Suggestions for Where to Buy Affordable Cutlery and Cookware

I'm looking for some affordable cutlery and cookware such as frying pans, baking trays and Pyrex-like baking dishes.

I know Coles and Woolworths sell some private-label branded products.

Can anyone recommend a brand and/or store to buy, and comment on the quality of their products?



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    Try harris scarfe.

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      +1 for Harris Scarfe, just don't buy anything unless it's at least 40% off because it will be next week :P

      Also General Trader also have some good sales now and then.

      • this - when things are on sale, which is every month

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    Op shops are full of this kind of stuff

    EDIT: OP shops as in thrift shops, not as in 'Original Poster '

  • ikea has some cheap stuff

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    Victoria's Basement specials can be worth a look. You can compare the quality of goods in the shop, or check prices online as well.

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      Victoria's Secret specials can be worth a look too. ;)

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        Wotcha mean "can" playa?

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    We picked up a great cutlery set from Aldi a few years ago. Most of the crockery I've got from there seems to be decent as well. Maybe worth a try if they've got any coming up in the catalogue?
    Otherwise, +1 for Harris Scarfe.

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    • kmart is cheap, but a lot of their stuff is pretty poor quality. Not sure about crockery, but we've bought a fair bit of other stuff from them and it's about what you would expect for the price.

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    oscargamer,OP paragon is looking for cookware etc. not your taste in clothing ;)

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    Peter's of Kensington is also good. But I've got better prices out of Victoria's Basement.

  • Cookware largely depends on how much you're going to be using them, if you're a weekend warrior then Coles/Kmart/IKEA and the likes are good enough, I have a small non-stick pot purchased 18 months ago, the coating on the rim has gone partly bye-bye from the lid but the coating everywhere else is still perfect, that one mostly sees boiling pasta, cooking noodles, sauces, etc, but I am surprised at the condition.

    I cook 4-7 times a week, have purchased some good quality stuff from Victoria's Basement and Myer, both of which were 50% discounted, post Xmas I believe, and at those prices they were very reasonable. With my frequency of cooking I won't skim of cookware.

    Good quality cookware are like good quality tools, you only need to buy them once. My father has been a chef for 30+ years and own some high quality cookware bought in the late 90s, and with maintenance and cleaning, still looks as perfect as new.

    • Friends and colleagues have recommended IKEA cookware, particularly their IKEA 365 range. Keen to give it a try, they seem to have a rather generous return policy?

      • Have never returned anything to IKEA before so not sure how easygoing they are, wouldn't hurt to ask them on their quality guarantee and return policy, I imagine they are not the type to give you grief :)

    • I have quite a few pots and pans from Ikea and they're great. We cook everyday so they get a lot of use. I think they are from the 365 range (non stick).

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    I have to profess I'm highly unqualified to answer due to not cooking much but I've gotta say Woolworth's / Coles equipment seems to be terrible quality to me and doesn't last even with my not exactly busy cooking schedule.

    So one to avoid there.

  • Buy proper pyrex at Myers/DJs during their sales.

    Same with cookware.

    Otherwise Peters Of Kensington.

    Coles and Woolworths are super markets and normally what they sell is cheap crap.

    • I thought Pyrex manufactures storage containers, not cookware such as pots and pans?

  • Just got a Harris Scarfe email -
    Tomorrow 1 day only
    50% off cooksets, cutlery sets and dinner sets, some brand exclusions apply

    • Thanks for letting me know, most of the good stuff was gone by the time I got online and Southland is in a land far, far away from me :(

  • There is a massive markup on both. DFOs usually have an outlet where they sell decent stuff cheap.

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