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[PS4/XB1] Rainbow Six: Siege, Mortal Kombat X, Batman Arkham Knight $55 @ EB Games


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Both PS4 and XB1 versions of these games are $55, online and in-store at EB. Not sure when the promo finishes.

  • Rainbow Six: Siege
  • Mortal Kombat X
  • Batman Arkham Knight
  • Assassin's Creed: Syndicate Special Edition
  • Mad Max

PC versions are also $45 :)

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  • SO. Tempted. To. Buy.

    No reason but just because, unfortunately I still have:

    fallout 4 to finish.
    Dishonored .
    Platinum on Metal gear 5.
    The Witcher 3 DLC's

    I hear assasins creed is good this year but I still have yet to finish Black Flag and I am struggling to find reasons to buy more games when I have such a back log :(
    Also not sold on Arkham Night.

    Though at these prices theyre just so DAM TEMPTING!

    • Batman AK got me off Fallout ….. and I haven't been back to the wasteland for a month now :(

      • I went into EB games after posting this comment and ended up getting Batman Arkham City (PS3 )and Fable 2 (Xbox 360) for $18 instead.. lol

        Thought if I was going to try batman I would get what many fans consider the best version and it was just so dam cheap!

        If I really like it I might get the new one in a few months when its in the bargain bin.

    • Fallout 4's going to keep me occupied for a loooong time still.

  • Anyone played rainbow six seige single player? If so, is it worth buying?

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      Well it doesn't have a story mode from what I recall… probably just a bots/siege style mode, though I'm sure someone can confirm. So probably on that it's a waste of time. I'm passing on it for this reason, I rarely get to play MP at all, so by the time I do, the game will be dead.

      • i tried mp recently and couldnt find enough locals online to get a game. went back to black ops 3 which has a decent mp base locally. i got it from the recent $49 target deal. $55 s ok but im sure it will be lower in a few months. no rush. ac syndicate is ok. rare eb has a good deal on new games.

        • What platform did you play on? I get matches within the first minute on PC. Pre-mades take a little longer but solo queue is fast.

        • @Dagmar:
          xbox one
          the post is for consoles not pc

        • @Garagesale:


          PC versions are also $45 :)

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      Single player is definitely not worth it. Series of missions called Situations, which you can complete however you wish, then there are 3 extra optional objectives to complete if you wish (i.e. 2 headshots, 4 grenade kills, etc). There are 10 situations in total, which can vary in duration from 10 minutes to however long you want (some are timed).

      So in short, don't get it for single player. Multiplayer is good, but best with mates. Matchmaking at times spotty, at times quick - varies based on day of the week.

      Hope that helps.

      • Thanks. Doesn't sound like it's worth getting then

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      There is no campaign its just a bunch of objective based terriost hunts that get you accustomed to MP. If you are looking for Single player I'd hold out and see what Ghost Recon has to offer.

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      Definitely not worth buying Siege if your looking for single player, there are about 10 "situations" which are essentially training missions that can be played alone, but basically the rest is all multi player.

      There are two online game types, "multiplayer" and "terrorist hunt". Terrorist hunt is you and four other people against a team of AI bots, where as multiplayer is two human teams against each other in attack and defend missions. I play on XBONE and there is always plenty of people playing multiplayer, but if your looking to play terrorist hunt you may have to wait a while to find a game. The game is made infinitely better if you have some friends with mics playing also, as enjoyment seemed to be largely determined by the squad your playing with. Get a good squad and you'll have a great time, however find yourself stuck in a squad with some d**kheads and you'll be shot in the back of the head and teamkilled, for "the lolz", the instant the round starts.

      My 2 cents.

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    Might be better off waiting for Mortal Kombat re-launch in march. It comes with all the dlc and skins. And may be cheaper

  • Batman was lot cheaper during their boxing day sales. It was around $38 or something…

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