expired 20% off Peter Stevens - Sale/Special Items - Motorcycle Accessories/Parts - Free Shipping


Was just browsing the new Peter Stevens website, checking sale prices of the kick ass Bell Bullitt.
Managed to get one for $359.20 which is crazy! Saved $90!

Unsure if there's a limit on the code, but it has multiple uses if you use a different email address to check out!

Code is still valid!

Heaps of gear under the specials section, looks like anything that is currently reduced the code applies to.
Couldn't find any other information on expiry etc. use it while you can!

Shipping also appears free!

Some crazy deals;

Sold out! Autotecnica Motorcycle Cover -
Autotecnica Motorcycle Cover

Bell Custom 500 Helmet - Multi Colours (Great pillion lid; the Biltwell Bubble shields look mad with it!)
Matte Brown
Matte Blue Flake
Matte Black Flake
Matte Orange Flake

Shoei DS Hornet Helmet

Bell Bullitt Helmet
Barn Fresh
$303.96 - Save $75.99+

Shoei NXR Helmet - Multi Colours
Isomorph Blue
Isomorph Red
Marc Marquez Black Ant
BRADLEY Race Replica #2
$449.95-$559.96 - Save $129.99+

Off Road Gear

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    Thanks OP. Great timing, was looking to renew some gear. Saved me a crap load!

    SIDI st sports boots. $180 savings.
    Oxford X30 tank bag. $70.95 savings.
    Oxford Heavy Duty 13mm disc lock. $60.95 savings.

    And I had been helmet shopping last Friday, tried on the Shoei X12, but didn't want to pay the $1k+ price. So treated myself and that was a $300 savings.

    Great find. There are so many good things in there. Don't think I'm finished yet. :D

    • +1 vote

      I just noticed the Free Shipping on even a $10 order and updated the deal, I also scored myself the lock and bag!


      • +1 vote

        Excellent! Great value and savings on the bags and locks…..I have another cart full lol….damn you!

  • +1 vote

    Just got a shoei NXR. Been after one for a while now and at $520 thats too good of a deal. My TZ-1 from 2009 (or is that 2002?) is finally being replaced.


    Great sale, after a new jacket and the DriRiders are on special.. any recommendations?

    Nordic Touring $179 vs Vortex Sport $249 vs Defender Road $249?

    Hard to find specific reviews on them, are they all pretty much similar?
    Had a mate tell me DriRiders arent great as the only armour they have is on the shoulders, with padding on elbows and back. My old jacket is a basic standard DriRider too but thankfully have never came off so cant really comment on it.

    Also wouldnt mind a dust cover but it says its for Indoor use? But its waterproof too apparently, surely can use it for outdoors. Kawasaki isnt listed too but Im sure my ninja 300 will fit, might just buy it anyway for $10.

  • +2 votes

    Ordered a GT Air for ~$600.
    Have tried these on a few times, and love the convenience of an inbuilt sunvisor, but couldn't justify $800 plus.

  • +1 vote

    Dammit, all these bargains mean I'm gonna have to buy a bike again.. Thanks OP! :D

    • +2 votes

      Yep that's the ozbargain way. Buying things that may come in handy one day lol


        Tell me about it! Haha. Saw a nice Yamaha MT-09 on the highway today.. Would love to own one! Still on restricted licence until the end of 2017 though :(


          Check out the MT-07 LAMS. It looks very similar to the MT-09 and if what I've heard/read is true, it has all the torque you'll likely need.



          Yeah I was looking at the MT-07 a while back, nice bike. Just not sure if I want to spend that kind of money on a restricted bike and then upgrade next year :)

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    Extra 20% is still on guys. Scored a pair of pants, oil change kit and a lock for my blade.

  • +1 vote

    thanks to OP, got a few items


    Anyone know where i can go try on these hlemets in sydney (the bell ones)

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