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Free Annual NRL Digital Pass Subscription- NRL Fantasy League Creation


Same deal as last year

The first 2,500 NRL Fantasy Coaches who create a full 16 team league before Round 1, will win an annual NRL Digital Pass subscription worth $90 each

Also available with the Draft League

The first 1,000 NRL Fantasy Coaches who create a full create a full 16 team head-head league before Round 1, will win an annual NRL Digital Pass subscription worth $90 each

Thanks to Chuppa. Looks like they've brought judging forward compared to last year:

40. Winners for the Game's prizes will be decided, and details published, on the dates set out below.

DRAFT LEAGUE CREATOR PRIZE 26-Feb-16 26-Feb-16 N/A 26-May-16 26-May-16 N/A
EARLY LEAGUE CREATOR PRIZE 26-Feb-16 26-Feb-16 N/A 26-May-16 26-May-16 N/A

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  • +20

    I suggest anyone who creates a team, choose Mitchell Pearce for captain.

    • +4

      My team has nothing but criminals in it. Problem is I run out of spots after doggies and roosters but there are so many crooks left.

      • Not sure about criminals in my league, but I would be grateful if you could join mine: PY2F697T
        Thank you!

    • to play against a team of doggies :P

    • +1

      You'll piss it in with Pearce as captain

    • For those of you who are fans of Game of Thrones, join my league named:
      "OzBargain Game of Thrones Fans"
      - YD2V7ZDT

      • +3

        Do any of you know if there's any form of notification once you've filled your league about the Digital Pass? I've got 16 Teams but no email other than 15 team joining mails

    • -1

      For anyone a fan of busting hymens, please join my league: 3C4USFKF

    • Plz join NYF5RDWY

      • Joined, pls join mine too J6Z3XRHR

    • MAKM9XXD

      Still spots left! Thankyou!

    • Looking for members - DRPMVX7U, will join yours in return :) thanks!

      • Join mine ill join yours - 11 spots left

        • Just joined both… Please join PY2F697T

        • @Lycan:

          Joined both, still need a couple more - DRPMVX7U

          please :)

  • +7

    IS there one for AFL this year???? (was last year)

  • +1

    O.o hope this means the afl one is coming soon

    • Now that I think of it ch 7 is free to stream live from 7plus app that means free footy so it would be bit useless. Perhaps content.

      • Ch 7 don't air all matches. And does the 7Plus app definitely show AFL?

        • True but they do main matches. I haven't heard that they won't. Wait and see. Also betting apps stream afl as well

  • Free Annual NRL Digital Pass Subscription

    What is their definition of 'Digital' ?

    • +10

      They send you a BetaMax copy of each game

      • +2

        Oops, I misread 'Annual'

    • Means you can download the app on google play or iOS app store and watch the games live through the app.
      Maybe even on the computer but don't know about that one

    • +18

      Hopoate was a digital player.

  • OK signed up autofilled team roster. How do you get the pass?

    • +1

      You need to fill all 16 spots in your league. You do this by sharing your league code. Mine is XLEUDM2H and if you share yours here I will join your league too. Julz15 posted a helpful hint below that if you add celeb players - Go to League —> Settings —> Manage Coaches / Celebs - you can get another 3 players in your league.

      • thanks for the heads up!

  • My Classic Head to Head league code is: NSPFFXN5

    • Yours doesn't appear to be working…

      • sorry my code is: 7MEC9P7Y

        • Joined - my code is AF4PFK3K

        • joined, please return the favour: 9DL2YMA2

        • Please join FZL6F7DS

        • Joined yours (it's almost full), mine is XLEUDM2H.

        • joined please help APPHX4VF

        • @widn: Joined. Please join 5ES4SL9W

        • +1

          @donga100: Joined. Please join 5ES4SL9W

        • I will join everyone's here.

          Join mine in return: X2UN52W6

        • @Mattystein:

          joined - i need more people to join mine


          i join yours if you join mine

        • I'm joining all of the above - here's another code: WKKNSZ73
          Have joined 20 leagues now - hope all can return the favour :)

        • @HONDA4LIFE: Joined, can you join mine L2VZRCXN. Thanks

        • Wow most of the leagues posted here are full, joining a couple new ones now.

          Please join mine aswell: EDCUAHDN

          FULL Thanks everyone for joining
          Will hang around for a couple minutes to join a few leagues. 20 joined already and counting.

        • @Neptunes: Joined Several Leagues, If you guys could do us a favour ;): VRHN2UEZ

        • +1

          @donga100: joined.
          Please join HLU6JUNZ

        • please join 69AM5WHY

        • please join my league, i'll reciprocate - F3SHE9PD

        • @redwiggle: Joined. Please join X6MST9WX

        • @LittleKatie: mine too please guys. I'm doing the same for others. TENXW52N

        • +1

          Will join anyone above or below me, please join mine in return 5SR22TYX

        • Joined as many as i could. please join mine KELC343D

        • 39MDSKKA is mine

          Joining all the ones that aren't full :)

        • @nickolanda:


          Cheers guys

        • D0GR00TA5

        • @DaveCharlie: Joined, please join mine EVZLVNZ3

        • my code: 5ZPASAFD

          Will join yours.

        • @kaneissik: joined. My code is: WEWSMAZF please join mine.

        • @Shandor:

          Just joined. Please join H45ECE2F

        • @lilmarnn: joined ! Join mine pls MSVDSE3S

        • @Shandor: joined! Join mine pls thanks man MSVDSE3S

        • @dannnnn: joined mate can you please join MSVDSE3S

        • @craigoss: joined mate, can you join mine pls MSVDSE3S

        • Joined and your one full now - pls join mine MSVDSE3S

        • @imranc:

          joined. please join mine 4NL6D7WU

        • my code is M5UEE3N7 please join thanks

        • @alex4445: joined. My code is: WEWSMAZF please join mine.

        • @Shandor:
          Please join mine NYSKKW3K

          I'll start joining those who join mine plus those above.

        • @christ0: done. Thanks.

        • @alex4445:

        • Please join me, I will return favor!

        • @DaveCharlie: joined, can you pls join mine J6Z3XRHR

        • @kmanlenny: joined can you please join mine J6Z3XRHR

  • +1

    Can everyone please join this league- YYNK942T

    • I joined yours, please help me as well 6SEMPCX6

      • Joined both, mine is: PY2F697T

    • Joined yours.
      Please everyone join mine 75TYETJ3 and I'll return the favour.

      • Joined, please join mine EVZLVNZ3

      • Wharlie I just joined yours , join mine pls MSVDSE3S

      • Joined. Here's mine:


        • joined. My code is: WEWSMAZF please join mine.

        • @Shandor: Done! Thanks.

        • Joined, pls join mine J6Z3XRHR

      • Joined, pls join mine J6Z3XRHR

    • Joined, help with mine thanks. SF53CFTP

      • Joined yours, if you could do the same ;) VRHN2UEZ

        • @chipotle I joined yours , here's mine MSVDSE3S

    • Joined :) Join back please - TL597DFZ

    • Joined. Would appreciate anyone who can join mine UKAVNWDX

      • Joined, please join mine EVZLVNZ3

      • Joined, pls join mine J6Z3XRHR

    • Joined as many as i could. please join mine KELC343D

      • @bennoz I have joined ! Join mine MSVDSE3S

  • My League Invite Code. Please help fill it up :)


    • Joined. Plz join mine - AF4PFK3K

      • Yours is full julz15 but mine isn't so join up: XLEUDM2H

        • Done, join mine please L2VZRCXN

        • @lilmarnn:

          Joined everyones - mine is S6RNKFZL

        • Joined all possible ones above :). Please join mine: M4YPV4WX

        • Joined.
          Please join HLU6JUNZ

        • done, please join 69AM5WHY

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