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Snagit Screen Capture Software $24.99 USD ($35 AUD) 50% off @Stacksocial


Capture anything on your computer—videos or images.

Add special effects like borders, shadows & perspective to your screen captures.

Install the software on two devices.

Mac and PC versions.

Finishes at approx 4pm AEDST Sunday.

Found this coupon code online, which might work for another 10% off: NETTED10

My referral link https://stacksocial.com/?rid=2341770

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  • +2

    Bloody good software for what it does.

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    How does this compare to say, PrtScr + MS Paint? Asking for a friend.

    • +3

      One main difference is that you can record on-screen desktop activity - creating a tutorial to upload to Youtube, for example.

    • +1

      Mate, from a business perspective, if you are getting this for work you will save the 25 bucks in no time. I wasn't a believer until I started using it. Real time saver

    • +2

      This is a great piece of software.
      The one obvious advantage over PrtScr + MS Paint is that you can set it to take a capture of a scrolling window so you don't have to stuff around taking multiple shots and then joining them together. You can capture the scrolling window as one page and then crop it in Snagit.
      If you do a lot of screen captures e.g. for training documents or presentations then it is is definitely worth it. If you only do a screen capture oncde in a blue moon then i wouldn't bother.
      Instead of PrtScr + MS Paint though in Windows 7+ I use the Snipping Tool that comes free with Windows.

      • That's what I use, don't know how I missed this tool.

        I also use Screen grab, which is a awesome plug in for Firefox.
        The best thing about Screengrab is it can take a screen shot of a web page that does NOT permit doing so, eg Centrelink.

        It's been awhile since using PrtScr.
        I'll check out Greenshot as recommended below, thanks.

  • is there a free alternative to this for mac?

    • There are many free editions for mac as there is windows, however one that springs to mine is this one: http://www.ducklink.com/p/free-screen-capture-tool-on-mac/

      Note that they aren't going to be as good as snag it, which is on the mac but $$. But then they may be depending on your use.

      Hope that helps.


    • Quicktime actually does this very well. Just open it then click on file and one of the options is for screen capture. I can't imagine any reason why you would need anything else

  • My work bought 5 licenses some time ago and it was a lot more than this cost

  • "Install the software on two devices."

    I have 1 Windows PC and 1 Mac.
    Can I use the same licence for both of them?

    • Yes you can. The license key works for both.

  • I'm interested, but aside from video recording, does this offer anything more than Greenshot, which is free and open source? I've been very impressed with Greenshot.

  • Just use screenpresso, a free alternative.

  • +2

    Fit those who want an awesome productivity tool for screen shots, I'd highly recommend Greenshot, open source and awesome..

    • Greenshot is good and also id recommend ShareX. Both free and open source.

  • -1

    Agree with comments above, I'm surprised this software cost that much, there are even other video capture programs out there (just not as neat).