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Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB 4G LTE Grey Import Kogan $359 + Shipping


Let's see if I can break the internet.

This seems rather cheap to me.

$359 plus shipping ($20 to $30 I believe)

Yes it's Kogan, but I'm pretty sure you can still make calls on it!

Yes it's parallel (grey) import.

But it's $349 freaking dollars for a S6

Also has the "broden" clause of maximum 2 per order

PS - for those asking, I did NOT buy one of these before posting this deal

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  • +10

    Something tells me this may not go exactly as planned…
    Still f it I'm in, good one Shmahoo.

  • +2

    Why did you break the internet! Now we need to call Bob the Builder.

    • +7

      OP is secretly Jen Barber from the IT Crowd.

  • Wow! That's cheaper than that one time in Thailand. Hopefully this will end up with no surprises though.

    • +18

      we'll talk again in 9 months

      • +18

        Or in a few weeks in case of std.

        • -4

          or in a few months if it's a sneaky AIDS


  • +1

    Great deal OP! Hopefully people who buy get it honoured. Im going to resist the urge and stick to my LG G3 for now.

    • yep, I think this is the deal to test a few marriages…

    • -1

      G3 is a joke, I so regret that I trade my S5 with my wife. It is hot and slow

      • +7

        Like your wife?

        (kidding :) )

  • Any cashback sites with Kogan?

  • +1

    Wow..can't be real.. Must leave internets..not allowed to buy…must resist..lol

  • +1

    Compatible with all Australian telco?

  • +7

    It must be price error. No point in blocking money for a month waiting for refund.

    • it's 14 days money back guarantee….

      whoops on Kogan exclusive brand only, you might be on the money then with a month :D

  • +2

    I would like an S6… and this is a great price…but it's 32GB… and I will hold out for a 64GB or higher…
    Guessing someone is dumping stock before Christmas with a possible S7 announced late January?

    • +1

      This. I'm kind of glad it expired before I had the chance to buy it, because I would have impulse buyed and regretted it. 32gb is nothing.

    • I'm still waiting for the S5 to go down in price. It is currently ridiculous for something nearly 2 years old.

  • +7

    'An item was removed from your cart as it is no longer in stock: Samsung Galaxy S6 4G LTE (32GB, Black)'

  • -1

    I am not in a dream. :)) what a deal.

    • +4

      You are. go back to sleep

  • Cant resist, time to dump my s4.

    • +16

      time to pick it back up from the dumpster

    • +2

      No, time to dump Samsung in general and get a 6P.

      Vote down explosion in…3…2…

  • OOS

    • +1


  • +2

    Can't add to cart.. Ruslan won't let the lens mug saga be repeated.

  • +1

    gone !

  • +1

    Page is gone

  • +1


  • +1


  • Confirmed price error…

    An item was removed from your cart as it is no longer in stock: Samsung Galaxy S6 4G LTE (32GB, Black)

    • +1

      That doesn't confirm a pricing error though

  • +2


  • +1

    Oh well

  • +1

    Nice baiting…

  • +1

    Server error. Look like pricing error too. :(

  • +15

    Just like me, the deal didn't last long…

    • LOL

    • i know that a doggy last at a minute at best

  • -1

    20 minutes, not bad

  • +1

    Did anyone manage to buy this phone?

  • +40

    in honour of the Kogan price error post, I'd like to post this haiku poem:

    Kogan price error
    Again you test my patience
    Will I ever learn?

    • +5


      • +9

        thought I might have another crack at a "general" ozbargain one:

        much cheap junk purchased
        and now my wife's leaving me
        i'll really miss her

        • +4

          but you have much stuff
          to keep you company now
          and warm at night time

        • hahaha GOLD!

  • +2

    the ONE TIME i don't wake up to check ozbargain at 7am…

  • Should be down by $359 instead of down to $359? Good luck to those who managed to get the order in before it went out of stock. With limited orders Kogan might actually honour it.

  • Nobody seem to check which model s6 and the band's it has seems at the right price people stop checking and just want it to be true even if mot the Australian model….seems my trusty Kogan s5 will stay in service

  • +6

    I reached the checkout page before this happened:


    Looks like I'll be receiving "FREE" in the post soon, which is down by 5 cents!

    • The -5c is the Kogan SIM card.

  • +3

    "Let's see if I can break the internet." -> u certainly broke the Kogan webpage….

  • -1

    Never say never. S6 should come down to around this price jan end.

  • -1

    GONE! was fake deal

    • +1

      Well lets see. I have not got order cancellation email.

      • +1

        congrats for slipping one in before Ruslan noticed!

        • hmm less profit money for his trip to space on Branson spaceship

        • @rps: low orbit only…

          cannot leave the dome ;-)

        • @dissin:too heavy, too much bs

      • Good luck. I hope they honour it.

  • Remember the last time this happened? They were even telling users it wasn't a pricing error lol

    • +1

      Wow 18 pages of comments! I might have to extend my xmas break

  • Kogan's automatic price increaser must've slipped up increasing the price of the S6. Went to buy an LG G4 yesterday and it was $589, 10 hours later it's $629.

  • Damn would be a great xmas present. Has anyone got it?

  • +1

    $659 now…closer to reality!

    Note the LTE bands on imported phones may be missing key frequencies used by Australian telcos (particularly 2300Mhz, band 40 for Optus). You may want to check your carrier's bands against the device before buying one (if 4G speeds are important to you). I nearly bought an imported S5 for my wife, and noticed this at the last minute, and bought local stock instead. On the positive side, my HTC One M8 (from Kogan), seems to have most 4G bands on it.

    • My LG G3 gets 50Mb/s on Optus 4G so no probs there

  • +1

    Kogan NEVER honors their offer!!!

    • *honour

    • Never say never, Bond.

  • I bought 2… Still awaiting cancellation of order…. :(

  • +3
    • thanks, bought one as a present for my other half, she has an S5 though so wonder if it'll be much of an upgrade.

    • Can't Find the $397 price. it is only $697.27. Have they raised the price?

      • Yep. I think the special price (if not an error) went out of stock then relisted at RRP. I was able to see and link it but decided against it because I don't need a downgrade to a no micro SD slot phone.

  • EBay au site http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Samsung-Galaxy-S6-4G-LTE-32GB-Bla...
    Don't forget 5% cashrewards.

    • 28 ordered… Soon to be cancelled with 28 new addresses added to the Kogan mailing list db. lol.. u***a ordered 3 phones… Testing your luck there eh.

  • Any one got an update about their order?

    • Yep, cancelled :(

  • $25 voucher as a consolation prize.

  • It seems they do this on purpose to probably help with the cashflow and spamming in the future, surely there would be some sort of law that doesn't allow this and if enough people lodge complaints again Kogan they may not do this in the future?

    • Don't bother mate. Pricing error is the ultimate excuse for them to get away almost from everything.

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