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40% off All Amiibo @ Big W


i just got back from the shops and managed to get Link (jap ver.), Lucina, zero suit samus and ike for $10.20 each.

Still a good amount of amiibos in stock.

Can't speak for other Big w stores, but doesn't hurt to call them up.

On the top of my head the decent ones i saw (-common ones):

1 Link

2 Lucina

2/3? Ike

3/4 Metal knight

1 falco

Apologies for the photo, my phone camera is terrible, but u can see the gist of it.

Original Post - Available nationwide (stock will vary).

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    have Target stopped the $9 sale?

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      The Big W 'normal' price is $17…

  • They were 50% off last weekend at Big W

    • It's target that have them for 50% off you noob.

      • Big W at QV in Melbourne had them 50% off last weekend, I was at the store…

        50% off all amiibos and all skylanders, new and old models…

        • Must of been a store exclusive then..

        • @bargin193232222:

          Must of been a store exclusive then..

          Could be… We went there to exchange a Xmas gift and were pleasantly surprised to get a Gift Card to refund the difference due to the sale… :)

        • We had 50% off Skylanders, 25% (or 20% forget now) off Lego Dimensions and 30% off Infinity at our BigW Runaway Bay a few days ago. No advertised offer on the Amiibos at the time but I did not scan them so they could easily have been on offer still.

  • its true that they have been cheaper, but i can barely find stock on some of the uncommon ones near my area.

    • Nintendo have given BigW those those small stands, I think its just Nintendo being Nintendo and giving all the stock to EB again.

  • My local kmart also had them on clearance, not sure of the price thou as i was passing through.

  • what do these things actually do ??

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      Eat money and sh#t dust.

    • -2

      Sex toys.

      • Bowser! Yikes

  • the plural of Amiibo is Amiibo, like all Japanese words they don't add an s.

    • I thought it was Amiibii…

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        Daily limit for voting negative on comments is currently capped at 5

        • Lucky you…

    • Not the reason at all. It is only Amiibo because it's a made up word by Nintendo and Nintendo tweeted that its plural its Amiibo.
      Simply because there is no plural form in Japanese doesn't mean a Japanese word cannot have a separate plural form when introduced into the English lexicon.

  • +2

    Target still had $9 amiibos today though not sure when that ends.

  • A little off topic but is shovel knight an eb games exclusive in OZ? they just say 'exclusive' to online orders not 'exclusive to ebgames' as in the past with limited stuff. but I have not seen any other retailer even mention it.

    • It's not exclusive, but you may as well order from EB if your having trouble finding it instore

    • I've seen it at JB and target for $24.

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