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Jackaroo Bayfair 6 Burner Hooded BBQ $199 @ Kmart


This is my first post so hopefully I've done it correctly.

I was wanting to buy myself a BBQ for my birthday and lo and behold, stumbled across this deal at my local Kmart. Obviously I'm not sure if this is state/nation-wide but thought I'd chuck in on just in case.

I haven't cracked the box open yet but features as per the side of the box are:
-stainless steel hood with glass viewing window
-built in temperature gauge in hood
-cast iron hotplate and grill
-cabinet for storage
-side burner

This product was listed in the comments of a previous deal for $299


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    Happy B'day, Excellent 1st post, awesome price!

    Here's a pic

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    He's a jolly good fellow

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    Anyone who posts a BBQ bargain on Australia Day weekend gets a plus from me:)

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    Available nationwide at all Kmart stores, and there is plenty of stock going around.

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    great 1st post

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    great, gonna pick one up tomorrow. not sure if this is gonna fit in the car!. not looking forward to putting this together though!

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    I'm not a BBQ expert, but I'd be interested to see any reviews of these BBQs. I bought a cheap Bunnings BBQ years ago and it was rubbish. It didn't get hot enough and the heat distribution was very uneven. I invested in a Weber Family Q and it's been great for a number of years now.

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      Even if this has cold spots, with this much space you shouldn't be short of usable area.

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      I've always liked dodgy uneven heat distribution as it has allowed me to easily cook different foods at the same time in the same plate easier.
      I now do a bit of cooking over fire and that makes cooking interesting but more fun I reckon.

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        Hmm, good points.

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        Yeah chuck the flame retarders, then cook over the flame.
        Its great to be able to move things around depending on the heat required.

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        Bad workmen blame their tools - i totally agree a cheap bunnings cast iron bbq is all you need - hot at the back cooler at the front. You can cook great meals that can feed a bunch of crew. If people cant work that out, they should just concentrate on toasted sandwiches. If thats too hard, order a pizza.

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      Weber baby Q big fan.

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      Yeah I picked up a 5 burner at big w a few years ago for $138- Hamilton brand on clearance. Absolute junk. Ive modified it heavily to get it to work. Next time round ill pay more money for something a bit better.

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      I bought one of these for my old man a few years back. There was some reviews saying the plates didn't get hot enough and uneven distribution. It's not the BEST BBQ but it definitely does the job. Doesn't seem to have any issues with lack of heat.

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      I own one. Paid $400 from memory and have been very happy with it!
      Used it heaps. Cooked a variety of stuff for up to 10 people, and regularly do a butterflied lamb leg with veggies… Awesome.

      Few minor issues but not deal breakers:
      The igniter is occasionally difficult, I bought a $3 BBQ lighter for those occasions.
      1 wheel is a bit sticky.
      Also, the resting tray kinda gets in the way. I leave mine off.

      Summary: $199 is an absolute bargain for what you get. I just wish it had a bit more flat plate real estate.

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  • Does anybody know if this could be converted to be a built in, or should i just buy a built in? This seems perfect as I want the sideburner and the viewing window, havent found one with both yet for a reasonable price….

    • if going built in don't cut costs, a trolley one you can put out to hard waste collection and get a new one….. built in if you aren't happy is a lot hard to transition from to a different one.

  • Can it carried in a car

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      I brought it home yesterday in our i30 hatchback. The larger box fit in the boot with the back seat folded down (parcel shelf removed) and the smaller box fit in the front seat… JUST

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        I got a bbq hone in a bmw series 3 ….. trick was to ditch the packaging so take a knife to cut the packaging, put the bbq bits in the boot back seats and front and saved delivery costs.

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    My 2 cents -
    That thing will be land-fill/kerbside-collection in 5 years.
    Do yourself a favour, get something that is efficient with gas and built to last.
    You pay a premium for the Weber Q, but they are built to last, easy to clean, compact, and great with gas consumption.

    With Master's shutting down, I expect to see some deals on the Weber Q they stock.

    .. You could get it now though …
    David Jones Weber Q 2000 - for $386
    Masters 10% price beat brings it down to $347.4

    • I got a char broil infra red 2 burner from masters ….. am so hoping they do a fire sale on the 4 burner char broil infra red………

      if people need portable or have limited space is always a challenge, that is where the Weber q seems to add value to its price. never us the bbq they have at the park, bring my own portable…. you want to grill and those are more fryer than griller they have in the park.

      if you go with the q you can sell them on gumtree or eBay if not happy , the jackaroo is kerbside disposal.

  • search for jackaroo reviews

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    Great price! I own one of these and I have have had no issues with it. Heat is good all around and always cooking the perfect steak!

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    Cooked on my brothers Jackaroo BBQ over Christmas. Took ages. Even with all burners on full, plate did not get very hot. In my Opinion, Not Recommended

    • they use cast iron burners and over time the holes get smaller due to rust,,,,, stainless burner are expensive…. so burner need to be replaced periodically, or clean out the rust. most people replace hence std item on the Bunnings shelf.

  • Couple of them left at frankston Victoria and nothing at cranbourne park

  • I have a Jackaroo .. had it for 15 years !!! It has seen better days now and now in need of a new BBQ. I am waiting for a Master 20% off code and will replace it with a Family Q.

  • Awesome price!

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    VIC -
    out of stock in:
    - Footscray
    - Keilor
    - Point Cook
    - Werribee
    - Airport West

    Altona has two, $299 ea. (per phone check)

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    No stock in all SA stores. Called everywhere.

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    VIC store

    • Burwood
    • Eastland
    • Richmond
    • Northland
    • Preston
    • Chadstone
    • Greensborough
    • Northcote
    • Reservoir
    • Brandon Park

    All out of stock…

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    R.I.P Kmart outdoor section

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      I used to love the outdoor section of Kmart when I was a kid… Kmart has gone so far down hill since the 80s :p

  • None in Launy…

  • Went to Baldivis, Rockingham and Mandurah in WA, all stores had the price but no stock at all, gave up after that. Mandurah had a display model that wasn't for sale but it looked to be in poor condition (from just sitting in the store :s) eg rust in places

  • Thanks op just picked up one from the Figtree NSW store

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    Thanks op, I picked up the last one in stock at Morley WA. Didn't realise at the time but it does have stainless steel burners.

  • NSW (Sydney Metro) at least is out at most stores. I apparently got the last one at Pagewood tonight which had "just come in on a truck 20 minutes ago". Sylvania, Bankstown, and Campbelltown had no stock. Some had displays that they wouldn't sell for safety reasons. Sylvania told me that the only stores with stock were Pagewood and Bankstown, but those stores state the computers are incorrect. Good luck! Thanks OP for the bargain!

  • Thanks OP. Got the last one at Midland WA, as a back up/warmer/searer next to my Green Mountain Grills Jim Bowie pellet bbq :)

  • Thanks OP. I picked up the last one from Kmart Forster 2428.

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