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Xiaomi Piston 3 Earphones US $10.06 (AU $13.78) Shipped @ Jd.com


Part of the JD New Year Sale

$60 OFF Orders $300+
$40 OFF Orders $150+
$20 OFF Orders $50+
$8 OFF Orders $10+

Some other good stuffs including this Intel-powered FHD 8" tablet by Lenovo for US $130 shipped.

Have heard many good reviews for these earphones, finally decided to try one out at this price point.


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  • cant seem to sign up to JD, put in phone number and it asks for verification code but i never get it….. doh

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      What browsers have you tried it with?

      Edit: Probably not browser related, I misunderstood your post, sounds more like an issue with your mobile number. Tried dropping the zero, like you would for an international call, i.e. 61 4xx xxxx?

    • Yeh, I think you need to put it in its international format, +61 4xx xxx xxx

      • nah mate that did nothing either, I tried +61 then 61 then 04 nothing happens

        but the other link to register doesnt even ask you for half the stuff anyway

        • I ended up using that link also for the 5c sale, the only downside is you can't enter any referrals.

  • +1

    Cheapest ever, by a decent margin. Great price.

  • weird - finally got it to sign up didnt even need to enter my phone number or anything

    I paid via paypal, it said failed payment - my online bank showed the payment went through. JD site says awaiting payment. PayPal took 5 mins to update to show the transaction.

    now I wait I guess it went through.

    thanks OP

    Order Status: Awaiting Payment
    Total: $10.06 OFF

    Payment went through, it said it failed on JD.com site and now stuck at 'awaiting payment' I messaged the seller with the reecipt in paypal.

    I hate this site already

    • +1

      Similar thing happened to me with Ozgameshop, said pending even though Paypal was instant. Just wait for a couple of hours & it should update

  • Sorry - I found it slightly cheaper @ USD$9.14 on the same site!

    EDIT: Was not able to complete transaction. Says unable to ship to my saved address.. doh. :( oh well used your link to buy it USD$10.06

    • +1

      I saw that, its listed under a different seller though whereas the one we're linked to is from JD itself. Kinda like how Amazon has multiple sellers

  • Are you sure these are the third generation? Doesn't appear to list it as such….

    • Judging from the pictures they're definitely 3rd gen even though the title doesn't make it obvious

  • Grabbed one (a pair?)

    Thanks OP

  • Price went through as $14.30 through Paypal. Stupid AU dollar….

    Shame the volume buttons aren't compatible with iPhone considering that's what I'll be using them for. Don't like the Apple earpods even the new ones fall out of my weird shaped ear canals & I've got some great seinheisner earbuds but they're closed noise cancelling & I want semi-open/open for bike riding

    • see below.

    • I find the Piston3 presses against my weird shaped ears.
      Can't get the silicon bud in deep enough to be comfortable without the plastic body bottoming out.
      Pity, because they sound a lot better than US$10 should.

  • you can change it so it uses your credit cards currency converter instead. they make it pretty difficult to do , but the savings definitely add up using a 28 degrees.

  • +4

    Hi guys. I ordered a couple of these when they had the 5c sale, both arrive but when I scanned the qr code to check if they're genuine, I got a sad bunny on xiaomis site ( they're fake) instead of happy bunny. Also they arrived with scratches on what's meant to be the metal part but its definitely plastic.
    They weren't sold directly by jd but it was the main seller of these for the promo period, so you'd think they'd be legit. be aware.

    • That's weird.The two pairs I got from that sale were both genuine,a friend had the same experience.

      Plenty of people commented about getting genuine ones on that deal.

      • How did you confirm they're genuine?

        • Scanned the QR and it took me to the confirmation page.Google translate/Own limited chinese comprehension and the picture of the happy bunny would suggest they were real.

        • @Talsek:
          I did the same thing with 2 pairs and both got the sad bunny. One pair doesn't wrap around the grey bit properly too as one side has too much slack. Also done more research on them found the boxes to be fakes too. And like I said the back round bit that was meant to be metal came scratched and was definitely plastic underneath. All this and they sound worse than the $2 Woolworths headphones from previous deals.
          But for 8c, not worth the complaint.

  • oh true… shall i cancel my order then?

    • Up to you, I messaged seller and jd. Jd didn't reply and seller asked if I was using them correctly, obviously not understanding what google was translating 'genuine' as. I wasn't too bothered as I only paid 8c for them but if I had paid retail I wouldve sent them back. Having said that these are from jd directly so I really couldn't tell you

      • meh, cancelled.
        cheers 4 ya input

        • Not a problem

  • I've received my Piston 3 a couple of days ago.
    I actually like the Piston 2 better, both in design, comfort, and noise isolation.

  • JD blocked my account temporarily, can't login atm & had to send them an email with my contact details :( Rgghhhh!

    Think its because my paypal is different to my login's email address

  • This is the cheapest so far. Very good set of earphones I must say. A more premium brand could rebadge Xiaomi's products and charge a lot more.

    BTW, I bought a lenovo flagship phone (K900) and it never got a single Android update in its lifetime, despite promising that it would get one. It wasn't even compatible with Android Wear smart watches, and I waited a year and a half for an update to enable me to buy a smart watch, and it never came, before I decided to finally ditch it for an S6.

    I don't think I'll be buying any more lenovo products again. If they aren't going to bother updating a flagship, I doubt they will update non flagship products, so I'll avoid the tablet, despite it being a decent price.

  • damn, just paid $16.70 few days ago

  • Would these cheap chinese models be imitations?

  • Out of Stock now at JD! :(

  • +3

    Mine arrived. They were genuine. :D (Got the Happy Bunny)

    • Mine arrived today too! Can't wait til they're burnt-in!