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Big W Photos 20x40" (Panoramic) Canvas Prints - $59 (74% off) and More


It's happening again. Big W photo's has 74% off their RRP of 20 inch by 40 inch canvas'.

There's no delivery charge if you pick up in store (takes around 10 days to be delivered to the store you nominate after placing your order).

Some deals as follows:

20x40" Canvas Prints - $59 (74% off) - Submission online offer ends midnight AEDST 2nd March 2016
12x24" Canvas Prints - $30 (66% off) - Submission online offer ends midnight AEDST 2nd March 2016
Panoramic Canvas Prints in other sizes - 50% off - Submission online offer ends midnight AEDST 2nd March 2016
12x18" Metal Prints - $39 (56% off) - Submission online offer ends midnight AEDST 24th Feb 2016
Metal Prints in other sizes - 50% off - Submission online offer ends midnight AEDST 24th Feb 2016

You can find other potential deals on the Big W photos website.

For anyone who missed the similar deal I posted around Christmas last year but are curious about the quality of the panoramic canvas', I can vouch for the quality, having used the service multiple times previously.

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  • I've never done a canvas but have a few photos i want too. In terms of pricing, is this average, good, great, epic?

  • Any idea how long this deal lasts?

    • Depends on the item you order.

      The canvas deals expires midnight on March 2nd, the metal print deals expire 24th of Feb.

      As long as you submit your order before midnight on either of these days, you'll get this price.

  • Anyone price match office works……??

    I've a couple shots I've often thought about getting printed into canvas/prints

  • BigW used to downsample images to 15Mp (and compress). Check the resolution after uploading, and make sure you are satisfied with the dpi you will be getting ([width in pixels] / 40).

  • I was actually really pleased with the last canvas I had printed at Big W, and I would like another, but it's hard finding the perfect image.

  • Cheers Baltoski, I've been waiting for one of these deals.

    For anybody who is interested - I've made a website offering a selection of my travel photos, free to download in high-resolution.


  • This is a great deal and I have got 4 canvases done with big W in the past.

    Just one point of note for others, this may be an isolated issue but myself and a friend have found that the canvases come out about 1 or 1.5 eV darker than your monitor. I'm not too technical so not sure the reason why but for the both of us, using differ computers and monitors we saw the same result - slightly darker print than on the monitor. Might be worth considering bumping up the brightness before printing.

    When the settings are correct tho, the quality is great for the price!

  • 20x40 (1:2) doesn't seem that "Panoramic"? Not bagging the deal but has anyone got one and can comment?

    • 50 x 100cm roughly. Ive ordered one and it crops the image where you want it to go which is nice. Not really Panoramic but for $59 its a steal… If it prints well. Good Luck!

    • It's not as panoramic as a Ken Duncan print, but it's twice as long as it is high, and that qualifies it as a panorama in my book.

    • I get you, but really…why not?

      Some common panoramic film camera aspect ratios can be:
      1:3 - 35mm film cropped with in-camera pano feature
      2:5 - 35mm Widelux/Noblex/Horizon swing lens pano cameras, also common in old banquet view cameras
      1:2 - 6x12 medium format cameras
      6:17 - 6x17 medium format cameras

      I do also hope BigW offer all these aspect ratio or even let you to customize. Give it a go see if you like it.

  • Awesome, perfect for my latest landscapes from Vietnam!

  • I could take a panoramic picture of my deck 1:1

  • Can anyone comment on the quality of their metal prints please?

    • I can comment one ones down through Harvey Norman, which I believe are the same/similar.

      It's basically printed on to metal. not etched, stained or anything fancy. I didn't think it was worth it except for making basic signage, which would last longer, but I personally wouldn't use it in my home for photos.

  • Can anyone comment on how close the final result is to the preview? I have uploaded a photo but it look a bit grainy and uncertain if that is just he web or if that will represent the final result? If someone who has done it before can comment that would be great. :)

    • It's printed onto a rough canvas surface so it's pretty forgiving of low res. You don't stare at these too close, even high res wouldn't look great if you did.

  • any ideas on hanging the 20 x 40 on it's side?
    I know the string is horizontal on the frame, however if you ran your own string would it hang well?

    • Just the question I was coming back to ask.

      • You know what, I'll just order it.
        It cant be that hard to do and I have the same sized canvasses at home sitting horizontal and I reckon it would work fine.

        • I found out you can create a vertical canvas if you go to their site, rather than through the link above.

  • Does anyone know of some websites offering star wars, star trek and other sci Fi panaromoc images for download and printing?

  • I haven't gone with BigW canvas prints in the past as a few people have complained about the colour saturation being off and the image fading after a year. The photo print quality of Big W certainly leaves a lot to be desired. I am absolutely thrilled with Stella Canvas though: http://www.stellacanvas.com/canvas-starts They are competing directly with BigW pricing at the moment. I had a true Panaorama 120cm x40cm canvas printed at the start of last year and I even noticed minor details in the print that my Asus V222 monitor could not display. The quality was outstanding, it was packaged well and the turnaround time was about a week. Just make sure to save as Adobe RGB 1998 (I used Photoshop to do this) and as long as your monitor is reasonably well calibrated you should get the same result as what you see onscreen.

    • It's hard for me to comment on the saturation issue as mine is a parchment-coloured map (100x50cm), but mine hasn't faded - it's been about 2 years and the canvas is located in somewhat direct sunlight.