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BIG W Boxing Day Sale: 25% off Blu-Rays/DVDs, XB1 Bundle $438, 6 Burner Gas BBQ $169, Petrol Lawn Mower $149, 20% off XBL + More


Starts Boxing Day (Sat Dec 26). Have a happy & safe Christmas :)

  • 20% off All Lego Level Team or Fun Packs
  • 20% off Good Food Gift Cards
  • 20% off NAN Toddler Formula
  • 20% off Snugglers Nappies
  • 20% off XBOX Live Gift Cards
  • 25% off All DVDs, Blu-Rays & Boxsets (Excludes $2 DVDs)
  • 25% off All Vodafone Handsets
  • 25% off Coat Hangers
  • 25% off Garden Furniture
  • 25% off Headphones & Accessories
  • 25% off Ironing Boards
  • 25% off Method Cleaning Products
  • 25% off Navig8r Action Cam Accessories
  • 25% off Starmaid Containers
  • 30% off a Huge Range of Coolers
  • 30% off All Disney Characters, Playsets, Toy Boxes & Power Disc Pack
  • 30% off All Shelters & Beach Chairs
  • 30% off Health & Beauty Brands
  • 30% off Outdoor Rugs & Doormats
  • 30% off Selected Home Furnishings
  • 30% off Selected Glassware & Dinnerware
  • 40% off Amiibo Figures
  • 40% off Hold Me Tight Shapewear
  • 40% off Pedigree Canned Dog Food
  • 40% off Peter Morrissey & Dickies Bath Towels
  • 40% off Selected Underwear
  • 40% off Tontine Single Pack Pillows & Quilts
  • 50% off All Drivers, Vehicles, Triple Packs & Racing Packs
  • 50% off Black & Decker Tools
  • 50% off Canvas Prints & Giant Calendars
  • 50% off Decor & Sistema Food Storage
  • 50% off InfaSecure Booster Seat
  • 50% off Popcorn Maker, Choc Fountain or Waffle Maker
  • 50% off Revlon Nude by Nature & Sinful Giftsets
  • 50% off Selected Bikes
  • 50% off Selected Christmas CDs
  • 50% off Space Bags
  • 50% off Tefal Frypans
  • 50% off Va Voom Lingerie by Bendon
  • 60% off Huge Selection of Clothing & Footwear
  • Up to 30% off Selected Ride Ons
  • Up to 40% off Selected Fisher Price Toys
  • Up to 50% off Selected Bratz, Monster High & Barbie Dolls
  • Up to 50% off Selected Minions Toys
  • Up to 50% off Selected Vtech
  • Up to 70% off All Digibirds
  • 3.5HP 4 Stroke Petrol Lawn Mower $149
  • 49" Pendo Ultra HD 4K Smart TV $629
  • 6 Burner BBQ $169
  • Assorted Nursery Toys from $5
  • Avita 115L Bar Fridge $169
  • Beach Towels from $5
  • Bright Starts Toddler Gym Sets $25
  • BOGOF Adrenalin $50 Gift Cards
  • Boost Kuto $29
  • Brother Sewing Machine $99
  • Canon 1200D SLK $449
  • Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels $10
  • Epson XP220 Printer $68
  • Fallout 4 $59
  • Finish Powerball 110pk $18 ($0.16 each)
  • Frantelle 24x 600ml Spring Water $7
  • Fuji Xerox 500 Sheets A4 $3
  • HP Deskjet 2130 Printer $34
  • Instant Disposable Charcoal BBQ 2 for $8 or $5 each
  • Kambrook 1.7L Kettle $15
  • Leapfrog Leap Reader $29
  • Magic Bullet $49
  • Nintendo 3DS Console + 3DS Gravity Falls $218
  • Nutri Bullet Pro $168
  • Optus E5251 Mobile Broadband $14
  • Pedigree 28pk Dentastix $9.90
  • Philips NTRX700 Speakers $835
  • PS4 Dual Shock Controller $74
  • Quilton Toilet Paper 18pk $7
  • Samsung 8" TAB A $248
  • Sperling 2pk Front Seat Cover Set $15
  • Test Match Cricket Board Game $29
  • Telstra HTC Desire $149
  • Unlocked Huawei G620S $199
  • Wavezone Small Backpacks $15
  • Wii U Mario Kart 8 Console Bundle $398
  • XBOX One 500GB Console FIFA & HALO Bundle $438
  • XBOX One Controller $74
This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2015

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  • -1

    Are they effectively promoting their own Gift Cards as Chrissy presents? LOL

    • If you're the cheap kind that buys christmas presents after christmas

      • +21

        No, just kind that buys 364 days before Christmas and saves heaps.

        • +4

          Give them 1 day to use the gift card before it expires? (unless they're 2 year)

      • +13

        Orthodox Christmas not until Jan 7th… Switch and save!

        • -2

          uh… nope!
          25 Dec as everywhere.

        • +4


          It's based on old calendar still so falls on Jan 7th on our calendar …


          Presents though are on new year when Father Frost visits.

        • -2

          Then you should have said Orthodox Christmas in Russia (and Serbia)

          In Greece and Bulgaria, also Orthodox Christmas, are on the 25th.

        • +2

          Plenty of Greek Orthodox, including Greek Orthodox patriarch of Jerusalem, still hold to the 7th Jan.

        • -2

          I 've lived in Greece for 30 years, and I have seen only one person during those years, and never heard of another.
          And all the Greeks here are the same.

          Anyway, way too off-topic.

          Merry Christmas either way :)

        • +1

          Tony Abbott is watching. …

        • -1

          @Pobman: should've said old calendar, as saying orthodox is incorrect, given many orthodox are 25 Dec.

      • +3

        I am we give stuff on new years day to each other.

  • +4


    • +1

      (profanity) me, 40% off? I already own them all!

  • XBOX Live Gift Cards ? Are these points or something

  • +1

    20% off good food cards is good, you can use to pay for beer at Opera Bar and knock 20% off.

  • +3

    $9 amiibo at target from boxing day, which is half price of rrp.

    • even better

      • "from" $9.00 amiibo

    • Pardon me but where did you find the catalogue/information for the Target Boxing Day sale?

      • +1

        Only a picture of the catalogue i'm afraid

        • I see thanks! Might have to get a hold of the catalogue in person since it's not available online.

        • Can you plz post full catalogue?

        • +1

          @nikey2k27: Don't have it sorry, this picture was just posted on a facebook group.

  • The Canon 1200d kit is $449 in store now.

    • +1

      and $398 at HN right now.

  • +2

    They still have 10% off big w gift cards now right? So purchase the gift card now and pick up the item on boxing day?

    • +2

      I bought online voucher 10% off……then went in and bought BIGW cards at 10% off with said voucher……then went in this morning and bought Food Gift Cards with BIGW cards at 20% off….. then will use them at bar with local membership which gives me another 10% off…..thanks system.

  • Oh My, need to get refund all my skylanders superchargers cost me $300, then buy back on Boxing day.

    • sorry I must be blind…where does it have discounted superchargers?

      • I think this is Skylander Superchargers, unless someone can tell me, what is this?
        •50% off All Drivers, Vehicles, Triple Packs & Racing Packs

        • That would be awesome if that was it! Fingers crossed

        • You're right! But the prices still seem high to me. Vehicles will be $9.50 and drivers will be $8.50. No price on the triple packs. I got the starter pack for my son for xmas for $49 but I haven't looked at pricing the add-ons yet. Are these prices really a good deal?

  • +2

    let's hope they screw up the promo codes again this year (got so many cheap Blu-rays last year :)

    • They'll have no stock of most of them.

    • +1

      That won't be the case. Their online sales are supplied by a separate retailer now and online prices don't match in stores.

      Oh, and the sales you're talking about before happened the first week of December in 2013.

      • Yep their online blu-rays are sold and supplied by a Marketplace seller. They don't come from Big W itself. Just like how there's third party marketplace sellers on Amazon and it comes shipped directly from them, same sort of thing. I'd say Big W itself must be wanting to get out of the blu-ray video market altogether since they handed over the online sales to a third party business.

    • You won't be getting any more cheap blu-rays this year, just like last year.

      ps. In any case according to the catalogue it's an in store only deal most likely for the fact that Big W themselves no longer even sell blu-rays online.

  • Gotta love a festive TA!

  • +2


  • +4

    Wii U Mario Kart 8 Console Bundle $398

    Where is the bargain ?

  • +1

    Would this be the kettle? Great deal if it is. $49 down to $15. Too bad it's red.

  • +12

    No screamers here, other places seem to be more worthwhile checking out on boxing day. Or even better, stay home and watch the Aussies thump the West Indies!

    • If the rain stops!

  • +33

    25% off Coat Hangers

    Great! This is the bargain i've been hanging out for all year!

    • +1

      Gotta start the new year with •Quilton Toilet Paper 18pk $7

      • was $7.20 today after 10%disc

      • +1

        Should be its own deal

    • What a shirt joke

  • any wii u games specials

  • +8

    Is it just me or does that seem a bit lackluster? I thought boxing day sales were supposed to be super awesome

    • +4

      They have been mediocre for many years now. Not what they used to be.

  • retail is down and everyone is fighting for the dollar all year round , most retailers cant wait for boxing day now to get the dollars

  • I clicked on Go To Deal but no matter how I search I cannot find that Lawn Mower.

  • TA!!!

  • +1

    XBOX One 500GB Console FIFA & HALO Bundle $438

    Surely it has to be more than a 500GB Xbox, FIFA 16 & Halo 5 for $438 looking at all the recent promotions?
    Is there a Kinect included or is it actually 1TB or something? Or have I just been spoiled by Target's offers?

    • Completely - surely has to be better than that.

  • +9

    TA I just don't know how you do it but you do a brilliant job! Unpaid at that. It's not even Christmas Eve and you are already letting me organise Boxing Day - nothing I need so more time at home, preferably with my feet up for a change. I don't even have to hop in the car or do battle with crowds to find that out. I wish I had your contacts, but I don't so I will just have to tune into your next post. They are so good that I almost forgive you for not giving me a weekly dose of Udemy courses ;) Thank you for putting the time in that you do, all year long. Merry Christmas.

  • +1

    Hey for Optus E5251 Mobile Broadband Kmart is already selling them for $14. Saw it in kmart hornsby today. Fyi

  • Good price for the copy paper. Been waiting for that. Cheers TA!

  • What's the 6 burner like? Thinking of upgrading from my4 burner Bunnings one.

  • So can these discounts be ordered online? no parking spots on boxing day :(

    • I usually try to get in early and leave before the craziness begins. Plenty of parking spots and stock available if you get in early.

  • Also curious if this stuff can be bought online before store opening times on Boxing Day? Anyone know??

  • Anyone spot any stunner deals? Can't seem to see any crazy OzBargain quality crazy deals.

  • In case any wondering, the split Good Food and Event cinema gift cards are not on sale

  • +1

    The Big W blu-ray sales are lame, sparse amount of blu-rays on shelf and totally over priced. For example i scanned the price of Grimm Season 3 blu-ray at Big W this morning and it scanned at $54. Over at JB Hi-Fi it's $35.98 on their 20% off. No wonder Big W can't sell blu-rays.

    Always better off going to JB Hi-Fi for blu-rays.

    • When you scanned it, was that including the discounted price? I noticed today buying a Brita jug the discounted price only came up when I was going to pay.

      • Was just whatever the self price checker scanner said.

        Then it's kind of stupid if it only showed the discounted price at the checkout.

        • I agree, used the shelf scanner and the prices were pathetic. JB beats the prices even when no sales are on.