This was posted 6 years 5 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Sunglass Hut Friends with Benefits Promotion 30% or 40% off

  1. 30% voucher is redeemable for one pair of full priced sunglasses only, in one transaction at any Sunglass Hut store (in Australia & New Zealand), APEX by Sunglass Hut store or online - excluding MYER Concession Stores and Outlet Stores.
  2. 40% voucher is redeemable when 2 or more full priced pairs are purchased at any Sunglass Hut store, APEX by Sunglass Hut store or online - excluding MYER Concession Stores and Outlet Stores.
  3. 40% off Polarised Sunglasses is redeemable on up to 5 pairs of full priced polarised sunglasses pucharsed in one transaction at any Sunglass Hut store (in Australia & New Zealand), APEX by Sunglass Hut store or online - excluding MYER Concession Stores and Outlet Stores.
  4. Limit of 5 pairs per voucher.
  5. Offer is not available on Chanel, Maui Jim, Oakley or sunglasses purchased on layby.
  6. Offer is not available on accessories, gift cards or any product other than sunglasses.
  7. Original voucher must be surrendered at the time of purchase and can only be used once.
  8. Offer available on full priced sunglasses only.
  9. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or benefi t (including Luxottica staff reimbursements).

Offer is valid Monday
15th February - Sunday 6th March 2016.

30% off one pair or 40% off two or more pairs in store discount code: FE1, 40% off Polarised in store discount code: FP2

Thanks to et76 & Azif for the extra details.

Instore voucher thanks to xolinda -

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  • +1

    Just saved $78 on a pair of Ray Bans, thanks OP!

  • +13

    40% off if you buy 2 or more. Plus 10% cashback from cashrewards

    • What's the code for 40% and I'll update? I couldn't find one.

      • same code,

        I tested it with 2 in my cart and it takes 40% off

      • Same code. Just add another pair to your bag.

        • I tried this last time - added some kids sunnies and the whole total less than without the 2nd pair

  • How long will this run for?

    • +1

      I'm not sure, sorry. I was trying old codes today and found this one was activated again.

  • Glad I held out and waited, thanks OP!

  • +11

    Buy a cleaning cloth to get the 40% off
    Assuming you are buying expensive sunnies

    • +1

      legend, just saved an extra $30 :D

    • This doesn't seem to work anymore.

  • +1

    'friends with benefits' or 'friends with "benefits"' :D

  • +8

    FE1 gives 30% off for 1 pair and 40% off for 2 or more pairs. FP2 gives 40% off for 1 or more pair of polarised sunglasses. Codes expire 6th March.

  • +1

    bupagate is incoming now that its on main page

    • bupagate?

      • +2

        where everyone placed an order and then bupa kept our money for 30 days before refunding to "no stock"

  • This will soften the blow after the Bupa cock up.

  • +2

    Thanks. Saved $112 on some polarised Oakleys I have been wanting to get.

  • +1

    I have only received a PayPal email. Anyone receive one fr sunglass hut?

    • +1

      I haven't received email from sunglass hut yet.

    • I've got one from CashRewards saying my order is being tracked and my CC has been charged. No invoice from SH yet though, I've got the order number and will call in the morning if nothing comes through.

    • +1

      When I bought from them in December I Only got the PayPal email on the date of purchase. Got the sunglass hut email only when item got shipped

    • I just got an order shipped email from sunglass hut, ordered on friday

  • +1

    Thanks OP for the super deal! I recently bought 2 pairs during the boxing day sale. I will return them tomorrow for a full refund under sunglasshut 90 day policy. I just bought the same two pairs and saved $145. :)

    • What if you've worn them? Don't think you'd have much luck if they look worn

      • I managed to return a sunglasses that I've worn a few times… I returned them coz they felt uncomfortable and didn't sit right since I bought it in a rush. I think if they're still in immaculate condition it should be fine.

        • Yep! As long as the lens is scratchless, they don't care.

          Also, if you do scratch your lens, you can return those glasses within 12 months of purchase date and get 50% off your next pair (I think similar value ones)

      • +5

        One would simply return the new pairs using the old receipt.

  • I was just at Sunglasses hut instore, guess i will buy from online. Thanks

  • Great deal, guess i'll have to go into a sunglasses hut try some on then order online.

  • well saved over $222 on 3 pairs so fingers crossed they have stock

  • Site Ozbargained?
    "The store has encountered a problem processing the last request. Try again later. If the problem persists, contact your site administrator"

  • Anyone received order confirmation email from Sunglass hut?

    • Been waiting on confirmation as well.

  • No confirmation email as yet and purchased them a few hours ago, would say a problem on the site, which is maybe why this code is working? Oh well fingers crossed they will have it sorted tomorrow and we will get our emails and our glasses.

  • is there are way to know what exactly is the part number of the glasses? Reason being i wanted this specific ray-ban wayfarer which I have the part number written down a couple of months ago but checking on there website I'm not sure if its the same or not.

    • Not sure? Maybe try typing the specific model into the search box? Or have a look on RayBan site and work out exactly which pair it is?

    • What's the part no?

      • RB2140 901 54-58, I think they have the asian fit

        • +1

          I think you have the 54-58 mixed up. That number represents the overall eye size of the lense, then the bridge size. So 54mm eyesize then 58mm bridge (which is most probably wrong, as bridge size is usually in the 20s). The original came in 47, 50 and 54 eye size variants.

          The 901 represents the colour variant.

          Asian fit usually has a -A inscribed on the arm. I think Sunglass hut (yes they own ray ban) stuck an F on the Asian fit to represent 'alternative fit' because some people think saying Asian fit is racist lol, which is annoying as it will confuse the foldable variants. RB2140 is the original wayfarer. Aptly just called wayfarer.

          So if you are after an Asian fit original wayfarer, this is what you'd be looking at with Sunglass hut:


          Or same one just polarised


    • +1

      I'd say give them a call and they might be able to tell you.

  • Anyone have a link for the cleaning kit? I can't seem to find it…

    lol i just needed to scroll down…

  • Awesome. Someone stole my sunnies from work about 4 months ago (or I dropped them). Now it's time to buy another pair or two lol

  • Can someone provide link to cleaning kit please?


  • i got 40% off with only putting 1 pair of sunnies in the bag.

    • They are polarised?

      • no .. but what difference does that make? the model i got doesnt come polarised

        • The other coupon code is for polarised sunglasses and gets you 40% off with one pair.

        • Yeah FP2 looks to be giving 40% off any glasses! You're right sir.

  • Just got 2 sets, will be returning the ones I like least. Or flogging off the other set on eBay. Wondering how quick they will sell out on luxury brands.

  • -1

    Thanks op. Bought 15.

  • +3

    40% off for Maui Jim's - woo hoo! $91 off Kahana's that rarely go on special.

    • I was after some MJ for a while but saw in OP they are not included, which they normally aren't, so was trying to decide on another brand. But seems FP2 works. Cool

    • just tried this and got an error message …

      • Only FP2 works for Maui Jim. Mine went through with 40% off.

  • Best deal ever. Saved $180. Better deal than my private insurance. Thanks

  • -1

    Does ray ban wayfarer rb2140 black green polarized on the website?

  • Thanks OP

  • Just ordered a pair of raybans, normally $230. Paid $158.00 delivered after using the FP2 coupon and buying a cleaning cloth for $17.00

    My daughter has bent the hell out of my current pair, doesn't help that I keep putting them in my pocket and leaning on them either ;)


  • Awesome find!

  • Can someone please help tell if ray ban rb2140 black green 50 comes polarized and if a link on the website?

    • -1
      1. go to OP's link
      2. enter rb2140 in search field
      3. press enter
      4. select "polarised"
      5. smile?
      • Its not showing black/green 50 polarised in th options:( can't figure out..

  • Oakley glasses don't show the lens names which is a little annoying, really after a chrome iridium pair of holbrooks!

  • Hi, I ordered a sunglass and cleaning cloth and got a good discount. I checked out and paid for the same with my credit card, it was showing error when I tried to pay by PayPal.
    The webpage showed my order and that I would receive an email shortly. its been few hours now, and I have not received any intimation. I am worried!
    Here is the screen shot of the same.
    Please advise.

    • Please view posts above. No one has a email confirmation yet. And that they will sent when the product has been sent. I myself bought 3 pair and no confirmation yet.

      • Thank you Broy, that is a relief. Cheers!

  • +1

    Can someone please tell me what the point is, especially in Australia, of non-polarized sunglasses?

    • +1

      They're cheaper. Don't know what answer you expect…

    • +2

      Why would I need polarised lenses? The non-polarised pair I purchased have category 3 lenses which are more than up to Australian standards. Polarised sunnies aren't necessary.

    • Polarised make it near impossible to see your phone's screen when you're driving.
      GPS navigation has a long way to before voice-only guidance cuts the mustard.

  • -2

    Is it only me.. I want ray ban rb 2140 original wayfarer 50 but it ony shows non- polarized:( i want a polarized in black/green color.

    Can anyone find me a link?


      Those are 54 but it's a close as I can go. Just search 2140 and apply the filters you want. Not that hard dude…

      There's 3 polarised tortoise shell wayfarers in the 50s, one is pretty dark. Tortoise shell is probably more popular than black and I reckon it looks better on most people anyway

  • Thanks OP! Did anyone else notice the code also works on sale items?

    • only 18 items on sale and 17 out of them are ladies style.

  • How do I tell which one has spring hinges?

  • +10

    Thanks for saving me 300 hundred dollars, legend.

    Thanks for making me spend 450 dollars, jerk.

  • I got an email from Cashrewards saying I'd made a purchse for $34.55 with an expected cashback of $3.45, when I actually spent $228.00 and it should be $22.80… odd

    • might be the cost price of the glasses you bought LOL

    • Also wondering this. $426 dollars turned into $38 cash back. Hmm. And another thing, I just got cashrewards, and it says you have to wait until return period is over, usually that's 14 days, but sunglass hut is 90 days. Which sucks?

      • I purchased 750 worth and paid 450 but got cash back for 633 worth of goods ($63).i don't know

  • Saved $91 off Oakleys

    Cheers mate!

  • Thanks OP, two pairs of Oakleys purchased, saved $230 - almost bought them with only 10% off earlier this week. Hold my breath waiting for the delivery now…

  • A bit confused. How is this deal better than the 50% off boxing day deal (except for maybe the brands that weren't on sale back then)?

    • With the 10% from Cashrewards you should be able to get about 50% off everything (not too sure how Cashrewards works)

      • Yeah I did get the 10% cashrewards in addition to the 50% off back then too..

        • Did you get 10% off original price or off what you paid? (not sure how it works)

        • +2

          @Pulseidon: Just checked. I guess it was 11% back then. So 11% off what I paid not the originial price.

      • +1

        not exactly 50% off.
        It would be 54% (with a combination of 40% off and 10% cash back)

        • "about 50% off"

    • +1

      Because today is not boxing day…

      • +1

        My question was more because I saw above some comments mentioning its better than boxing day deal and people returning stuff to get more discount. I never said this deal isnt good enough. Was only trying to understand what am I missing

  • +2

    Why is Sunglass Hut's price is more expensive than RayBan official AUS website RRP? A 40% off is 20%-30% off, really.

    • Yes I was looking at some Ray-Bans yesterday which came in at $195 with discount yet a quick google shows them for aroudn $220 at most other places, so still the best price at SH but not an amazing discount. Still i'm sure there are a few bargains to be had.

    • +1

      Clubmasters on the Rayban site are $230. At the Sunglass Hut site they're $200-210 without the 40/50% off. Wayfarers are about $20 cheaper at Sunglass Hut too. Not sure what you're talking about

      • +1 seems to be good pricing on Ray Bans & 5% off first order but SH would just win in current offer.

        • Those are good regular prices - although I got a pair of Clubmasters with this deal for $110 and they're around $150 on that website with 5% off

  • +3

    Anyone tried it recently? Code (FP2: POLARISED) is applying on 2 polarised sunglasses in in cart but discount is not being taken off?

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