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[Expired] Free Driving Lesson in Melbourne - Capricorn Driving School


Capricorn Driving School are offering a Free driving lesson to anyone in Melbourne (Bayside Area) in their Mercedes Benz. You need to quote 'WME' when you call to get the lesson for free.

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  • Might sign my mother in law up for a free lesson, as I think she needs a refresher!

  • Whats the catch?

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    I might get a free one way lesson from my place to Melbourne airport - sure beats taking a taxi!

  • Not sure offering a free lesson in a 'Mercedes Benz' is the smartest move.

  • it's not a real mercedes

    it's an A class or B class or whatever the hell that is

    what's the catch?

    • It's a B-Class, so yeah nothing special at all.
      Although having said that, anything is better than what I had to learn in- a Yaris!

    • I agree there. I'm not a fan of the A or B class as it kind of dumbs down the Mercedes Benz brand. I'm neutral on the C class but for me, it's either an E or S class.

      In regards to the bargain at hand. A free lesson by a professional instructor seems great. Given recent times, I wish this was valid everywhere.

      • Differences between the C and the E isn't that much. And the A class is great fun if you floor it around a carpark like a tool.

        Edit: Drove all the Mercs during a Mercedes Drive day, so the hooning was done in a safe environment

        Btw, If you're in the Eastern Suburbs, can I drive a friend down for a lesson?

        • The C class was the baby E class when it first came out. My favourite Benz of all time will be the W124, that think is bulletproof in reliability and symbolises what was great about MB (back then).

  • Why Melbourne? It's too far to drive down there from Wollongong for a free lesson. ;)

  • Since I'm on my L's maybe I should do it…

  • I suspect the catch is the length of the lesson….you can bet its on a normal 50 minute lesson. 15 minutes perhaps?