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Sony BT/NC Headphones MDRZX770BN - $159.98 RRP $279 @ Costco Docklands VIC (Membership Required)


Saw these at Docklands Costco.

I know they have been as low as $110 from Dick Smith but they are long gone.

These also have NFC and can be paired upto 8 devices.

Can also use traditional headphone cable as well.

These do not come with a hard shell case but you do get a soft pouch.

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    I've got a pair of these, great headphones and that price is still great

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    Oh my how much I miss those Dick deals…

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    I purchased two of these a couple of weeks ago, they were $138.60 from DSE (convoluted discount saga made them $103.00 each).
    I have only used them once so far, I got them to use with the ride on mower.
    The included instructions are a little odd, and they do say to see the online one to learn some functions. Online guide - http://helpguide.sony.net/mdr/zx770bn/v1/en/index.html

    If you wear glasses with these, it will make a huge difference to the effectiveness of the ANC. Compared to my Jabra C820s where I can wear sunglasses and it makes no real difference, with these Sony’s, you get a lot of intrusion. The ear pads don’t conform as well as my Jabras, so they allow for large gaps around the pad and ear. I ended up taking my sunglasses off. I need to do more testing, but I also think they don’t output as much sound, a possible issue if you listen to quite podcasts in a noisy environment as I was doing. I had to select another podcast to listen to.
    Best sound mode is not on by default, it uses the best connection option. You need to do a two button start procedure to switch, and you have to do this every time.
    The ANC has 3 modes, it is on B by default every time you power on, and you need to hold down the ANC button to get it to assess the surrounding sound and alter the ANC profile if required.

    For this price, okay ANC with BT connection, they are worthwhile.


      Thanks for the tips - I wasn't too happy with the ANC, I'll try holding down the button next time.
      Guess I should read the online instructions.


      +1 to everything Sunke said. My wife had the Jabra 820's as well but after 6 years the top clip broke.

      I looked at all the options and she now gets the train everyday Bluetooth became a requirement as its
      just easier.

      I have been bose QC, 2,15,25 and i do agree with the ear pads/CUPS.. The don't feel as tight as the
      Bose, Jabra


        It is not so much a tightness for me, but the amount of padding, and the degree to which it won’t confirm around the glasses arms.
        I still have one set of C820s, been through another 3 I think as the misses is useless in looking after things like these.
        Wireless was what I wanted as I got the wire on the Jabra’s caught a few times while mowing through bushes. I will have to look at eye protection with elastic to go over the headphones.