          How could he/she do it wrong? Its a program, you run it, the rest it does itself. It does get a countdown to a connection. It counts down the number of slots that need to disconnect before it will connect you. It doesnt take long, but its always there.



          based on those comments it looks like the deal was not their standard premium service. There was most certainly some kind of limitation similar to their free version and/or a lot of users didn't activate premium. Torrents didn't download because torrents are not allowed on free products.

          Cyberghost is an excellent company and it works very well for a lot of people. There will always be somebody who experiences some issues and people who have issues are more likely to comment…

          I once couldn't get IKEv2 working and I thought the problem was the setup. Turned out it was my ISP blocking the protocol. Imagine if I was just an angry customer who refused to believe the issue could be on my end.



          exactly! the countdown is a free version of the software. You don't need any deals to download it. Just go to http://www.cyberghostvpn.com/en_us, click on "FREE DOWNLOAD" and there you have it. completely free… BUT limited and slow


          @some_one_some_where: I'm calling you crazy!


          @supabrudda: You go that one right:)


    Anyone else use a VPN cause they got banned from a forum?


      Anyone else use a VPN cause they got banned from a forum?



      No, how are they blocking you, via IP address?


    How does Anti-Fingerprinting, Ad-Blocker, Anti-Malware, AntiVirus work without decypting your web traffic?
    I remember Bluecoat proxy servers claimed to offer Anti-Malware & Anitvirus protection. When we dug it a bit deeper, we realised the server actually decrypted the traffic to inspect it.


      those run locally on your device. Try using https://getadblock.com and any VPN. Anti-malware and antivirus locally scan programs that are about to be launched on your computer.

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    Negging this deal because the exact same product has been free very recently (in this very month, no less). https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/223838

    This is not a bargain.

    I suspect that these "deals" are being posted by a sock puppet.


      How is this deal in any way related to the other??? I posted their Christmas special. You linked some quasy-spam deal that probably wasn't even a deal, but a regular free cyberghost account….


    This deal is still on at $35 USD per annum. I'm gonna give it a try and if it is not good enough, worst case scenario there's a 30 day money back on it.

    Correction: it's $37.49 AUD. But it seems it can be used on one device only.