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All Dyson Vacuums on Sale @ Harvey Norman from $288


Dyson vacuums all on sale at HN. Dyson are offering rebates to stores, hence the other deals on the site from Myer etc
If you have the $50 amex deal and the $25 newsletter it makes for some great prices
Eg. Animal stick $498 (potenially $423)

I picked up the V6 for $468 this week and went back this morning to price match the new $396 price.

Sticks from $298
Bagless from $389
Upright from $398

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • What is the $50 amex deal?

    • spend 350 and save 50, posted before

    • I believe you already have to have registered as it was first 20,000 cards that regostered for the deal. Apparently its not open to register anymore. If you did register you have til the end of the month to use it.

  • I picked up the V6 for $468 this week and went back this morning to price match the new $396 price.

    where offers such service?

  • Thanks going to pull the trigger

  • Is $468 a good price for the DC54 Multifloor?

    Seems good guys have it for $467 lol $1 cheaper but we can use the $25 voucher trick with HN right?

  • I can get V6 for $355.50, a dc45 animal for $314 or a dc44 for $268. Thoughts? What are the advantages of the animal? Using on timber floors.

    • V6 all the way. The animal includes the mini motorised head. Good for the car or the couch. The v6 has around 65% more power than the dc45 or 44. I just have the v6 not the animal had the dc44 animal before that and never really used the mini tool.

    • Where can you get that price for the V6 from?

      • I got a random ebay voucher. I don't know how or why, but every item is giving me 10% off via PayPal.

  • You can always buy the animal motorized head later.
    Normally about $90 on its own.
    If you have lots of hair/pet fur prevents tangling, but the head itself is tiny. Not sure if theres any other difference between the actual stick/motor itself??

    • No difference with actual stick/motor. All V6 models are the same motor and specs, just comes with different accessory heads

  • Pulled the trigger on a DC37C. Brought online with the $25 voucher. Had to get online chat to assist as it didn't go through first time. 2.5 hours picked up it up. Really fast service. Sticker says $699 and these are selling at the Dyson online store for that price.

    Was going to go with either the DC45 or V6 but didn't like the idea of having to replace the battery in 2 years time.

  • Hi guys,

    I wanted to get people's thoughts between the different models.

    The cost difference between the V6 (base) and the DC45 is not much. Is there any major difference between the two, aside from the fact that the V6 comes with a stick. It looks like the V6 can be converted into a handheld like the DC45 anyway.