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Win a Free 'Red Royale' or 'Pure Eden' Smoothie from Boost Juice - 400/Day



Closing Date 28/02/2016


Description Smoothie
No. of Prizes 11200

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Once per day
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites Survey/Questionnaire

During the promotional period:
1) visit: www.boostjuice.com.au/blacklabelgame
2) be one of the first 400 people per day to identify the ingredients used to make a Red Royale or Pure Eden smoothie; and
3) enter your contact information by completing the mandatory fields on the contact form

  • The Red Royale giveaway starts at 9:00am A.E.S.T. on 1 February 2016 and ends at 11:59pm A.E.S.T. on 14 February 2016.
    • Vouchers for the Red Royale smoothie can be redeemed on or before 15 February 2016.
  • The Pure Eden giveaway starts at 9:00am A.E.S.T. on 15 February 2016 and ends at 11:59pm A.E.S.T. on 28 February 2016.
    • Vouchers for the Pure Eden smoothie can be redeemed on or before 29 February 2016.

Red Royale Ingredients:


Pure Eden Ingredients:


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closed Comments

  • I seem to have won!*

    I was emailed this.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this just a drink coupon for which I still have to pay $5 for? The website said that I did win a free drink, however then sent they me this.

    • +1

      Hmm it's saying the 400 have been won for today, but you can enter to get it for $5. Maybe try again in the morning :)

      • Darn, I read through the terms and conditions and it didn't seem to make any mention about $5 coupons. Oh well, better luck tomorrow I guess. Thanks for the heads up!

        I truly feel sorry for people on laptops who attempt to play this game.

  • +1

    I go to the site and get this -

    Not Found
    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn't here.

  • I get

    This domain is blocked due to a security threat.

  • +1

    just won :)

    • How long is the voucher valid for?

      • 15th Feb

        • Mark yourself as a winner :)

  • +1

    Thanks OP, won one.

  • +1

    Won as well

    • Mark yourself as a winner :)

  • +1

    I did

  • +3

    More free Boost just got activated guys

    • Cheers, winner here :)

    • Cheers, I won :)

    • Thanks! Just won one now… There were about 40 when I started playing… Now its 0…

  • I won too!!

  • Woohoo! Played on my laptop and just won one now! Thanks Spackbace! :)

  • they havent done a great job in enforcing "One entry permitted per day."

  • +1

    Thanks for sharing!

  • +2

    Won.. had one.. but it tasted really bad .. Basil was overpowering everything, Hope Pure Garden one is better..

    • Agreed, I think it's worth trying without the basil :)

  • +1


  • +2

    winner winner, boost for dinner

  • err site is playing up

  • +1

    Some more up now :)

  • +1

    About 10 Free Boost Juice left to claim folks!

  • Are there any left? Mine is showing 0/400 on the top right corner…the barcode I get emailed has no numbers?

    • +1

      If the counter shows 0, it means there are no Free Boost Juices to be won at that time… You should probably check back after some time….

  • Oh dear, have checked the url of the voucher, and just by changing 1 number I was able to generate a noticeably different barcode…!

    • You just had to post a comment about it, lol… Didn't neg you btw.

      • Not saying it would work, and not gonna try, coz I had the smoothie today and it's a bit strange :/

        • Yeah the black label range all taste a bit off :( Reckon it's because of the "boosters" in them.

  • Won as well but it took me several attempts!

  • Thanks for the link OP

  • +1

    18 left at the time of this post.

  • +1

    About 10 left! I noticed my barcode has no numbers…is this normal?

    • Yep thats normal

    • If a barcode has numbers underneath it, it's usually just a copy of the number in the actual barcode itself. (If that sentence makes sense)

  • +1

    Just scored a smoothie, thanks OP. About 50 or so still up for grabs at the moment.

  • I won :) wonder if the barcode is generic

  • +2

    Just won! I tried it last night but it was my first time playing and I didn't get all the ingredients in time and when I did, the free drinks were all gone. Anyway tried tonight at 12am and I won! :D Still 55 left as of now…

    • +2

      I got mine today. I agree with what others have said. The basil is very strong. If I could try it without the basil I think it would be better. But still. Can't complain! It was a free drink! :D

  • +1

    won a drink last night!

  • +1

    70 left at the time of this post!

    • thanks grabbed one

  • phew, got there in the end

  • 100 up, go!

  • +1

    winner! thanks OP :)

  • +1

    no more

    • subscribe to the thread, it will be back soon.

      Still another 140 left for today

  • +1

    136 left GOGOGOOO

  • Woohoo! Winner!

  • 20 left!

  • Thanks a lot, this feels more like a Freebie!

    • +1

      Only for those that check out the competition section ;)

      • Thanks a lot OP!

  • +1

    11 up for grabs atm

  • 55 left now

  • +1

    Thanks just won 1 after always seeing none left

  • 94 up for grabs atm

  • 65 left!

  • Yay I finally won! 26 left :)

  • Won one, 8 left.

  • +1

    Thanks got one
    Wouldn't pay for it though, haha
    But free is free :)

  • Do you think if me and my girlfriend line up next to each other they whether they would accept two free vouchers?

    Also the drink was very good.

    • +1

      Yes because I did that today

      • Sweet, perfect for Valentine's Day!

  • +1

    22 left at this time :) GOT 2, one for my mum, one for me

    • Same!

  • +1

    Yay! Hope it tastes good and not too much of a basil taste like most of these comments say… Thanks!! :)

  • +1

    Just got one, thanks :)

  • +1

    14 available at the moment.

  • Won one yesterday!

  • Tried it without basil, so much better!

    • How'd you manage that? Just asked for "No Basil"? I wanted to, but didn't want to push my luck. I was already getting the drink for free.

      • +1

        Yeah just asked for it without basil :) not like it's an hassle, 1 less thing they throw in the blender!

        Don't know why they put it in there, overpowers the drink

  • 99 pure Eden available now

  • 27 left pure eden

  • Pure Eden's going quickly

  • 181 Pure Eden up for grabs, good luck.

  • Pure Eden: 147 left…

  • 135 Pure Edens left

  • 108 left

  • +1

    gone for today

    • should be another batch of 100 drinks later today since it's 400 a day

      • It's 450 for today.. just missed out

      • hope so, i'm thirsty! :)

  • I had a look at my previous email vouchers and they have all changed to Pure Eden with an expiry of 29th Feb.

    Barcodes are all still unique though so looks like we can use previous winning emails

    • Scanned one today, and it came up as Red Royale on their system, so not sure if they will be honoured after today..

  • Are they only valid today?!?!?

  • I really want to try the Pure Eden one

  • Yeah checked my win from today and the voucher is Red Royale, only valid for today :(

    Someone stuffed up! Come back tomorrow, should be Pure Eden

  • The website hasn't worked for me all day. :(

    During the promotional period:
    1) visit: www.boostjuice.com.au/blacklabelgame

    You might need to change this link, OP. It doesn't work anymore. It says "Not Found Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn't here."

    • Except that it's working here, and for others…

      Oh, you're going off the description! Click through the actual link!

      • I have clicked the actual link (but only after the description link). I was notifying you (the OP) that the link in the description isn't working for any others, who like me, clicked that link first and found it not to be working.

  • Winner

  • Just won! Thanks OP

  • I just won an Eden drink for myself and one for my sister! :D More free Boost!

    The Red Royale was my first ever Boost drink…

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