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Glen Orrin 30 Year Old Scotch Whisky for $99.99 @ ALDI Liquor


This truly exceptional blended Scotch Whisky has been traditionally distilled in copper pot stills, then matured for an incredible 30 years in hand crafted oak casks.
A smooth, warm blend that teases the palate with exciting flavours of citrus, marzipan and sherry with subtle hints of dark chocolate and fruits of the forest.
Presented in a premium tube, this 30 Year Old Whisky is a special gift for Scotch lovers this Christmas.

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  • I am not sure if this is a "deal". The Glen Orrin 30YO has always been $99.99

  • Is this any good? Is the the 30 year old label the only selling point?


      what the label is 30yo, but the scotch is fresh? :-)
      Blends are just dregs mix, but I suppose a 30yo dregs mix might be ok. I think I'd rather sample before splurging $100, as you can get so many excellent single malts & a bit of change for that.

    • Haven't tried the 30, but the younger ones are fine, quite sweet. Good for people who don't like whiskey all that much.

      The "30" is the main selling point - great "fancy" gift for Jack Daniels drinkers.

      Taste-wise, I wouldn't doubt it's worth $100 - but probably not much more.

  • I got some for $69.99 on clearance, tastes good and not young ones can compare, but I wont pay more than that.
    I'd go for those famous smokey ones currently for $70-80 in DM, more interesting scotch they are.

  • theres a few reviews of this online. it is an aldi house brand. the consensus was that it was maybe worth the 50gbp/100aud, but isn't really a bargain.

  • Got this a couple of Christmas back.

    For the money it's an excellent drop. Very competitive for anything in the price range.

    Goes well with either a dash of water or just a little ice. Don't water it down too much or it just doesn't taste any good

    Very tempted to see if my parents can get some again for me, but am well stocked up after some good duty free buys recently.

  • It gets a good review in Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2016.