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FREE 30 Day Course from The Shaw Academy - Save $395


Get a free 30 day course from the Shaw Academy in conjunction with Godaddy.

There are a range of courses available, including photography, marketing, web development, social media, nutrition, Photoshop, and graphic design.

Most courses offer some form of recognised certificate upon completion.

Each course consists of 10 one hour live webinars which are held at 6am EST, recordings can be viewed up to 24 hours after the webinar.

Normally $395, a great cheap way to learn some new skills!

The Shaw Academy is renowned for having a highly interactive style of online learning, where student/teacher interaction is encouraged.

Available dates:
- 30 days starting 1st February
- 30 days starting 1st March

Webinars are held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6am AEDT

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  • Im already enrolled and registered in one of their courses. Do you know if there is a way to get this for existing account holders?

    I guess the only other way is just to use a different email address?

  • Thanks Op. Will give it a shot. Never hurts to learn something new. Chose the intro to Photoshop unit.

  • +2 votes

    Financial Trading - 157k graduates, 330 success stories…well, I admire their honesty!

    Good find OP, I'm going to give it a go!

  • +2 votes

    I doubt everything offered by Godaddy.

  • Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6pm AEDT

    it should be 6am

  • Tanks dis mon, praise Jah.

  • I did their Photography course a month or so back and thought it was really good. And I successfully enrolled in another course (Lightroom) with same details just now from this deal. They did do a pretty hard sell (not too bad) for their other courses near the end. I think the offer was access to all their courses (so Lifetime access or something they called it) for ~AU$600. I thought about it…be eventually decided not to…if they offer the same at the end of this course, and depending on what I think of this course I might take them up on it.

    • Hi green eggs, thanks for sharing did you get accreditation or some certificate after completing their Photography course if there was accreditation? Thanks

      • Certificate of completion after a final quiz of 100 multiple choice questions, but both are not free. Extra payment (I forgot how much, about US$10?) on top of the course fee ($0 in this case) is required before you get to see the final quiz.

        AFAIK, none of Shaw's courses are accredited, so no good for work or for academic credits.

      • Hi Yay88,
        It was a €5 (so just under AU$10) 'administration fee' for non-members, free for members (I think - members pay a higher price so they can retain access to the course materials after they've completed the course). Since I got the other 'Diploma in Photography' course for free, I wasn't a member so would have to have paid the €5. And as Alvian said, it is a 100 question multiple-choice quiz. So not quite what I'd call a diploma, like what you'd get through TAFE or such. But the actual content of the course was really very good I thought.

        [edit: fix]

        • Thanks for letting me know Alvian and Green eggs appreciate it. The way I saw the course listed was accreditation was given afterwards so thanks for providing the insight. Nevertheless I am looking forward to the course :).

  • removed temp.

  • Perhaps in doing one of these courses, I then will be able to complete related Udemy courses and courses. Would also get a completion bit of paper here and there , looking around 3/5!

  • Having trouble signing up. It asks for a Coupon/Voucher code, which is not automatically applied nor have I received an email/sms regarding one.

  • They say this is good for your CV. Would you really put this on your CV/LinkedIn? Thoughts? lol

    • They said this morning that the course is a recognised level 4 diploma through the NCFE (a UK based awarding body) so it will hold some cred in the UK at least, though I'm not sure about Australia.
      The cost to take the final exam and get the certificate is 5 euro.

  • Thanks, will give it a go. (Social Media Marketing)

  • This deal is still going. I just enrolled. Someone might like to unexpire it (I don't know how). Accessing the page just seems to trigger a 24 hour "LIMITED TIME ONLY" counted down timer.