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Original Source Shower Gel - Vanilla & Raspberry - $0.99 (C&C) @ Discount Drug Stores


Limit 3 per customer/order

Original Source Shower Gel Vanilla & Raspberry will leave your skin soft and smelling sweet. 82 British sunrises helped make one moisturising bottle of this shower gel.

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    Wow that was fast! I just got the email 5min ago and this was posted 3min ago! You're on the ball, Spackbace!

    Anyway love this stuff. Going to order some now. I don't need it, I've got plenty, but for 99c each, who could pass it up?

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      3 added to the cart now. Thanks OP!

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    Although my favourite is lime but raspberry for $0.99 is nice as well :)

    • Lime is nice, but I found Blood Orange to be better!

    • +1

      Lime and is not a favourite for balls. Just a heads up for everyone who don't want to be left with a tingling sensation all day.

      • +1

        No, mint is the one you're thinking of. Good for sunburn, not for your nuts…

        • +1

          On the other hand I can confirm that the Blood Orange version has little exfoliating particles made from nut shells and is great for getting gunk out of your nut pores.

          Unless of course you have an allergy to nuts, in which case you better stick to lathering your nuts with either Lime or Mint.

        • +1

          I dunno, I kind of enjoyed it

  • +13

    82 British sunrises

    Sounds like false advertising to me.

    • +15

      All advertising is false.

      • +5

        that's 82 British sunrises spaced out over 10 years……oh yeah, false advertising

    • +3

      The sun does rise everyday in Great Britain it's just obscured with cloud and rain:)

    • You have to associate the product with something in order to get consumers to buy it.

      In this this case the association is with the madeup, nebulous notion that unspecified, natural goodness will happen from rubbing tiny amounts of strawberry (which has - apparently but not really cuz we made it up - endured the remarkably specific 82 sunrises. As though 82 sunrises imbues the already non-existent crap consisting of scent with some specific but unspecified special property) and vanilla mainly composed of scent on the skin.

      Needless to say the effects occur in the mind of the consumer and not from rubbing tiny amounts of fruity crap on your skin. Also the message is delivered via imagery which bypasses common sense and instills itself in our minds

      Or else people will see it as very diluted soap and buy soap.

      • +1

        Why would they claim strawberry in a "Vanilla Milk and Raspberry" Shower Gel ?!?

      • +6

        The above comment is total bs. After showering with this gel, I feel positively imbued with the power of 82 British sunrises.

        82 might seem like a strange number, but I find that it's just right. Not too strong, not too weak.

  • These are surprisingly good. Not sure why each bottle seems to have different branding.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP, will use as ice cream topping - plain soap is good enough for me in the shower

  • Original Source Lavender and Tea Tree Shower Gel Review


    Please take a look at the picture. I am searching the lavender essence or oil in the ingredient list. Seen nowhere."

    • Don't worry they don't do anything anyway.

  • How much is the shipping?

    • I think pick up only.

  • thanks have ordered 3

  • +2

    Smells like strawberry Big M, I love this shit

  • +1

    Weird how there's the same thing listed at a different price. That price of 99c is probably an error considering the others are at $1.99.



    • +1

      Nope, email subscribers price. 100% legit price

      • Ah that explains it. Funny way of doing things though… you'd think that they would just issue out a discount code?

        • Why would they forgoe customers who are willing to pay full price?

    • You must be new.

  • I love this stuff - smells great

    Coles and Woolworths often have it for $1.99 but this is super cheap

    Made in the UK too

    • +2

      Well, it would have to be made in the UK. Otherwise they couldn't claim the "made with 82 British sunrises." It would be false advertising.

      They'd have to use the phrase "made with assorted sunrises" instead….and I for one, would be less inclined to buy.

      • Well, I guess so

  • +2

    Only 2 stores in Melbourne and they are so farout from the city?

    • Camberwell is 11.2 kms and ashwood is another 4 kms on ward. I'm currently staying with my parents which is equal distance between the 2.

      • Ashwood has less traffic :D

        • picked mine up from there this morning.

          cashier lady said they had "a lot of pick up orders"

  • This soap makes my skin dry af but the smell is too good <3

  • +4

    It won't let me add it to my cart, keeps saying maximum 0 units.

    • +1

      I'm getting the same error. Does anyone know if we need to sign up as a member / create an account / subscribe to emails first?

    • +2

      Managed to order one by searching for it, then adding to cart from the search results.

      • thanks this worked. maybe it is because i ordered them before? that or they are out of stock

    • Just tried, working fine here on mobile

      • Works using another browser. Cheers.

  • +1

    Thanks, bought 2. I've been mixing the dregs of my current one with water to last me until I saw a flavour I liked on half price at the supermarket.

  • got a confirmation email with Store pickup, ordered this morning but still showing — order processing when log into their account. is that means I can't pickup my order yet from store? good stuff :)

    • http://www.discountdrugstores.com.au/delivery-faqs/#spot8

      How long does pick up in store take?
      Allow at least 3 hours before arriving in store. Alternatively you will receive a confirmation email once your order has been packed & ready for your to pick up.

    • all my previous orders from months ago still show as 'processing'. i never get pick-up ready emails. i always pick up my orders a week to two later though, so being too quick is never an issue.

    • I have waited 2-3 days to pick up after placing order online and all was good. If you are unsure and didn't get an email telling you to pickup, you can ring them up with your order number.

  • +1

    how to use the $5 credit for signing up?

    says its been credited to my account, but am unable to use any of it when making an order

    • +2

      It's in-store credit only. So when you pick up your order, just ask them about it and they will apply the credit to your purchase instore. Just picked up my order and 3 bottles of the other "flavours" of Original Source body wash on sale for $1.99 each. Paid $4 in total for6 bottles of body wash :) thanks OP

  • thanks guys for sharing your input.. good stuff YOLO, on the way to DDS :)

  • Too far. I will spend more on fuel.

  • +2

    collected mine and redeem $5.00 for another 2 x body washes of $1.99 ea. thanks OP

    • how did you get $5 credit?

      • you should be receiving an email from DDS subject 'Welcome to the Club! $5 off your next purchase'.

  • how you get $5 credit?

    • adding more to it. email clearly states that discount voucher already loaded against your account? So now all you need to do is just login to your account/club section go to customer profile DDS and click 'My Account' it will display your "LOYALTY NUMBER" bar-coded. Simply present it to any discount drug store near you and redeem your $5.00 there.

  • Don't buy this if you are a guy. It smells like a really sweet bubble gum. Unless you enjoy headaches.

  • Just picked mine up. They gave me a bag and when I got home and checked, they gave me 3 bottles instead of the 2 I ordered.

    Edit: It smells like a milkshake to me. I wonder if the smell sticks around after the shower.

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