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Samsonite Cosmolite FL Silver/ Dark Blue Spinner Case 81cm for $388 @ eBay Store P & K

Only silver colour available. 4 unit remaining.

Okay guys, seems they have sold out the previous deal.
And I found they have similar luggage with different colour with more expensive a bit.
happy bargain

Price before discount is $485, after 20% discount become $388.

Previous deal was sold out

NEW Samsonite Cosmolite FL Red Spinner Case 81cm
Product Number: 546346
Peter's Price:

Samsonite and Cosmolite. The dynamite duo. The power couple of the travel luggage world.

And they just keep going from strength to strength. Cosmolite was once the strongest, lightest luggage Samsonite had ever made, with its super-tough exterior shell of polypropylene – but then, Samsonite made it even stronger and even lighter, and thus, Cosmolite FL was born.

Cosmolite FL is everything you love about the original, but even lighter. The largest in the family weighs in at just over two kilos, but it’s still a tough nut to crack, with specially moulded shell-like ridges that provide an advanced impact-resistant surface. With such lightweight luggage, you’ll practically fly along on the Cosmolite FL’s four spinner wheels, which allow you to push your bag in any direction you please.

Featuring a huge, organised interior and in-built TSA safety locks, Cosmolite FL is ready to rock your travel world yet again.

Cosmolite FL Spinner Case features:
Made in Europe. Lighter and stronger than the original Cosmolite. Hard exterior shell is made from polypropylene. Interior is partially lined in polyester. Carry handle on the side makes lifting your luggage into car boots and bus holds easier than ever. Lightweight aluminium single trolley handle extends from the suitcase, so you can wheel your luggage around with ease. Spinner cases each have four multi-directional 360 degree wheels, allowing you to move your luggage in any direction. Inside the main compartment, a set of elasticised luggage straps helps you pack. The lid is separated from the main compartment by a zippered curtain. In the hinge of the case, a zippered pocket lets you store small items you don’t want to lose amongst the rest of your luggage, so you can find them when you need them. An inbuilt combination lock secures the main compartment – it’s TSA compatible, so when you travel in the US, American security personnel can examine your luggage quickly and easily without damaging the lock.

Colour: Red.
Number of Wheels: Four.
External Dimensions: 81cm (h) x 55cm (w) x 34cm (d).
Weight: 3.1kg.
Capacity: 123 Litres.


Please be aware that if you have joined cash back program such as Pricepal or Cashrewards or similar company, most of them are giving rebate 2% of your purchase.

So this is my calculation
1. saving from cash back 2% from $359.20 = $7.18
2. gst refund if you are travelling within 60 days since you purchase the item = $32.65

so my additional total saving is $39.83

Final price after discount $359.20 - $39.83 = $319.37.

Just got email invoice from P&K, seems the sent me the invoice with full price $449 .
So my new final cost would be $359.20 - $7.18 - $40.82 = $311.20

This is the real bargain for Samsonite brand and this luggage size :)

I didn't add the postage cost, because postage will be vary depend on where do you live. In my case, i will collect this luggage from their local store, so save me $7 on postage :)


Original CVALENTINE20 eBay deal

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    sold out, omg, you guys a killer


    apparently these have very weak wheels and they break off very easily. Not the most robust samsonite case.

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      my family member bought one in august this year for $450 on dfo outlet and travel almost every week. and so far still okay. i don't think RRP $899 price has cheap quality :) this is samsonite mate :)


        lol well good luck to them…i'm just giving ozbargainers a heads up…price does not equal quality necessarily. don't fall for the price tag.
        There are reviews like this all over the web about the cosmolite, the wheel design on these are weak and from memory they're only single wheels on each side.


          don't worry, i still have warranty on it. And I have seen my self on my family member using it since August 2015 and so far nothing happen came off from the wheel :)

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          It has four wheels (one at each corner) and can freely rotate 360 degrees. I have used it for a few years and quite happy with it. Very light indeed.

          I believe the problems raised about the wheels are really caused by rough airline baggage handlers that we cannot control. I wonder if the damage is covered by warranty. Does the airline still compensate the damages these days? Experienced that many years ago with Qantas (not a Samsonite by the way :) and they gave me a voucher to get a new one with some price ceiling from a shop in the City.


          @sylvester328: yeah the airlines still cover damage from what i've experienced, but it can be a huge PIA. Have read mixed reviews about samsonite covering the broken wheels so best bet would be to get the airline to cover it if it happens to you. Not saying this is a terrible suitcase, but at its RRP it definitely is not value for money. Samsonite is relying on its name and the big price tag to make you think it's a quality case. We have a bulletproof samsonite hardcase from the 70's - no amount of rough handling is going to make the wheels fall off that one. Just saying don't expect that from this particular model, as most people associate samsonite with a rock solid case.

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    Others @ POK still available, only slightly more…

    1. gst refund if you are travelling within 60 days since you purchase the item = $32.65

    How are you planning to claim the TRS? This luggage is too big for the cabin.

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      before you check in your luggage, you need to go to custom office, ask the officer to stamp your receipt then check in your luggage.


        good tip, not many people know this. Also handy when you have lots of items!


        Yes have seen this done before. Officer came out to the check in queue. Then you go through check in and past customs and get your refund.


        The extra customs office might be just a Melbourne thing.

        There is also a TRS location in T2 Arrivals (landside) - housed within the Customs office. This office is recommended for those who wish to claim for bulky/ oversized items like skis, golfclubs and other items that need to be checked in. This location is also recommended for claims relating to liquids, aerosols and gels that cannot be taken on board because of carry-on limitiations. Once you have received your refund you can then pack these items into your checked luggage, and check in as per normal.


      Better use their app to pre-enter all those information, it's on a separate queue, time saver


      Isn't that only if you're a tourist and pay taxes elsewhere than Australia?


        in australia, it applies to everyone that purchase the stuff within 60 days of their departure.
        tax refund in singapore are different, only for tourist.

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      At Sydney international airport, go to the Border and Customs office down stair (arrival) near the lift, show them which item you want to claim and check-in, they will give you stamp on your receipt as sighted, and proceed to TRS as usual at departure after check-in and custom. Done that last year, same scenario, just bought a new samsonite.


        yeah only if you got nice officer. last time i got shit officer that really want to have fight. clearly the stuff is over 7kg for hand carry, but insist, you can hand carry the stuff.


    Do the dimensions exceed those allowed by Virgin Australia for domestic and overseas travel for checked luggage (their website is saying 140cm)? Same for Qantas?


      Checked baggage that exceeds a weight limit of 23kg (where applicable) will attract overweight baggage fees and will only be accepted and loaded onboard at our discretion.

      Each piece of baggage must not weigh more than 32kg, or exceed a total linear dimension (length + width + height) of 140cm, per piece. For more information regarding baggage items that exceed these limits, please refer to our Oversized Items section.

      Exceptions: QF4021/4017/4018/4024/4025/4026 between Singapore - Tokyo (Narita) and Singapore - Tokyo (Haneda): Baggage allowance is 2 pieces at 23kg (50lb) each in Economy, 3 pieces at 32kg (70lb) each in Business, and 1 piece (maximum 10kg (22lb) per infant. QF3874/3875 between Singapore - Helsinki: Baggage allowance is 1 piece at 23kg (50lb) in Economy, 2 pieces at 23kg (50lb) each in Business and 1 piece (maximum 10kg (22lb) per infant.

      Total dimensions for each piece must not exceed 158cm (62in). Dimensions for checked baggage are calculated by adding together the width, height and depth of the piece of baggage.

      it seems for virgin because they are using b737, they limit the size of the baggage , qantas domestic similar like virgin but international is bigger size

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    Purchased, thanks OP! This will go well with my Antler Liquis (which has never done me wrong in the past 4 years). Hope to get as good mileage from the Cosmolite

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    I have a samsonite cosmolite and firelites and the cosmolite does have issues with its wheel being completely pulled off by baggage handlers. Of the 3 international trips I have taken with that particular suitcase, the wheel has been pulled off completely twice. However I think it is due because the first time it came off was because the suitcase was packed to around 29kgs. Once the original was pulled off, the replacement was just not done as securely.

    I can also report that both times, the airline has paid for the repair. Just report the issue after you have collected your bag at the baggage services counter and they will give you a report number.


    All Gone!!!

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