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Samsung 50" FHD LED LCD TV $748 (Was $995) @ The Good Guys


Samsung 50" FHD LED LCD TV $748 (Was $995)


  • HyperReal Picture Engine
  • Wide Colour Enhancer Plus
  • Mega Contrast
  • 50Hz Refresh Rate
  • 20W Speaker System/Dolby Digital Plus
  • Game Mode, Sports Mode, Nature Mode, Wall Mount Sound Mode & Film Mode
  • Auto Power Off, Caption, Connect Share, Screen Capture, PIP
  • HDMI Input 2
  • USB Input 2
  • Audio Out, Digital Audio Out (Optical), Composite In (AV), Composite In Y/Pb/Pr
  • Wall Mountable

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The Good Guys

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  • +6

    50hz only, not real nice if you have a pc hooked up.

    • Lolwot?

    • I am convinced you have no idea what you're talking about

    • Is there even such thing as a TV accepting >60Hz from a PC?

    • -1

      lots of console games reach 60 fps too.
      edit: wait, are we talking about above 60? Nevermind my comment if so.

  • +1

    Daily reminder 99% of all tv's are 50/60 hz

    • +1

      Not true. Only the base models. Most are 100-120. Ones over that are mostly lying though through some ridiculous technology the companies make up themselves..

      • +2

        100-120hz TV's most often don't come with display port so they can't accept anything higher than 60hz, the only way they can show 100-120hz is by faking it with interpolation.

      • Most are 100-120.


        • Yep.

          Unless your buying base models.

        • +2

          @RI4V4N: plug it into a pc and show me getting 120hz

  • I don't understand what's the big deal with 50 hz or 100 hz.
    Is it something to do with console gaming? As well as PC?

    • +4

      When I have had a look at new TVs in a store the 100Hz ones seemed to have smoother motion compared to the 50Hz ones.

      • +4

        Yes, extra frames are added into the broadcast to give smoother panning. Really nice to have when watching sport. Sometimes it can make movies look a little like TV soap operas however, so at times it's nice to switch off.

        • +1

          Is that the only difference when watching shows/movies?

          What about console gaming? Can consoles take advantage of the higher refresh rates?

          I hate the smoothing effect in shows/movies, and would always turn it off anyway.


        • +4


          They can. But most consoles are not getting to 60fps in most games anyway (like most Xbone and ps4 games with good graphics are not running 60fps constants, probably closer to 30-50 most of the time, they might hit 60 when ur staring at a wall in first person view with no enemies around). If your super serious about call of duty or something and ur eye sight is real amazing it might matter, somehow.

          The TV's have a mod e which the above poster is talking about where they add frames to make things look smoother. It's terrible for video games (causes lag) and movies (makes things look fake) though, you can always turn it off.

        • +2

          @RI4V4N: lol. I believe the word interpolation is looking for you… Oh no wait you're looking for it…

          There's such a thing as the native refresh rate of the panel vs. Fake refresh through interpolation you know

        • +1

          Of course, wasn't saying there wasn't.

          My point was, obviously video games CAN run at 50+ fps. Isn't going to be that much of an issue with AAA games on modern consoles though. More likely to be an issue with PC.

          Normal TV/Movies don't run at anywhere near 50fps natively, even if you have a 120hz tv. The extra frame mode to up the frames to be more in line with the refresh rate on modern tvs is horrific in my opinion, makes everything look fake and is never a good option.

  • Any 55" recommendations?

  • Any 50" UHD specials?

    • Nah but I'm sure there will be in the coming weeks to start clear out 2015 stock

  • +3

    Any good like 32" samsungs?

    • +1

      Not atm, there are 2 versions of Samsung 32" a HD One and a FHD Smart One, the HD One if has been as low as around $330 so you need to look for that price point, atm $395

  • The series 5 TV's have afew issues, and this is an ok price.

    If you found a J6200 this price range, thats a bargain.

  • I need a new 50" TV. Should I get this one or wait ?

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