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Everdure E2go BBQ $199 @ Barbeques Galore


The bbq has a cast aluminium hood and firebox. It also has cast iron grill and stainless steel burners.

This bbq seems to tick all the boxes.

Stand is also on sale for $99 if needed.

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Barbeques Galore
Barbeques Galore

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  • but…but… it's not a Weber.

  • They Were $99 earlier in the year, but sadly rays oversold them, and most people were only offered an inferior substitute.



    Thanks for posting.

    i was almost convinced into a weber q but will go with this one

  • oh wow. now to make the choice harder.

    Weber V bugg V Everdure

    — Weber is soooo expensive
    — Bugg if you live in NSW and lucky enough to get a mitre 10 deal is tempting (im in VIC)
    — Everdure hits a price point for me (Pity the stand wasnt included)


    Anyone got one and can comment - Worth the purchase?

    We don't cook roasts, we cook chops, steak, sausages and hamburgers - and before you say any 6 burner will do, i have a 6 burner, the ignition stops eventually, and plates so crappy to clean its awful to deal with (rust as well).

    • Check out rhe bbqs at masters we had a 4 burner and replaced it with a 2 burner Charbroil (some US brand). It's been great and has enough good heat to cook what you do. Cost around 300-400 and is stainless, good build quality. Sister has a Webber 200 and the heat is good for roasting but not quite enough for steaks sausages etc to seal quickly (heard it has the same burner as the small baby q).

  • I don't have a webber to compare, but mine works great. Cooks things evenly and is fantastic at this price.

    • I'm very happy with mine too. Just out of curiosity does yours heat up over half way on the temperature gauge? Mine seems to stop at the half way mark.

      • Yeah same thing for me to too.

        I have mine sitting on a $15 ikea outdoor table, save yourself the $99!

        • Which table? one would think if you want to roll this in and out of the weather, than a fixed table wont do due to the Gas Bottle - good to have a table on wheels…

  • if money isnt an issue, could this be potentially same quality as Weber's? thx

  • I was able to price match at Bunnings. This included a stand and free cover as they only sell them as packs. Came down to $283.