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1m MFI Certified Lightning Cable - EUR 7.09 (~$11.11 AUD) Delivered @ Phones-Gadgets eBay (or $3.05 @ AliExpress)


MFI Certified Chip on the lightning connector (authentic) ordered from Apple, just the cable was designed by Kaluos with quality.

Top rated seller, more than 10 available. Buy It Now price of $11.11 AUD delivered. Look below for a cheaper deal!

EDIT: ——————————————————-

MFI Certified Apple Lightning Cable - 1metre $3.05 or 1.5metre $3.64 + Free Shipping @ AliExpress

big thanks to shrapse for purchasing these a few weeks ago and confirming they work great as opposed to the cheap $1 knock offs that break after a week. (same Kaluos brand)

with 12 months Manufacturer`s limited Warranty for defective items (excluding items damaged and/or misused after receipt). Accessories come with a 3-month warranty.

EDIT #2: thanks to JVHifi, even cheaper here for $2.35 AUD (Free Shipping) although beware we haven't bought from this seller, with only 21 orders and no votes/reviews, buy at your own risk. with the AliExpress link above it has 369 votes 99% positive 4star, 1283 orders, and even shrapse our fellow ozbargainer has purchased it himself and tested/confirmed.

additional 1.25% discount with CashRewards

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    Why would you pay $11.11 when as you posted in the description, you can get them for $3 at AliExpress ?

  • +1 vote

    Is this really MFI? I really want to buy but I'm afraid if it's not MFI, it'll just end up like my other, dead cables after upgrading to the latest iOS version :(

    • the knocks offs are usually $1-2, so for $3.05 you can't go wrong, plus it's been confirmed by our fellow ozbargainer, and a lot of positive reviews/ratings.

      • plus it's been confirmed by our fellow ozbargainer

        You stated they confirmed it works.

        Did they confirm it is really MFI certified ?

        Just because it works now, does not mean it will work in 1, 3, 6 months from now…

        I bought these from Big W about 18 months ago and use them daily and never had a problem.
        1.2 meters long, MFI and cost is 2 for $29
        and if they stop working, I'll just take them back to get replaced…

        • I know how you feel, the 6 cables I bought from the Apple store in the city have shredded/tore in all parts and barely lasted as long as you mentioned.

        • +1 vote


          Try the Big W ones…

          I've had enough of buying cables from ebay, using them for a month, then throwing them out after they start playing up…

        • @jv: I'm not sure about the Big W actual cable material quality. I only buy from Blitzwolf and Tikbro, extreme quality (which are about $10-15 on sale). but these AliExpress ones do look promising, I'll give them a go.

        • +2 votes

          @zeckem: well if JV can use them daily for 18mths & not have an issue, then I'm guessing they're of decent quality?

        • Why can't they make them in normal colours like white and black.
          I find a lot of cheap MFI cables are hideous bright colours like these

        • @dbun1:

          I find a lot of cheap MFI cables are hideous bright colours like these

          Possibly part of the licensing agreement

        • @jv:

          Hadn't thought of that

        • and if they stop working, I'll just take them back to get replaced…

          How long does Big W guarantee them for?

        • +1 vote


          How long does Big W guarantee them for?

          Don't know, I threw away the packaging when I bought them. But if i get the "This Cable is Not Certified…" message, they will have no choice but to change it…

        • How about the ones from Kogan - https://m.kogan.com/au/buy/3-pack-mfi-lightning-usb-cable-1m...

          Listed as 3 x MFi cables for $29 delivered. Sounds like a decent price for MFi cables.

        • @nmehta:

          They're only 1m… The BigW ones are 1.2m.

  • Even cheaper on the app apparently.

  • +1 vote

    No Paypal option on alibaba express, don't feel right giving them my credit card.
    how about Everyone Else ?

    • I can only answer for myself, but I've got no problem using your credit card. Anyone else? :)

    • Had the same thought, but ended up using an ANZ Visa which I no longer use (got it for the signup points) so any fraudulent transactions don't get buried in the midst of legit ones.

    • Alibaba (parent of Aliexpress) owns one of the most secure payment handling systems in China (Alipay), considering the population there, I would not hesitate to use my CC on their site.

      • +1 vote

        Again the laws are very different in China than in western world when thing goes wrong

        Remember Range Rover were told when the Land Rover was copied as it is " there is no such thing called Intellectual rights " - chineses courts said.
        Indian parent company Tata cried out loud but were threatened of other ventures coming out of China
        On that note when, Tesla got copied the company had no faith in judicial system, they didn't waste red their one

        Not saying Ali B is fraud but I am not convinced that they have same strict policy for data retention, security and authenticity of the items sold via their platform

        Just my 2cent, If they can sell fake items , my trust goes out of the window

    • +5 votes

      What's the problem? Alibaba is much bigger then Paypal (ebay) market cap is ~$165b vs ~$28b. And a hell of a lot more trustworth then Paypal's owner Ebay.

      • hate to say it but = china vs usa…….


          Yeah true, I don't trust the yanks & since they, own a good chunk of it,I probably shouldn't trust them (Alibaba is listed on the Nasdaq & Yahoo! is a major shareholder).

  • Thanks. Got the Ali express ones. Hate the lightning cables that fail. Also makes me resent apple for being such (profanity) re third party cables


    According to some reviews on Alibaba the cable is NOT mfi and also performs SLOWER charging
    Do not go off most reviewers as the majority does not test for these 2 things
    Most ebay sellers that sell counterfeit memory cards have very high ratings because the average joe don't know the card is fake and slower

    Edit: some reviewers are claiming the opposite so I am really confused but are REAL mfi cables ever this cheap?

    • I've paid about the same for MFI cables previously. I took the plunge and ordered 6 cables, just wish they'd arrive sooner as I am down to my last back up cable…I constantly need to use my phone while it is charging and they inevitably break or fray

  • How certain are we that these are MFI certified? As jv said, just because they work now doesn't mean that they will in the future. Are the Ali express and eBay ones linked in here the exact same product?

    • +2 votes

      You just have to assume everything you buy on Aliexpress and even eBay which comes from China is fake. You may get very very lucky and get something legit but that is like winning lotto.

      The idea of paying license fees to third party companies is something Chinese companies will only do if they are dragged kicking and screaming. Same with quality, they skimp as hard as they can.

      So I buy the cheapest or buy from a trusted local supplier.

  • Been using these http://www.aliexpress.com/item/MFI-For-iPhone-5-5S-5C-6-Plus... for about 6 months now. No problem at all and also MFI certified. I have about 6 and use them between work and home and as I do repairs on iPhones and iPads, they get used on a large array of Apple devices. Never had any issues.

    An official MFI certification from Apple is $4 per cable. Most cables from China over the $6 -7 range that claim MFI certification are actually certified.

    This Kaluos one is also not performing very well compared to others:

    and far from the cheapest for Kaluos branded cable:

    EDIT: Don't bother with cables under the $4.50 - 5 range, there is no way they are genuine MFI certified as the $4 cost per cable certification would mean each cable costs them money to sell…

  • I've given up buying cheap cables and decided to spend a few $$$ more upfront rather than a $ here and a $ there on cheap nasty cables.

    I ended up buying a couple of these.


    The seller also does offer some discount if you submit a best offer on 2 or more cables.

  • I took the risk and bought one cable as linked by JVHiFi.

    • Kinda regretting ordering these now after reading the comments from PavlouH :( Good chance these will not work as promised by this mob, but guess it's a bonus if they do work at all. If not, maybe I'll go with these other ones that PavlouH suggested.

  • You can try to validate a cable manufacturer's claims of MFi certification here.

    I set the 'Search criteria' to Brand for my searches, and if it doesn't find it, search against Model and then Company.

    Searching for brand, model or company 'kaluos' returns no results. So either it's not MFi certified, it's rebranding a MFi-certified cable (possible?), or perhaps another reason…

    Here is one cable that has offerings for $7.99 (iPhone 5/5S/5C) and $8.13 (all others). Not sure why the price difference.

    When searching, the cable (AR-LC-1) is MFi certified. This is listed in the eBay item, as the MPN.

    The same cable is also sold on Amazon, and has 9 reviews. 8 5-star, 1 4-star (the 4-star reviewer claims their cable stopped working within 2 months). [some reviews are for the 'black' item, which is a set of Micro USB cables]

  • Bought five of strikeline from catch of the day when they had 70% off
    All up bucks apple store sell then for 34 each

    • Can't edit
      Meant I paid $15 on Catch of the Day for five cables
      The good quality Retractable cables …

  • interesting review here of multiple lightning cables.
    The Kaluos ones didn't do too well.

  • Has anyone received their cables yet? I'm still waiting for mine :(

  • Mine arrived today. Work great! Thanks OP.

    They fit the Lifeproof case on the iPhone 6 too which is a bonus!