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Buy Nespresso Machine and Claim up to Either $95 Coffee Credit or $70 Cashback


What is the Mother’s Day Offer?
Customers who purchase a Nespresso machine from a Participating Retailer between 15 of March 2016 and Sunday 15 May 2016 will have the chance to redeem their choice of either up to $95 Coffee Credit or up to $70 Cash-back depending on the Nespresso machine purchased.

Pixie, CitiZ&milk, Prodigio&Milk, Lattissima, Maestria and Nespresso by KitchenAid ranges
- either $95 Coffee Credit* or $70 Cash-Back

Essenza, Inissia, CitiZ single and U range
- either $65 Coffee Credit* or $40 Cash-Back

Participating Retailers:
Retailers participating in these Offers are retailers who sell Participating Products and operate from shop fronts in Australia including both the shop front and any online store operated by such retailers (HN, TGG, JB, Bing Lee and the likes I assume)

*Coffee Credit will be provided as a credit to the claimant’s Nespresso account within 10 days of their claim being validated and processed which can be used as a discount off a purchase of Nespresso Capsules from a Nespresso channel. The credit must be redeemed in full in a single transaction by Thursday 30 June 2016 and may only be used to purchase Nespresso capsules.

Nespresso U Solo Coffee Machine - White $148 - Less $65 coffee credit makes it a good buy if you don't need a milk frother (Just lay-by it now and pay it in full during the promotional period if you can't wait).

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    This is good, now we just need a 20% off eBay promo within the promo period.

    • It's like you read my mind haha

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      Looking at the past couple of years, they are almost certainly gonna have one for Mother's Day.

    • Good work making that eBay promo happen vestrosaurus. Does that mean it's stacks now?

      • Not yet. Be careful, we only have 1 day I think to make this work.

        eBay 20% off "Tech":
        This offer commences at 17.00 (AEDT) on Tuesday 8 March 2016 and ends at 23.59 (AEDT) on Wednesday 16 March 2016 (“Offer Period”).

        Nespresso Cashback:
        Customers who purchase a Nespresso machine from a Participating Retailer between 15 of March 2016 and Sunday 15 May 2016

        So, the 15th of March is the day to make your move. However, I can't see any Nespresso's up for sale on any of the eBay stores eligible. Anyone else found?

        It is likely there will be a Mothers Day promo as @willbaba suggests - hopefully this will include more stores likely to sell Nespresso.

  • I remember the good old days. Back in my day, you could get a Nescafé Dukce Gusto Genio for less than the amount of the cash back (by price matching at office works).

  • +1

    What does "will have the chance to" mean? Is it a lottery?

  • Any cheap deals on machines going around? I have a Pixie that I got a few years ago for around $180 before cash back but the cheapest I can find for that model is $280 at the moment

  • Thanks OP. Time to replace "old faithful"

  • Good deal. To any coffee capsule newbie, as great as cash back sounds I recommend coffee credit. I've tried just about all the after market varieties and am yet to find a better capsule than Nespresso. I've also been there done that with Map machine/capsules, and the Espressotoria . You pay a bit more for Nespresso but it's worth it.

    • $90 spend in one hit is about 110 to 120 capsules? doesn't sound plenty but i only go through maybe 10 capsules a month.

  • i'm pretty sure when you first start up your nespresso account ( if you choose the coffee credit ) your get the option to buy a starter pack for your first purchase of capsules… a large assortment pack of blends at a discounted price… first purchase only… i also got to choose a free gift… i chose a pair of glass cuppachino cups… mmmmm coffee.

  • I purchased the innissa from eBay good guys today. Do you think I should pick up after the 15th. Or would my receipt say today's date anyway .
    Does anyone know?

    • +1

      IIRC it would be invoiced on the day it is ready to pick up. You might wanna call up your pick-up store and see if they can manually hold the invoicing (and the machine).

      • Thanks for your reply.
        I will ring them tomorrow.

        • My TGG eBay receipt was dated the day I picked it up…. Which was 2 days after checkout and 1 day after ready to collect. YMMV.

        • I'm going to pick up the machine today.
          But I'm torn to either get the innissa or pixie. It's only approx $10 difference at the end.
          Any comments?

        • @lfak: Pixie - bit more metal and looks marginally better imo.

          My TGG receipt is also dated yesterday when I picked it up (2 days after order), very lucky to scrape in on the 15th.

        • I ended up buying the pixie.
          Mine was also dated the day I picked up and have already submitted my coffee credit.
          If it wasn't for ozbargain I would of picked up the machine last week.
          Thanks heaps

  • Hows the Breville Inissa? What's the feedback? Worth the buy? Considering it comes with the milk frother too. Want something thin and slim and approval is granted provided it's red.

    • +1

      it's ok if you can live with the whole plastic body

      • What's the rest made of? Does it compromise quality?

        • +2


          They also reviewed a few different models

        • @willbaba:

          Thanks mate. I think the U is better. With the 20% off and the cashback/coffee redemption, it works out to be a sweet deal

        • +1

          Consider that the U machine has the milk frother attached to the machine. So you need more bench space

  • What is the cheapest machine with cashback on ebay?
    Edit: just checked U for $189. Hn is still cheaper than ebay 20% off sale

  • had some pod coffee, but never purchased one but my question is.. is there REALLY that much of a difference between a Nespresso and an Aldi machine??

  • Im not sure how pod coffee gets onto OzBargain. These pods are a money making machine, the opposite of a bargain. Machine could be free, funded by Nescafe, and theyd still make a motsa from the pods.