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CyberGhost Premium Plus Nospy 7 Years US $248 (~ AU $349)


CyberGhost Premium Plus NoSpy 7 years VPN for 248 dollars us dollars = 327.20 aus dollars.

Big dollars and long contact with them however they also are also offering their other vpn plans at discounts rates.

Features of their services:
Unlimited traffic volume included
Unlimited bandwidth included
Access to Premium servers
Apps for Android and iOS included FREE
Additional protection for mobile devices (PPTP, L2TP/IPSec)
Guaranteed availability without any waiting times
Incl. Premium support
5 Devices
Exclusive Access to CyberGhost's own "NoSpyProxy" Data Center (12 servers)

Sorry if this has been posted, I just read the email with this information. Any more information can be found on their site.

Normal Price for this service, 818.00 Aus.

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  • +4 votes

    why would anyone pay for 7 years of service with a shady VPN company is beyond me. They might disappear in a few months and you wont be getting any money back

  • +2 votes

    nothing but a money grab!
    avoid like the plague.
    who knows if they will be around for 1 year.


    Lol - 404 error

  • +1 vote

    They have been around for four years, so - based on that - are likely to be around for a while longer. Signing up for 7 years is a pretty big leap of faith though. I used to use them, but signed up for 4 years with ibVPN for about AUD$70 via a previous deal (now expired) which suited me better (didn't need the concurrent multiple device support) and so far has been good.


      Good luck with ibvpn. Ive just started getting spam to the email address I created for them ([email protected]<mydomain>) the soammers haven't hot my name, but somehow this secure company has my email address leak off their DB. So I wouldn't trust them.


        Wow, that's strange - in that my email address with them is also [email protected]<my domain>….. [grin]

        Just checked my spam traps and there hasn't been any junk mail to that address so far, but perhaps I've been lucky. I joined up in May, so maybe the leak happened before then?

  • +1 vote

    Roughly fifty Bob a year, pretty average.


    $au50/yr isn't cheap. But 7 years upfront, its actually pretty expensive (given how the price of VPNs have dropped over the past 5 yrs). Then as mentioned above, who knows if they'll be around in 7yrs.


    Been waiting 7 weeks for cyberghost to resolve an issue on their end, still waiting
    after countless backwards & forwards emails I was a premium plus paid customer too which is supposed to give you access to "helpdesk" support

    If something goes wrong, you might use up your whole 7 year subscription before you get help

    They won't give me a refund either

    Avoid avoid avoid


    I've been using them since they gave away 6 months free a month ago, pretty happy so far.


    i wouldnt say they are shady , they are just meh , not bad , but not that impressive, wait and see if there is a better deal


    Paying a VPN company that does its deals leveraging US based merchant services and US dollars, thinking you have just bought immunity to being spied on. …please.