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Delivery Hero up to 50% off at Participating Restaurants


After you've entered your post code, look for the red percentage symbol, then hover over it for the offer. If it says "New Customer" don't despair, as it's referring to that particular restaurant, not to a new customer of Delivery Hero. Enjoy :)

*Offer only valid between 5PM-10PM on 12.01.2016. Participating Restaurants will have a red % symbol displayed in the restaurant name and cart. Click on the symbol to view discount. Enter the code on checkout to apply the discount and pay with Credit Card/Paypal. Click here for full Terms and Conditions.

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  • Here we go again folks!

  • hmmmm, you are really tempting me to buy a party pizza which I won't eat tonight and will just eat it over the weekend

  • Don't forget cashrewards!

  • If it says "New Customer", it's referring to that particular restaurant, not to a new customer of Delivery Hero.

    Hmm, getting this:

    This coupon code is valid only for first time customer.

    At a place I haven't ordered from :/ Sigh needs another account lol

  • Just today?

  • Have you noticed that some of the participating restaurants are "Closed today" on DH despite the usual working hours according to google?

    • in my area most are closed when this deal is on, but they are open and happy to sell you food from menulog or eatnow. i don't even bother checking anymore waste of time.

  • just worked for my pre order for when the restaurant opens tonight using my normal sign in , thanks

  • Is it somehow connected to MenuLog?
    I've never used Delivery Hero before, yet keep getting the error "This coupon code is valid only for first time customer".
    But i have used MenuLog at that restaurant before.

  • +3 votes

    Remember when you are paying Delivery Hero you are taken to a page in the Netherlands. If you would prefer to support companies that pay tax in Australia then i suggest you avoid DH.

    • Which company do you suggest? I haven't read anything recenyly but I assume Menulog and Eatnow are still Btitish-owned since they were bought out by Just Eat last year?

    • Just because the page is in the Netherlands doesn't mean they don't pay tax in Australia, I can host my website on the moon but if I do business in Australia I get taxed here on that. Firstly they HAVE to pay GST on transactions, there's no avoiding that one. What they do to avoid tax is charge themselves licensing, marketing, etc and that doesn't matter where the company or the website or whatever is located - unless they have a Netherlands subsidiary that charges substantial costs to their Australian business in order to reduce tax then you're just spreading FUD.

      The way companies get out of paying tax is much more complicated than simply being a foreign entity. BHP uses this, they're an Aussie company, based in Australia, most of their workers are in Australia but they have a Singapore "marketing hub" that makes a billion dollars a year tax free. Being an Aussie company means diddly squat when it comes to taxes.

  • All restaurants with the red dots in my area only offers 20% discount. can't see any shop offering 50%.

  • Only a few 20% off ones in my area, no 50%.

    Are you sure there are any 50% ones? (Maybe a certain postcode only?)

    • My postcode has two 50% but I've ordered from them both before.

    • Try searching with a nearby suburb's postcode. I find that I get different results depending on where I search.

      In my postcode(2000) there're several different locations I can pick all with the same postcode. If I pick Barangaroo 2000, there're 25 restaurants. Picking Sydney 2000 gets me 74 restaurants.

  • I'm getting a -


    There was a problem submitting your order, please try again.

    Then when I try resubmitting the code is taken off. Any ideas?

    • Having the same issue now, quite frustrating after spending some time deciding on what to get!

  • Finally cracking down on the new customer thing, seems ive used any place with a discount so far.
    Oh well, back to cooking :(

  • I found a shop with 50% but when I order no discount is given. I hadn't ever ordered from that particular store before.

    • Jump onto live chat with DH. They're very receptive…


      • Cleared cookies and cache. Logged back in … now works :)

      • Hi TA, can you pass on a message to CR please?

        For about a week now, whenever I try the CR link to DH, I get the following message:

        "An error has just occurred - we have been notified and will be rectifying this issue ASAP. Please click here to continue shopping."

        (The "continue shopping" link takes me back to CR.)

        CR is probably already working on fixing this. I only mention it in case they are not. Thanks!

        • Hi. Just tested via desktop & mobile and works fine, and there are no tickets for this issue. Have you tried clearing your cache & cookies?

        • @tightarse: Not quite sure how to do that - I'll figure it out tonight.

          I just figured out that the DH link from the CR frontpage works for me, but the DH link from my CR favourites page doesn't. (I just removed it from favourites and added it again. Still not working.)

          But all my other favourites work fine, and now I know I a different DH link works fine, so problem solved.

          Thanks for your quick response.

      • Never got a response… http://imgur.com/X5AWDE9

        Oh well, back to eating dinner the old fashioned way.

  • I don't have to go grocery shopping for another day!

  • A quick cross-check on Wok Me website shows that the menu prices on DH are about 20% higher then Wok Me website. Negating any discount.

    • That would likely be something Wok Me have done (maybe due to fees for DH?). I've checked a couple of my locals and ordering direct through them or via DH/EatNow/MenuLog are all the same price.

  • 'Up to' 50% .. LOL

  • all of mine are 20% off only, except the dodgy indian ones!

  • do you have to log in to get the deal?

  • Shucks I guess I can't get the discount from my fave restaurants

  • That's disappointing. The restaurant which is always 50% during these deals is only 25% this time.

  • Cash Rewards having internal server error when i click on DH Link. I shall Wait.

  • Thanks OP.

    Who offers (pays for) the % off?

    The restaurant or Delivery Hero?
    Does Delivery Hero reimburse the restaurant?

  • Thanks ordered, got 40% off. First time Hero.


    Next time you're in Brisbane TA send us a PM and I'll shout you a beer or a kebab. :)

  • I'm lucky, I have a decent number of choices in my area (Sydney metro). But my favourites are either 20% off or 0% off, so I'm trying a new one at 50% off.

    Great deal: 2 curries, 2 rices, 2 naans, 2 samosas, salad, pappadums and 1.25L drink for $17.55, less cashback. I hope the food is just as good!

    Thanks for posting this one, TA.

  • nice, Indian for 2 at $20- lovely

  • 42 degrees in Melbourne; I'm NOT cooking!!!

    Just scored a Lamb Kebab Family Meal for $16.50 (50% off). Forgot to use CR though - Thanks a million TA!

  • "Restaurant is temporarily unavailable"

    Available in both Menulog and Eatnow though! Booo.

  • Just got a curry and the delivery said it was going to be $5 but when I got on the page to pay it said free yay!

  • Managed to score 50% off the same restaurant I always order at during these deals (not supposed to be for repeat customers but it worked for me).

  • The places I used to order from during these sales are no longer offering the discount. Bogus

  • A bara curry, a chicken curry, lamb cutlets and bbq beef skewers for $21.50 delivered. Incredible. TY TA.

  • Thank you!!!

    Managed to get 4 large pizzas, 4 pastas, 2 calzone breads and 1 desert calzone for $53 delivered. Looks like it's pizza and pasta all week :D

  • Thanks tightarse, just went way overboard on a family size half/half from Mojo's Weird Pizza!! ;-) so good

  • still, some of the stores have new customer discounts…i got one in my area :-)

    • Pretty sure those are on all the time. Usually they make up for it with delivery fees, higher prices (compared to their store) and smaller portions.

  • after i entered the code 20% was applied on the checkout page, when redirected to payment it did not apply?

  • expired right

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