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Accor Hotels 40% off Selected Hotels


This sale is for Le club members (free to join) and is offering 40% off the best unrestricted rate at participating hotels- participating hotels found here https://openadstream-eu1.247realmedia.com/RealMedia/ads/Crea...

This includes world wide hotels for varying stay periods depending on location.

For hotels in Asia and Pacific
The special promotion of 40% off the Best Unrestricted Rate on room is eligible for Le Club AccorHotels members and non-members, while Accor Plus members enjoy additional an 10% off, which is 50% off the Best Unrestricted Rate on room . 

This offer applies to all stays:

  • Between 1 February and 30 June 2016, at participating hotels and resorts in Greater China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and South Korea
  • Between 1 March and 30 June, at participating hotels and resorts in Australia, Cambodia, Fiji, French Polynesia, India, Japan, Laos, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

If booking a February stay in asia pacific, combine with x2 or x3 points off for an extra 5 or 10% back in points. Register here.

Accor Winter Promotion also offers 500 bonus points for two night stays at some hotels (750 for platinums). Must register here
http://www.accorhotels.com/gb/leclub/hotels-offers/promotion... http://www.accorhotels.com/gb/leclub/hotels-offers/promotion... (platinum only)
Cashrewards.com.au offers 5% cashback but I cannot confirm that the sale rates are included.

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  • are we able to see prices today or will they only be visible from tomorrow? or can we view but not book until tomorow?

  • will be interesting to compare 40% off vs wotif/quickbeds etc for those dates. thanks op needing to book accom in march!

  • Thank you so much OP I am a Plus member also but have not received this promotion. Last night I was meant to book 6 nights in Phuket over Easter and now by delaying it one day I have now saved $550. I can use that money for better sightseeing options for the kids and myself.

    • It is strange that accor doesn't promote their sales and email members to let them know when sales have started. Have a great holiday.

      • I received the Private sale offers in November but not the current ones. Maybe it will arrive tomorrow. Thanks again, it's another job out of the way.

  • Just signed up, am on the lookout for accomodation in Vietnam in May, so will see if any decent offers on here tomorrow!

  • Thanks. Looking forward to having a look tomorrow :)
    Any suggestions for a good Accor property in Cairns?

    • I have stayed at Pullman cairns which i would recommend. Its a lovely old building. The pullman reef casino is across the road if you like to gamble. The novotel cairns is a cheaper option but when i went there it had had problems with protected bats which were noisy and smelly

      • +2 votes

        Did it have a belfry?

      • I don't suppose you can offer any guidance on Port Douglas accommodation also?
        We'll be headed up that way in April & although we're still deciding where to stay/visit Port Douglas is on the definite list.

        • Stayed at Pullman Port Douglas in a two bed apartment with pool access which was great for the kids. It had a pool side bar and a relaxed friendly atmosphere. It was a short drive out of town so a little inconvenient if you don't have a car.

        • @shiningstars:

          I stayed out of town and it's a good idea to get a car from CNS to PD and stay a little out of town anyway.

      • Yeah, just having a look at harbour Lights, as we like self contained.

    • Ibis styles is a great hotel with a short walk to the lagoon and around cairns ….not the most modern of hotels but it is a nice hotel and the staff were great.

    • Harbour Lights for mine, good location and the physical building is much newer

  • Check out your prices today and compare to what you see tomorrow. I have access to prices from today and a stay I already booked last week is dearer at sale prices by almost 20%.

    However, other trips I have booked today for Feb/Mar/May/June are at very good rates.

  • fantastic sales, $100/night for hotel in Shinjuku in the middle of April is an absolute bargain

  • Bali is also on sale for Easter period.
    Will probably book.
    Pity that its non refundable


  • Nice deal. Any way to stack with cash rewards?

  • Just in time for my singapore travel, will see tomorrow.

  • I've got a regular LeClub Classic member (entry-level) membership, and can already access the sale. Might be worth people logging in and double checking if people can access the sale early.

  • Can confirm working for Accor Platinum members - just booked 2 nights at Novotel Clarke Quay Singapore in May 2016 in King Harbour View Room for $300! Bargain, considering the Aussie dollar and Singapore Dollar are around parity these days…

    • You stayed there before? Comparison to Marina Bay Sands? Heading over in March and am Accor Gold but am wondering whether the extra money for the Sands is worth it?

      • It's worth it. Even if you only do 1 or 2 nights. Everyone should stay at MBS at least once! ;)

      • I did a club room at the sands for one night and it was definitely worth it. It included afternoon tea ,drinks and canapés - which was our dinner- and breakfast .

  • Thanks OP. Will keep an eye on it tomorrow.

  • Thanks! Booked Novotel Kowloon Hong Kong for my travels in mid May.

  • I'm in HKG in mid March, anyone recommend one that I can get this offer on - as well as Novotel I mean?

  • Just used an Accor plus member card to save 50% off at the Grand Mercure on the Sunshine Coast (The nice Twin Waters) Got a great price as they haven’t upped the base rate for the May long weekend….yet

  • Would be interesting to compare prices before 40% off to see if they have inflated prices.

  • any ways to get free platinum now a days?

    I remember as awesome deal a few years ago which gave you it for free.

    • The ' free platinum ' days are over but there are bonus points deals where you can earn up to 10000 points in three stays. It makes it much easier to get to the 25000 points earnt to get platinum . Platinums now access executive lounge which is a valued change.

      • Would you be able to point me to the three days to plat? Need to stay more than three days in March so hoping I qualify :D

        • From memory, they had 10,000 point promotions in Feb, may and sept last year. If you really want platinum status then it may pay to wait til the next points promotion. The hotels cost more but the 10,000 points equate to 200 euro (aroung $300) in points. The stays need to be at least 2 days. Great value if you stay at the cheaper hotels.
          If you want to book now make sure you register for this promo

        • @shiningstars: thank you good sir, I shall do that. I guess I will book now this deal for my NZ trip in March. Then wait for the 10000 points for my later Asia trip! Thanks

  • The 40% off applies to Indonesia as well, although after signing in with my Accor membership it didn't apply an additional 10%.

  • Accor Platinum here. Booked a room in HK. However cannot seem to see the sale in Melbourne, Sydney or New York.. I wonder if they sold out?

  • Any recommendations for Melbourne cbd??

    • i got The Swanston @ $120/night including friday/saturday nights, right in the middle of the city too

  • The deal is on, but on the hotel I picked, it returned:
    "Specific rates are not available for the type of room selected. We can offer you the following rates:…"

    I used the following link:

  • Hi all, what are the cheapest/best hotel price sites to use? I often use priceline for flights and hotels (even tho its american).. are there better options?

    • Used wotif and agoda years ago. Not sure if they are still giving good deals though


      expedia or trivago search all hotel booking sites at once

  • any good hotels in perth?

  • Has not started yet. Still getting the same rates!

    • Yep, same ordinary prices as yesterday. If that is the special price, I'll be looking elsewhere.

      • what countries/cities are you guys looking in?

        • Cairns

        • @Rod71:

          have you been a member for awhile because i can see the rates, it's possible that those signing up just now for this promotion won't see the rates until the "profiles" are updated?

        • @peter05: Yep, signed up yesterday.
          Can someone do me a favour? If it's working for you, can you check out the following dates for me?

          Cairns Harbour Lights
          May 1 to May 6
          1 bedroom king bed apartment is showing $777
          Just wondering if thats the discounted rate.

        • @Rod71: if the rate says 'enjoy asia pacific sale' with enjoy 40% off your stay underneath then it is part of the sale.
          It will also be 40% off Flexible Rate or Best Unrestricted Rate

        • @Rod71:

          i see $130, but that could be inclusive of my 10% extra, you should expect around $145

          are you sure that you aren't looking at the TOTAL amount for your 5 nights? My total is showing 647.50 AUD

        • @peter05: Yes, my total is $777 for some reason. Might have something to do with singing up yesterday, I don't know.

        • @peter05: Also, the price remains the same even if you remove the loyalty card number.

        • @Rod71:

          that's not right then, so it means that your membership hasn't been activated for the offer, i suspect that it's to do with the close proximity to signing up, if you call the hotel directly you will get the discounted rates.

          my mate tried to sign up and also had the same issue, no discount


      Checked Melbourne for mid April, no change in rates

  • Just FYI, some dates will bring up the 40%, some will not. X refers to a number.

    40% off:

    X hotels match your specific rates and all of your search criteria.

    No 40% off rates left:

    X hotels are available on the requested dates for this destination, but do not match your specific rates.
    Please see the list below.

    As an example, March 4/5 doesn't work in Auckland. April 1/2 does.

    • Seems that there are no 40% off rates left in Melbourne for Feb or Mar.
      Offer period for Aust is 1 Feb to 30 Jun. Slim pickings left for early months by now I guess.

  • Just saved $1700 on our honeymoon week away in NZ.

    Love these deals!

    Cheers op :)

    • Congrats. It might be worth emailing the manager of the hotel so he can assist in making your honeymoon special. It is not uncommon for the hotel to provide gifts (wine, chocolates) if they know in advance.

  • +2 votes

    I just posted this on our NZ site and have done a few price comparisons for those who are interested. NZD is pretty close to AUD (.94) so just take off 6% on the numbers below.

    Example Bookings

    April 1/2, Prices in NZD

    • The Sebel Auckland Viaduct Harbour

    Accor: $137.40
    Hotelscombined: $179

    • Mercure Wellington

    Accor: $137.40
    Hotelscombined: $146

    • Sofitel So Singapore

    Accor: $195.10
    Hotelscombined: $241

    • Novotel London Tower Bridge

    Accor: $162.67
    Hotelscombined: $243

  • AUD$80 for 5* Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre, compared to $111 on Trivago. Nice deal!

  • What is a good price for Sydney? I'm not sure there's anything 40% off.

  • I'm not seeing anything for brisbane or surfers paradise for the 1st week of March. :(

  • I just booked 9 nights in Bali at a 5 star hotel for 620aud!!! They start as low as $18 a night at ibis styles. So cheap! Accor plus membership is well worth the $320 membership fee imo.

  • Damn it. Trying to book Novotel Queenstown and Christchurch in July for 6/5 nights respectively. Reckon if I wait another sale will come up for July period or just sign up for Accor Plus?

    • Maybe sales will come but accor plus membership prices will still be cheaper than anyother site. If you find find cheaper anywhere else they will beat by 10%. Also you get one free night with your membership.

  • Hi all, has this sale expired or is it still available? Accor seems to say it expired on the 14th of Jan.

    If it is still available how do we apply the 40% discount and see prices?