Best $500 Laptop

Currently Sis is looking around for a laptop.

Think they have been looking at these, only based on Brand Name and price.

Probably better choices out there.

Requirement - Just web browsing / Microsoft Office work. Would be good if it doesn't feel too sluggish.

Anyone have good suggestions ?



    Offer ends today:

    Core i3 4005u / 4GB / 500GB / 15.6" ($399 plus delivery)

    this is an outdated model and has been replaced with this newer model with Broadwell CPU

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      Cheers, was thinking of sticking on the safe side with min. i5. Used a i3 before was a bit sluggish go through menus etc.

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        that sluggishness you are mentioning will NOT be the difference between an i3 and an i5

        they are both powerful cpu's

        something else would be at play

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          Are you crazy?

          Requirement - Just web browsing / Microsoft Office work

          Look for an unlocked i5 CPU (normally ending in the letter K). You should be able to overclock these with relative ease.
          Once you get to 3.8Ghz - 4.0Ghz, the sluggishness will dissipate. Font size selection and font style switching will be seamless.
          I managed to get the Word Count function down from 1.2 seconds to 1.1 seconds on a 100 page word document.




          i stand corrected


          Good thinking. If she gets a i7 we might be able to get it under 1 second.. :)


    I'm still looking for similar for my daughter, but not familiar with the trade offs at this end of the market (work supplies my own machines so I don't really have to think about it).

    Daughter will use it for web, Office for school work, but also likes Minecraft, and I can't seem to find out what sort of graphics load that puts on the machine? It's Java of course which was a resource hog when I last used it, but that was 10 years ago.

    Starting at $500 seems to get i3, integrated graphics, 4Gb, HD screen (not FHD) and slow 500Gb drive.

    If I chuck in another hundred, should it be spent on

    • upgrade to i5
    • upgrade to SSD
    • add graphics card
    • upgrade to 8Gb

    Ah, I forgot - 13" screen at most -'which dramatically reduces choice and seems to add to the cost.



    adding a graphics card to a laptop, isn't easy and can be impossible on some


      Yes, I was more referring to buying a $600 machine that would include one of the four desired upgrades. I'm not up to self-upgrading given that I don't have time to change a lightbulb, let alone disassemble a laptop.


        Gordon, come on mate.
        You're on OzBargain saying you can't spend an hour of your time to potentially save $300?
        Installing SSDs (especially on a brand new PC with no data to transfer) takes a maximum of 30 minutes, improves the performance more than any other upgrade you can muster and saves you bundles compared to buying one pre-installed.

        And if you have time for OzBargain, you have time for changing bulbs.

        EDIT: For some reason though you were OP. Nevertheless, my comments stand.

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