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Vaportini Alcohol Vaporiser - $51.95 + Free Shipping (20% off) @ OzVaportini


Featured on The New York Times Style Magazine, LA Times, Cosmopolitan, The Huffington Post, Playboy and WIRED - Vaportini is on sale again, 20%-off code to use at checkout, usually $64.95 with free Australian shipping.

Vaportini is an elegant and simple device that introduces a revolutionary way to consume alcohol, in that it is inhaled rather than swallowed. Through vaporisation, the taste of the individual spirits becomes smooth and flavourful with the subtleties coming through beautifully. The spirit a person consumes with a Vaportini contains no impurities, almost no calories, and no carbs. The effects are felt immediately making it easier to responsibly imbibe.

Any spirit a minimum of 35% alcohol works in a Vaportini, however, the more flavourful the spirit the better the results. The taste of fruity liquor becomes distinctly apparent and hardier spirits boldly make their presence known. Vaportini is not intended for beer or wine.

Approximately 30ml of a spirit is placed in the sphere and the sphere is placed on the base above the lit candle. In 5 minutes the spirit is ready to consume. Depending on how aggressively one consumes with the Vaportini, the alcohol will remain "active" for ~30 minutes.

More information including scientific analysis and review w/breathalyzer on website.

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    introduces a revolutionary way to consume alcohol

    what's wrong with just using your mouth?

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      This cleans out the sinuses.

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    Hang on, $50.95 Delivered was considered 15% off, now $51.95 delivered is considered to be 20% off…?

    Either someone is bad at maths, or you're bad at keeping RRP the same…

    Either way, have a neg for being deceitful :)

    • Thanks for the response, that is indeed correct, however the price was increased shortly after that sale awhile ago, it has been $64.95 for a long time now.

      • +1

        So you're always $5 more than the competition?

        Seems rather stupid of a business practice.

        • We are the exclusive distributors of the product in Australia, they are a retailer.

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          But doesn't that mean a retailer that buys from you still sells cheaper than your normal price?

        • @PVA:

          Yes that is correct, but they are not and will not do a 20% off special, which is what this deal is for.

        • Pretty common in many industries.

      • +1

        price jacking, that's illegal

        • The Vaportini originally retailed for $69.95 at launch, it has been this price for nearly half a year now.

        • +1

          Your point is to put the price back up and say it's 20% off?

        • +4


          As I have mentioned multiple times now, it has been that price for close to 6 months now. By that logic, when bananas were 99c last week and $2.50 the next, is this price gouging or simple supply and demand? There are a multitude of running costs that happen behind the scenes including marketing, advertising, handling, logistics and quality control.

          We have no intention of increasing the price in the future unless it is warranted, $64.95 is the price it has been for nearly 6 months.

  • +8

    What a dumb idea

    • They could add it to this video clip…

  • +2

    Is this legal in Australia?

    • The Vaportini complies with all Liquor Acts as well as the Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Act 1998.

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    "As one inhales alcohol vapor, it bypasses the stomach and liver going from the lungs directly to the brain and then into the bloodstream, leading to rapid alcohol intoxication. Since the alcohol is not metabolized by the liver, it has a higher strength and more potent effect as it enters the bloodstream going directly to the brain.

    People have described that they experience the effects of the alcohol vapors almost immediately. However, the danger and risks are much more significant. Individuals who smoke alcohol are at a much higher risk of an alcohol overdose, referred to as “alcohol poisoning”. In the normal course of drinking, as people become more intoxicated, they generally vomit. Vomiting is the actually your body’s way of preventing an overdose. However, when alcohol bypasses the stomach and liver– as in “smoking” alcohol– there is no effective way to get rid of it. Once your brain has absorbed the ethanol, there is no way to expel it from your system."

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      Thanks for your concern, this is true if you were to use say a gallon or larger container, however the Vaportini is designed for safe human consumption as it can only hold a certain volume of vapor.

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        designed for safe human consumption

        prove it…

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          I'm no physicist but one can find the volume of the sphere of the Vaportini (the major bottleneck in this scenario) along with the vaporisation rate of the alcohol inside (Assume 40% Ethyl Alcohol) and straw size, inhalation rate - coupled with lung capacity. Add to that the fact that the intoxication effects wear off much faster as compared to when it is swallowed.

          Also, the vapor can't be concentrated, as with say using an unsafe method like a bicycle pump which is used for examples for the Ideal Gas Laws (There are Youtube videos on this). When the Vaportini fills to capacity with vapor, the excess simply condenses back to liquid inside and runs down to the bottom.

          I myself have tried to "go overboard" on the Vaportini and you simply can't, by the time you inhale all the vapour there is none left in the Vaportini to become more intoxicated, you must wait for it to re-vaporise and by the time that happens the effects are already wearing off from the initial inhalation.

        • -5


          I'm no physicist

          A physicist wouldn't be qualified to tell you whether it's safe for human consumption. Maybe try a physician…

          Also, you haven't answered my question…

          How can we be sure this has been designed for safe human consumption ???

      • -1

        Bollocks! Your website states that this device holds 30ml (approx 1 shot) of 35%+ or higher alcohol content spirit, that as explained skips you stomach, skips the vomiting protection by the stomach, goes directly to your brain, giving you equivalent of consuming 2-3 shots instead. Old logic "one or two drinks and you won't be over the limit" does not apply with this contraction. It is a matter of time when stupid people using this start killing themselves or the others by drunk driving. Who ever invented this should be hanged, drowned and quartered.

        What a cock up of an idea! Vaportini, Abortini, Faportini… genius who came up with the name was probably high from alcohol fumes during product testing.

        • +1

          I appreciate your concern however I'm not sure what point you're trying to make here. You can only inhale a certain volume of alcohol vapour at a time (All the alcohol content in the shot does not go directly to your brain in one go), it has to be consumed over a period of about half an hour, please read the scientific analysis I have posted for a more indepth AND scientifically-backed study regarding this.

      • +1

        To be clear, I drink alcohol (wine, beer, spirits on the odd occasion). I am also a pharmacist and have done research on alcohol and cancer risk in oropharyngeal cancers.

        The issue with this "device" is that the alcohol is being consumed via the airways as opposed to the stomach. It's currently well known that alcohol consumption is an established link to oropharyngeal cancers (i.e. cancers of the mouth and throat) when consumed by mouth.

        Knowing the way alcohol increases risk of cancer…. The "consumption" of alcohol via the respiratory tract will only increase the risk of cancers in those organs. Especially in smokers where it the risk is already presently high. Alcohol just makes the cellular permeability of carcinogens greater.

        The other factor that increases risk of cancer with alcohol is… lungs can also metabolise "chemicals", and alcohol can be metabolised to carcinogenic aldehydes in the lung. It is less efficient than the liver (mouth, oesophagus, and stomach also have lesser metabolism than the liver), but it is a factor that is considered always considered by drug delivery systems using the respiratory tract.

        You have not demonstrated your product to be safe in my view. I could not recommend it to anyone in good faith.

        ALSO… very last word, absence of harm does not mean it is safe. It only means that harm has not been detected. To ascertain safety, much more rigorous analysis is required.



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    Does it work on petrol too or only alcohol?

  • +1

    Ill take one for free to review

    • +1

      All reviews are welcome if you can email your target reach and audience to the website.

  • Cheaper at other retailers

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  • Try at home with a teapot, steaming stand and tealight candle.

  • +1

    Since I started coming to ozbargain daily, I have known so many weird products that I didn't know.

  • +1

    As someone who lives a keto lifestyle this is a pretty awesome idea if it's safe enough.

    I can't really find it, but can you confirm whether this will still give you a hangover?

    • +5

      A high percentage of our customers experience absolutely none or at the very least extremely reduced hangover due to the fact that a large amount of impurities are removed during inhalation (As the ethyl alcohol is the substance being vaporised).

      From my own personal experience - a reminder that this is an anecdotal report, moderate consumption made me awake the next day feeling as if I had consumed no alcohol at all the previous night. Physical hangovers symptoms were not present and I was mentally clear. However, when I tried to test the limits of the Vaportini one night, I did awake feeling slightly groggy which passed with time but still no physical hangover symptoms were present. Had I consumed alcohol using the tried-and-true method that has been in use for centuries (swallowing) I would've been bedridden and lethargic for most of the day, continuing into the night. I stress again that this is my own personal experience, and I would look for more information elsewhere.

  • +2

    Giving this a plus as I recon, don't knock it until you try it LOL. Still, not interested enough to pull the trigger without a try. Op, I can get a taste at a winery, when can we try a choof down at Dan's?

    To all the nay sayers, I switched to e-cigs, and feel much better. Could be if this takes stress off your liver etc, it might be good. I'll wait for some more testers, or a friend to get one first…

    • +1

      Thanks for the response! We were going to attend an alcohol tradeshow in Sydney last year but withdrew at the last minute due to other commitments. If we proceed again this year, it may very well be a possibility that your local Dan Murphy's will stock this product depending on retailer interests! (Along with hopefully a sample test, which wouldn't be difficult as you can use any reuseable straw with the Vaportini!)

  • +5

    I personally wouldn't purchase the product but hats off to the OP for handling the comments well.

    • +1

      Agree - the rep is a patient person, although I respect the comments of everyone, particularly those focussing on the safety aspects. Obviously a divisive device, if that makes sense.

    • +1

      I was thinking the same. Very professional Op.

  • http://www.macleans.ca/society/life/take-a-deep-breath-and-d...

    Review and use in moderation unless you want to be part of the Darwin Awards =P

  • Well I bought one. There are more good reviews and bad ones. The negative macleans review, if you know who Jacob Richler is, you would know it's a very biased review.

  • FYI the effect is short lived

  • +1

    So you get the drunk feeling but I am guessing blood alcohol levels would not be over the limit or is that incorrect.

    • +2

      Incorrect, your alcohol levels are DEFINITELY over the limit, as it is absorbed into your lungs and can be detected with a breathalyzer much easier.

      For a more indepth look into how the Vaportini registers on alcohol levels, view the official scientific analysis here: http://www.vaportini.com/uploads/2/7/8/3/27837153/14-8954_fi...

      • Thanks for the quick answer.

  • +3

    Guys this is ozbargain no one should judge whether or not a deal is a deal based on the product itself it seems like a genuine discount regardless of its a product you like or not .

  • I drink too much and do liver damage. Could this actually be useful to me?

    • Whilst I'm not a doctor, I would imagine it would lessen the burden placed on your liver. Inhaling alcohol will ONLY bypass first-pass metabolism in the liver and will not prevent all metabolism in the liver. Hope that helps.

    • +1

      Alcohol is alcohol. Once it's in your system, however it got there, your liver is the only organ that can remove it. So you will still be doing damage to your liver.

      The only way this could help would be if you consumed less alcohol than you would if you were drinking the alcohol. That seems possible, this device will limit how fast you can consume the alcohol. But once you get moderately drunk, will you continue using the vaporizer, or just grab a bottle and start drinking?

      If it does reduce the amount of alcohol you consume, I couldn't tell you how much lower the damage will be. It might be like smoking - the dangers don't significantly reduce even if you halve your consumption.

      • True. I read that the effects don't last as long from smoking either. I tend to like it to last so.. maybe it isn't ideal.

        If it did somehow reduce liver damage though overall, i'd be all for it.

        Obviously it would be better just to smoke hash but unfortunately that is inexplicably illegal :(

        • If only nitrous oxide (so-called "laughing gas") was legal, it might be the only truly non-harmful recreational drug.

        • @Russ: Yeah they should really make stuff like that legal.. If anything that should be legal and alcohol illegal.. im sure alcohol does a lot more damage personally and societally than NOS or hash

  • With say 40% spirit, do you have any idea how much alcohol content is remaining post vapour-ing or is it just a watery taste? Feels wrong to pour it out.

    • Haha yes it would feel wrong! Unfortunately I personally haven't tried drinking the remaining liquor myself so I can't comment, however according to the Playboy article located here: http://www.playboy.com/articles/vaportini-alcohol-review the remaining liquor does not seem pleasant, YMMV.

      • Bought one for some fun, thanks for the quick reply and being a terrific good sport with all of 'em questions above.

  • How long will this deal be active for? Im pretty tempted to give it a try

  • also is that a standard tea light candle or do u need to buy replacements from u guys?

    • I'll just reply to this comment for both of your questions:

      1) We will be ending the special shortly after Easter (See deal expiry)
      2) The Vaportini comes with a purpose-made candle that burns longer and with a less intense flame, you could use a standard tealight candle from a $2 shop, which I have done - however I found that it vaporises the alcohol quicker and makes it more harsh.

  • -2

    Why not just drip alcohol in your eyes? I heard all the cool kids are doing it that way.

  • +1

    When you say 'Featured on ABC News', you probably should say featured in an article warning of the dangers of Vaportini!

    But, that's why Dr. Traub says he would never recommend it, "I don't know if I can tell you definitively that it's dangerous. Nobody can tell you definitively that it's safe."


    • +1

      Replaced with LA and NY Times

  • -1

    This is the stupidest idea i've ever heard about. Basically another gimmick that solves a problem which never existed!

  • +4

    Maybe for a more BALANCED view and real life experience on such a product people could read: http://gizmodo.com/vapshot-mini-review-vaping-alcohol-is-one... and decide for themsleves?

    What a joke, all the keyboard crusaders on here hammering the OP for the "dangerous" practice of vaping alcohol when many of them probably DRINK "unsafe" amounts of alcohol anyway. FYI I can find lots of articles saying that NO level of alcohol consumption is safe - more than you can find about vaping being dangerous…

    Get off your high horses and find something productive to do with your time rather than neg a perfectly legitimate post in ozbargain!

    Disclaimer: Sorry OP I am of no use to you as I do not drink - or vape for that matter :)

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