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Win 1 of 1680 Round Towels (5/Hr) for Each Store - Buy Ovi from Caltex & BP



Closing Date 16/03/2016 7:59pm
Multi-draw Yes


Description Round towel
No. of Prizes 1680
Total Prize Pool $184,800.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Number of Purchases
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites Purchase

Buy 500ml Ovi Drink

Win 1 of 5 $110 Towels per hour

2 different stores to buy from, 2 different towels, same odds :)

BP Terms

Caltex comp closed, BP still open till close date

Referral Links

Caltex FuelPay: random (101)

Referees save 6c a litre on their first 3 fills. Referrers receive a once-off discount of 6c a litre per referee.

Related Stores

Caltex / Star Mart
Caltex / Star Mart

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  • +2

    I won! Thanks Spackbace!!!!

    • Congrats :) looks like a nice easy one to win

      • +2

        The best thing about it is getting notification if you've won within an hour!! $3 = OVI drink plus beach roundie :)

      • +1

        Hi spackbace , I was just letting you know. the caltex towel giveaway finishes on the 8th. The bp towel giveaway finishes on the 16th.. Still a few more days to win more towels. :)

  • +2

    Thanks won one too ☺

  • +2

    Got one also

  • Woohoo just won one :) Thanks Spackbace.

  • Yay! I won :) Thanks OP

    • Cool :)

    • Changed OP cheers for that :)

      • Thanks Spackbace!!

  • +2

    Winner :)

    • PM sent.

  • Winner. i received an email about 20 min after i entered saying i won :)

  • +5

    Pro tip: Don't enter between 8pm and 9am as there is only one draw (5 towels) to cover this period. best to enter between 9am and 8pm.

    From the T&Cs:
    The Promoter will use a computer drawing system to randomly draw five (5) winners each hour between 9:00am AEDST and 8:00pm AEDST of each day of the Promotional Period with all entries received after 7:59pm AESDT each day being entered into the 9:00am AESDT prize draw the next day

    • +1

      Yep made sure I didn't do that (5pm WST over here.)

    • +1

      I entered on Thursday night about 10.30 and got a winning email Friday morning at 9.02 to say I won.

      • +1

        Did the same lol

  • +1

    Winner winner!

  • Thanks OP, got winning email - Caltex. Drinks not too bad either.

  • Thanks Spackbace. Won from one entry! Enjoyed the drink, and would buy again at the promo price of $3. But the RRP of $4.95 is pretty steep.

    • Which store has a promo price of 3 dollars?

      • I got mine at Caltex Star Mart with $3.00 promo price. Sticker on the fridge door where drinks located.

  • No win :(

    • Nothing from 3 entries. Looks like the comp is getting popular!

  • Does anyone know if you can win more than one by any chance?

    • I can not spot anything in the T&C's to limit win/s per person.

      From T&Cs.
      Multiple entries are permitted, subject to the following:
      a. there may be only one (1) valid entry submitted per purchase;
      b. each entry must be submitted separately and in accordance with entry requirements; and
      c. entrants can enter the promotion a maximum of two (2) times per day.

      So, by this, can enter twice for the day, and if lucky, win twice.

      Good luck!

  • I just won :)

    • Did you enter the 9am draw? I have had nothing from 4 entries now :(

      • I entered the overnight one at 8:15am (by accident, didn't realise first was at 9) and the 10am draw at 10:05am and received an email at 11:02am saying I'd won (I assume from the 10am draw).

  • +1

    Thanks for posting, I won :)

  • +1

    Won for my second time. Seems it was so easy to win at the start .. now its getting harder :)

  • +1

    Winner, first entry! entered 11.55am, just got winning email 8 mins later at 12.03pm! Thanks OP

  • +1

    Cheers for the post. Got a win today. Entered at 6:10pm, got the email at 7:05pm.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Entered around 9:30am today and got the email at 10:04am.
    Drink cost $5.20 though :/

    • +1

      it only costs 3.50 at bp

  • +1

    Won one!

  • +1

    Winner winner

  • +2

    Got another one today! The Caltex design this time :)

  • Won one thanks!

  • bought a citrus one, tastes terrible but worth for the round towel

  • hope all you winners have kept your winning receipts! I almost threw mine out…

    From T&Cs:
    11. Entrants must retain the original purchase receipt they used to enter for all entries as proof of purchase for up to fourteen (14) days after the completion of the promotion.

  • Anyone found the drinks at BP in south-east side of Melbourne? I've been to like 4 that don't stock it..

    • +1

      Yup, I got mine at the BP on North Rd.

  • Yeah there's none in the Western Suburbs. I haven't found one yet.

    • caltex werribee at 45 cherry st.

  • WON! Pro Tip: Only buy from Caltex! My BP entries didn't win. One Caltex entry, BOOM!

    • -1

      I've won 2 Caltex and 2 BP from 7 entries total. I've never lost entering the 7-8pm draw and had about 50% success entering in the morning.

      • Where did you find Ovi at BP?

        • Kings Way BP in South Melbourne

      • How many are you buying??

        • Thought it was pretty clear from above, Bought 7, Won 4 times.

        • @stirlo: sorry mate it's 6am here. How many towels does one person need

    • I bought two from BP and both won.

      The BP round also lasts longer with the Starmart one ending on the 8th and BP on the 16th.

  • Won one! Entered at 3.30pm brought at caltex. Happy!

    • Won another one today. Thats 2 out of 4 entries.

  • +1

    Thanks OP,

    I bought two drinks on two transactions from BP and entered 6-7pm draw and both won

    • Some people get all the luck =(

  • Does anyone know if a submission only count for that draw or does it stay for ongoing draws?

    • Pretty sure a submission only counts for the draw you enter in and not for ongoing draws.

  • winner winner chicken dinner :)

  • +1

    I received these towels in the post today :)

    • Wow, that was quick, didn't think they were posting for some time after comp finished.

      • +1

        I didnt think so either. But i received mine and my mum received hers. I guess there starting to send them out now

        • +1

          Awesome, just received 2 that I had won, yeah!

    • Are the towels good quality? Worth the $110 rrp?

      • +2

        The towels look and feel lovely and thick, & good quality. The side with all the print is nice and smooth. Lovely thick fringe all the way round. Worth $110, don't know, I have never bought a round towel.

  • +4

    I think there great. And yes I think there worth the $110. Mainly because of their size. There massive. This towel would make a perfect picnic rug. I am so happy with this promotion. I will keep an eye out for ovi competitions.

  • +2

    I was stoked with mine, the quality is quite good and i love the size, very happy :)

  • Received the Starmart towel today even though I won that after the BP towel. Hopefully other one arrives as well. Great quality!

  • Comp already closed. Please update closing date.

    • Comp closed for Caltex, open still for BP

  • ohh ok

    • Sorry, figured people would click through before buying :/

  • Might try my luck putting the receipt through BP

  • Cheers Spackbace, won first try. Still have another one to enter. See how I go.

  • Great Xmas present for my mum. Thanks

  • Anyone received their BP towel yet?

  • Got my BP towel and love it.

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