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30% off Coolers - 10L Willow Cooler Only $10.50, Was $24 @ BIG W


I was looking for a cooler to put in my car to take lunch to work. Other outdoor stores had this at around $25-$30. Saw it at Big W at Eastland, Ringwood today, Price tag said reduced to $15, came up at $10.50 when scanned because they have a further 30% off this weekend. :)

edit: the additional 30% off is in store only - it will display for $15 at checkout then remove the extra 30% when hitting 'finalise payment'

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  • https://www.bigw.com.au/bigw-catalogues#view=catalogue2&sale...

    30% off is advertised in their current catalogue. In store only & while stocks last.

  • How does this compare to a similar sized Esky?

    • The Esky brand is generally more expensive. I think this is perfect for day-to-day lunches to work and maybe a 6-er of beers or 10 cans maybe?
      It fits an ice brick under the lid too! :)

  • Notice if any of the bigger ones were marked down as well or just this size?

    • Every cooler was marked down by 30%. I actually didn't realise that this one was FURTHER discounted. If you have a look in the link, you can see which ones are discounted. Then go buy it in store and you should get a further 30 off.
      EDIT: Doesn't look like any other ones are discounted further.

      • Ahhh too bad. Thanks!

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    A small word of caution . i have one of these. - the top of the lid is slippery as ice and anything placed on it is sure to slide off.

    you can turn the lid updside so as to use it as a /table/resting place for stuff but it is still unstable. - poorly designed.

    otherwise, a fine esky.

    edit : though mine is 3 years old and they may have updated the design/style a tad to improve on this.

    • The lid on this one is fixed/hinge. Cannot be turned upside down.

      • does stuff rest on top of it ok?

        • Yep. Just tested a bottle of beer, sat fine, gave it a push, it slid a little but didnt slide off.. even though the lid is not perfectly flat.

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          @teeby: good to know. what sort of beer?

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          This! What sort of beer? Enquiring minds need to know!

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          Please tell us, what sort of beer do you speak of?

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          Haha. Twas a Fat Yak.
          The lid is dimpled, so I guess it's kinda rough. Possibly designed for that reason!?

  • I will go have a look tomorrow

  • Thanks OP will have a look tomorrow

  • brough it at bigw at brickwork SA, I bought the combo, 33L, two ice block, one 2.5liter jug. 30% off. only cost $35. really cool!

  • Cool deal.

  • I know there's a big price difference, but do you guys think buying Techniice is better?

    Also, what size is suitable?

  • Went to big w came us as 15..

    • Which big w

  • Try a little harder

  • Is it 30% off the coolers only or are the ice blocks reduced as well?

    • it is all cooler and ice and bike and other things for summer. but didn't find ice in stock. good luck

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    Thanks OP, went and got the 10L one this morning too.
    It comes up as $15 at the price check but at the checkout it adjusted to $10.50.

    Plenty left at Westfield Doncaster.

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      yep just got one at Rockdale.. loads there

      woohoo !

    • It comes out as $15 at price check but same for self-check out. Lady said she cant override extra 30%.

      • Yes, the price check point said 15.. but i did self serve checkout and it came down to 10.5 at final payment.

      • Did self check out and it discounted to $10.50 too.
        It scanned at $15 first but when I clicked proceed to pay it came up with a further $4.50 promo.

  • Cheers OP. Plenty left at Yeppoon, QLD

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    Plenty left at Macquarie Center

  • Grabbed a 55L for $48. Bought with '7.5% OFF' Gift Cards from the Entertainment Book. Now on the way to Dans to fill it up :)

  • Just went to BigW at calamvale QLD and staff said it scans as $15 and they won't override extra 30% since it is already on promotion. Can anyone post up their receipt? Thanks

    • Sorry mate…

      I went through the self-scan, hit 'pay by card' and it brought it down to $10.50. I must of triggered the computer. Admittedly I absolutely completely needed it for my business. (Calamvale store)

    • It only shows the extra discount when you finalise payment. That's what happened at the checkout for me too (calamvale store)

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        Correct. It will scan at 15.. hit Pay by Card or whatever, then it reduces..

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          If only i saw this earlier…lol

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          Maybe you should have stated this when you first posted. Myself like others have gone to BigW today and scanned at the checkout to find it was $15. Not Happy

        • Well went back and got myself two, kind of annoyed why Bigw use weird system… but anyway deal is a deal.

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          @boonanza: so did you buy anyway? Seeing as it was only $4.50? Or you drove all the way to the shop, didn't buy, came home and tear up on OzBargain? Lel

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          Look who is sooking it up because they got a neg:) If you post a deal then do it right or don't bother…

  • But it's not the coolest cooler- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3EVin6XlOk

  • Plenty of stock art Epping vic store. About 20 left. Need to scan and checkout for the extra discount to appear.

  • Thanks