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All Set 49L Storage Tubs $5.50, Montgomery 100L Heavy Duty Storage Box $17.49 @ Bunnings


Noticed these 2 on the Bunnings Homepage
All Set 49L Storage Tubs Black Or Clear $5.50
Montgomery 100L Heavy Duty Storage Box $17.49

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    Bought the 100L box last week. It's a ripper!

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      These boxes are awesome. I've had a couple for 2 or 3 years now used for camping. They get knocked around, left in the sun, sat on, everything bad - yet they never break. Every other box I've treated the same has cracked in no time, especially the lids.

      Only issue with these is that the lids don't snap on. There are holes for inserting locks or other fasteners but I've never got around to that.

      If you want boxes that last then go for these.

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      I have quite a few of the 100L ones now. The design of the lid has changed. Wonder if the quality has also changed.
      This was the original lid pattern http://www.theplasticman.com.au/default/images/apc100a.jpg

  • Didn't know the clear ones are also reduced to $5.50, not marked in-store. Bought the black ones today for $5.50 each.

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    The plastic used for the clear ones is not particularly UV stable. After a couple of months of exposure to the filtered sunlight in our garage they became rather brittle and cracked the next time we moved them. :-/

  • the Montgomery 100L Heavy Duty Storage Box looks good. The 49L looks quite brittle

    • Does look good, is it weatherproof?

      • Good 1question. Looks like the lid has holes in the top where the bottom lugs sit in??

        • The holes are for some kind of fastener or padlock through (has matching holes in the top of the base), as the lid itself doesn't have any clips. It's one of those ones you just sit the lid on. The lid could blow off in a storm too.

          The the internal part of the lid is also recessed and might fill with a bit of water and then spill over the holes with risk some of that water might then leak inside.

          Solid box otherwise, I've only just bought some to store away a few thing and I'm impressed.

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    Time to build a shelf just so I can buy these boxes

  • I just returned empty handed from Bunnings Ashfield. I'd gone there looking for the deal posted yesterday (49L for $6) but the tubs were scanning at $7.95.
    I wanted twenty of them so that wasn't a good price.
    Will be returning in the morning.

    Are the 49L ones labelled as 49L or 50L?
    There are no 50L AllSet ones online as far as I can see,but the store had large handwritten price labels saying 50L which I thought the printed label stuck on the tubs also said.

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      Why on Earth has someone negged my question?

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      I was at Bunnings today and suspect you got the Award ones by mistake. The All Set ones are at the back of the store (aisle 44 for me) but the Award ones are right at the front entrance. 49L for All Set. Quality is about the same, not worth the extra $2.50. Ok for indoor use with (moderate) light objects, no good for books of course.

      • Yes, on reflection they may well have been the Award ones (there seem to be two similar kinds of Award tubs at differing prices for the 50L volume). I checked a pic I took and the branding was obscured by the store's handwritten label.
        I checked all around the storage container section at Ashfield and didn't see any 49L All Set ones. I also asked a staff member if they had containers that were online at under $6. They didn't know of any and said it was probably a one day thing.

        At Alexandria they had clear All Set 49L tubs but without lids - they couldn't find the lids for them and suspected a customer had taken them all.
        They had a stack of black ones all with broken handles or lips that they were writing off, but the black lids don't fit the clear tubs.

        Guess this isn't meant to be for me!

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          I was at Alexandria today. The clear lids were on the top shelf so you have to ask someone to bring them down for you.

        • @D6C1: Thanks for the reply. I didn't get a chance to go back this weekend.
          I wonder if you were there before me (I was in around lunchtime).

        • @sam buster: Afternoon actually.

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          @D6C1: went to ashfield and can't find any in stock. They do have a stack of all set 49L lids though

        • @D6C1: Grrr, staff these days….
          Thanks for the reply.

          @holyland: Haha, what are the odds? If D6C1 hadn't found lids at Alexandria I'd have suspected a mix up somewhere at despatch.

        • @sam buster: There was lids. They were on the top shelf. You had to ask the staff to bring them down.

  • are these on special or is this just the price? what is the price normally?

    • Much more - for example I have some 40L heavy duty totes that I got for about 40 bucks each. And the low quality clear 63L totes at The Reject Shop are around 17 smackers.

    • The All Set ones seem to be $6 normally.

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    Also the Montgomery 60L Heavy Duty Storage Container is $12.98


  • I used to buy Starmaid transparent boxes, based on ozbargain recommendation. They were excellent quality and good value when on sale. Can't find this brand anywhere now.

    Can anyone recommend another brand for 50L+ transparent boxes?

    I notice Bunning have a brand called Ezy Storage. Can any users with experience comment on quality and longevity of this product?

  • How much are the 100L ones normally?

  • The store I went to didn't stock the All Set 49L clear tubs. Award 50L clear ones were $7.98 each but Bunnings reduced them down to $5.50 each for me.

    • Which store was that, please?
      I wonder if they'd do that at Ashfield.

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        It was the Oakleigh South store

  • The Montgomery look good for a DIY worm farm. :)

  • Mascot NSW (old store) had heaps of the 49L, they weren't in the aisle though. All stacked in the left corner when you walk in the entrance. 1 got 10 and heaps still there.
    The other brand ~$7 were right near the entrance.

  • Typical box hill bunnings to not have anything and when asked if they could do the 7.98 ones for 5.5 the lady was like if they were the same brand then yes otherwise no.

    Seems like normal price is only $6 so maybe it's not even that great of a deal.

    Feel bit of a bait and switch, take you in for the 5.5 deal and then when there's none left you buy the awards 50litres ones for $2.5 more. And they are more heavily promoted being at the front of the shop soon as you walk in. The more I think about this the more I think will just return them.

  • The $7 ones from reject shop seems more sturdy, even though it's black, not transparent

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