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High Quality Royalty Free Stock-Footage, Pay Only P&H


This is going to have limited appeal, but when I posted the Artbeats free daily clip deal there were quite a few people interested.

US Company Footage Firm is currently offering DVD footage library, background and sound collections , you only have to pay postage and handling (USD 8.41, ~AUD 9.38) per disc.

There are 64 free collections (discs) in the collection spanning:

  • time lapse
  • footage collections
  • background collections
  • sound effects

Everything in these collections is worldwide royalty free, regardless of the medium used.

Each collection has between 10-12 DVD's, and you can ask for one disc or all of them for the collection. P&H is charged per disc.

I've taken a look at some of the previews, and all in all they seem like very good collections from my perspective, tastes and needs. Previews are offered for all content on each of the discs

A maximum of 500x free discs are being given away from each collection, so if you produce videos either at home or for work and want to bolster your stock footage & other resources collection without the usual mega dollars this is a good offer. Either take one of the discs for your specific needs, or go nuts and take the whole lot to build a real video production arsenal for around AUD500.

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  • +2

    what?? $8.41 / DVD for postage…. its not free.. its a marketing trick…. not a bargain…

    • +1

      If you are in the industry of video editing, you will know the value of these dvd's. Thanks to 'thewinchester' for posting this.

    • -1

      Im with you……if postage was under $5 it would be acceptable - FOR ALL 12!!!

  • This would be fantastic if the content wasn't horrible. We were going to order but the footage looks like it's from the late 90's - early 00's. Thanks anyway :)

  • sorry for the noob question, but what would one do with these dvd's anyway?

    • Good for the occasional video edit. But as with jaswah, its soooo outdated esp the CGI effects

  • Good price for the footage if you can’t do it yourself or want to save many hours of work - bargain I think!

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