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'Neuton Power' 4WD Battery (750CCA/1yr Warranty) - $143 @ Battery Australia (Canning Vale, WA)


The Shop is in the middle of Canning Vale industrial area, with 1.5 million dollar stock of batteries. They are factory direct outlets. Need to give them a ring before visit. (08) 9456 2224 Looking for Jerry. Normally they open from Mon-Fri 8am to 4pm.
If you need a car battery or deep cycle solar battery for your house or caravan, even your alarm or security system, it will be a money saving place to go.

Battery Specs:

The $143 is a flooded maintenance free type heavy duty 4WD/truck battery with 750CCA 12 month warranty.


Commercial 12 month
Private 24 month

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  • Any info on the battery? Brand? CCA? Etc etc…!

    How much is it normally? What are we supposedly saving?

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      Brand is Neuton Power, same factory build Caterpillar, Bosch, AC Delco.
      12V 750CCA rated, Actual CCA around 850CCA, weight 21.5KG.
      OEM Parts for Volvo and Ford truck in other countries.
      A normal retail price in battery shop is always above $200.

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    Can you provide a link to a product sheet. Or a sales page.
    You haven't said what exactly is being offered. What model/design.
    Are these AGM/WET/DEEPCYCLE…
    What terminals.
    Who else sells them.
    Sorry but we can be hard here.

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      Battery Australia is factory direct warehouse located in Canning Vale.

      http://batteryaustralia.com.au/automotive/ (auto Battery Link with terminal layout)
      http://batteryaustralia.com.au/industrial/ (Industrial Battery Link - All AGM & Gel)

      We are the factory warehouse, 5000 batteries fitted every week Australia wide. Our battery been relabeled in different brands.

      The $143 is a flooded maintenance free type heavy duty 4WD/truck battery with 750CCA 12 month warranty.
      AGM Battery 120Ah $280 Fully Sealed type from Vision,which is the leader of AGM & Gel VRLA industry.

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    A guy in Canning Vale named Ben is selling possibly the same battery for $130.

    Neuton Power Battery, N70ZZ Size 300x175x220mm
    Suitable for Patrol, Landcruiser, Hilux, etc most of the 4WD and trucks.
    12V 750CCA rated, actual CCA is around 830CCA. weight is 21.5kg

    See: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/canning-vale/other-parts-acce…

    • Lol that has to be the same company!

  • After having batteries stuff out shortly after 1 year e.g. 1.5 to to 2 years I think I'd rather pay a small amount extra and get a battery that has a far superior warranty. E.g the Battery I recently bought from Autobarn was a Supercharge Gold series , 810cca, for just under $200 with discount. It came with a 5 year warranty.

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      I agree with you. Hope this battery made in Philippine will give you 5 year life.

      • Yeah, you do realise 1yr warranty is like an industry standard?

        • Yes, 1 year for commercial use because we are industry wholesaler.
          If Private use, warranty is 24 month.
          European vehicles comes with 36 month.

        • @Battery Australia:

          So what does this battery come with?

          My god it seems you can't just give all the details straight up!

        • Commercial 12 month
          Private 24 month

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          @Battery Australia:

          Ok, we're getting somewhere.

          Now, care to explain why one of your reps is selling it for $130? But you're offering us $143?

        • @Spackbace:

          They buy half a pallets at once, if you can buy that many, we can sell you cheaper as well. It's our customer decision to make their own price range.

  • Available for cheaper elsewhere as mentioned above

    • not the same, gumtree is 12month warranty, this is 24month for consumers.

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        No guarantees of that being the difference though. OP wasn't forthcoming with the 2yr consumer warranty until pushed. You'd think that would be a bigger selling point when marketing the product.

    • They are not cheap battery. It is manufactured by the tier one factory in the world.
      If you think you can buy it cheaper, we can do price match. Just give us a ring now.

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        This site is about purchasing at the cheapest price possible (you know, a bargain?). Not just a retailer offering to 'match' a competitors lower advertised price.

        If you want to market something to us, make sure it's the best price you can do and no one else is cheaper, otherwise you're just wasting your time.

        Put it this way, the only person that has up-voted this deal is from QLD and won't actually purchase from you. Kinda says something…

        • System doesn't allow me to amend the post or price.
          If you can change it for me, that will be great.

          Din88 for Luxury Car:
          Part Number: 58588. 780CCA (3 year warranty).
          Physical size: 350(L) x 175(w) x 175 (H)
          Suitable for the following car:
          (Important: WA branch pick up only, please measure the size to see if it fit)
          Price: $120

          ALFA ROMEO 166 - 3.0L V6 2001-on
          ASTON MARTIN DB7 1999-05
          ASTON MARTIN Vanquish 2001-05
          AUDI A5 - COUPE 2007-ON
          AUDI A6 - 3.2 FSI 2005 -on
          AUDI A8 2000-on
          AUDI Cabriolet - 1.8T, 3.0 2003-on
          AUDI S4 - Sedan 2.7Quattro 2002-on
          AUDI S6 - Avant 2.7, 4.2 2002-on
          AUDI Q7 2007
          AUDI S8, S8 4.2 1998-on
          BENTLEY Continental GT 2003-on
          BMW 520 1990-96
          BMW 530 1994-on
          BMW 540 1994-on
          BMW 320d 2007-on
          BMW 7 Series 1988-96
          BMW M3 1997-on
          CITROEN C6 - V6 & V6 Hdi 2001-on
          CITROEN Diesel Models 1976-88
          FERRARI 550 - Maranello 5.5 1997-on
          FIAT Ducato 2002-on
          JAGUAR XJ Sovereign 1997-03
          JAGUAR XJ12 1995-on
          JAGUAR XJ6 1995-on
          JAGUAR XJ6, XJR, XJ12 1994-on
          JAGUAR XJ8 3.2, 4.0 Sport 2001-on
          JEEP Cherokee 4X4 CRD 2.7 2003-on
          JEEP Grand Cheokee V8 1999-on
          MERCEDES BENZ 380 1976-96
          MERCEDES BENZ 560 1986-92
          MERCEDES BENZ 600 1986-92
          MERCEDES BENZ 190D 1986-87
          MERCEDES BENZ 240D 1974-82
          MERCEDES BENZ 300GD 1983-89
          MERCEDES BENZ 560SEC 1986-92
          MERCEDES BENZ 560SEL 1986-92
          MERCEDES BENZ 560SL 1986-92
          MERCEDES BENZ A160 Hatch 1.6ltr 1998-on
          MERCEDES BENZ C180 1997-98
          MERCEDES BENZ C180K 1997-98
          MERCEDES BENZ C200 1997-98
          MERCEDES BENZ C200K 1997-98
          MERCEDES BENZ C220 CDI 2001-on
          MERCEDES BENZ C240 1997-98
          MERCEDES BENZ C250 1997-98
          MERCEDES BENZ C250D 1998-on
          MERCEDES BENZ CL500 1998-on
          MERCEDES BENZ CL600 1998-on
          MERCEDES BENZ CLK200 2000-on
          MERCEDES BENZ CLK240 - Elegance, Avantgarde 2004
          MERCEDES BENZ CLK320 2000-on
          MERCEDES BENZ CLK500 1998-on
          MERCEDES BENZ E200K 2001-on
          MERCEDES BENZ E220 1997-98
          MERCEDES BENZ E230 1996-08
          MERCEDES BENZ E240 Classic 1998-on
          MERCEDES BENZ E270 2001-on
          MERCEDES BENZ E320 1997-on
          MERCEDES BENZ E500 1998-on
          MERCEDES BENZ E55AMG 2001-on
          MERCEDES BENZ ML - 270 CDI, 500 Luxury 2001-on
          MERCEDES BENZ S280 1998-on
          MERCEDES BENZ S320 1998-on
          MERCEDES BENZ S420 1998-on
          MERCEDES BENZ S500 1993 on
          MERCEDES BENZ S500L 1998-on
          MERCEDES BENZ S600 1998-on
          MERCEDES BENZ S600L 1998-on
          MERCEDES BENZ SL500 1998-on
          MERCEDES BENZ SL600 1998-on
          MERCEDES BENZ SLK 200-230 small convertible 2001
          MERCEDES BENZ SLK200 1997-00
          MERCEDES BENZ SLK200K 2000-on
          MERCEDES BENZ SLK230 2000-on
          MERCEDES BENZ SLK320 2000-on
          MERCEDES BENZ SLK320AMG 2000-on
          MERCEDES BENZ VITO Van 108 CDI - Diesel 1999-04
          PORSCHE 928 1980-91
          PORSCHE 928 1980-92
          PORSCHE 911 - GT2 2001-on
          PORSCHE 928S 1980-92
          PORSCHE Cayenne 2003-on
          VOLKSWAGEN Multivan 2007
          VOLKSWAGEN Touareg 2003-on
          VOLVO XC90 Diesel 2003-on

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          @Battery Australia:

          What?! What is that list and that battery in reference to?! That's the first mention of a 780CCA Battery for European cars.

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        This is not an advertising site. It seems a small amount of reps get confused and think it's just a forum to chuck all their products on to get some sales. Offer this battery for a good deal cheaper than anywhere else (without having to call and plead for a price match) and I will only be too happy to change my vote to a plus. As it stands, not a bargain.

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          I want to neg this deal too but wont. Next time the guy comes here he can offer a great deal for us hopefully.

          I also thought this is just an advert. I still don't know what the specific deal is and what the details are.

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          I want to neg this deal too but wont. Next time the guy comes here he can offer a great deal for us hopefully.

          Ditto. I was very close lol but it's Christmas :P

        • @Spackbace:
          Laugh ;->

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