I'm Obese and Need Two Tickets!


As the title suggests 🍰 I'm obese and would like two tickets when travelling (I can fit in a domestic flights seat without a seatbelt extension).

The purpose of my travels is to visit a relatively cheap place so I can have a suit or two made at a tailor.

What are some cheap places to travel to where it isn't going to cost an excessive amount to purchase two return airfares - am I gong to be better suited in waiting for some sales?

I know I can get two return tickets Gold Coast to Singapore for roughly $800 via Flyscoot however they don't seem to have any reputable and cheap tailors!

Looking forward to constructive and criticising comments.



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      Wouldn't you need a work visa?

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      This is a way to get terrible suits.

      Proper good tailored suits will require multiple fittings.

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    There is this tailor that flies in from Hong Kong to Australia and sets ups shop in city hotels and does measurements ect, does tours to different cities, supposedly is fairly cheap and good quality, has a big following. sorry cant remember name anyone care to elaborate?

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      Pretty sure, we are thinking of the same one… Though I don't really know the name…

      Did find this from google though.


      Actually I found several of them… most of the start from $750 so if you're prepared to buy two tickets for a suit making trip anyway… you should be ok with going to these guys

      • Himarkmartin was the worst tailor I have used, simply for the fact their measurements where so poor. Their excuse was their sweatshop tailor used photographic picture for sizing in conjunction with their measurements. It was a lesson learnt, tailoring from o/s companies that visit here doesn't work as well as multiple fittings at their shop from my experience.

    • I know which one you're talking about, he isn't due out for quite some time! http://www.atimeless.com/en/retail.php

      • You don't need to fly overseas. There are loads of others who are either based locally or they fly over to Sydney. Here are a few off the top of my head:

        1) http://www.rogerconcept.com/ Roger Concept - based in HK and I have some friends who swear by him. He flies out to Sydney twice a year, I think.
        2) http://www.georgeandking.com.au/suit-designer.html - $700 for a suit and 25% off first order. Even if you buy two suits, probably still cheaper than flying overseas and paying for two tickets.
        3) In the Fin Review, you constantly see ads for tailors coming from Asia who tout the quality of their suits ("same material as Zegna, Loro Piana, blah blah blah") for cheap prices.

        Most of them take your measurements and then send off to somewhere like China where your suit gets made in a sweatshop anyway.

      • Thats the one, looks like you just missed him by 2 weeks.


  • https://www.institchu.com/
    in Melbourne & Sydney.

    Good value, good quality. Made to measure.

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      Would second that, at least for checking them out. Get a business class ticket to Melb or Sydney instead and enjoy a comfier seat. Check out Groupon and the like as I've seen them have deals on that ($599 for a two piece suit plus two shirts worth 'up to' $1237).

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    How about Hong Khong?

    • I feel Hong Kong is more tourist targeted regarding tailoring, research indicates I may get a better quality one and cheaper in Bangkok.

      • Try Tailor on Ten.

      • So, haven't you answered your own question then?

  • I would cross Singapore off your list. I recommend Thailand, Malaysia, Bali. From my experience these countries would be the go if you want cheap custom tailored suits and are fairly cheap to fly to if you find a good deal.
    Flew to Malaysia (KL) return last year for $350.

    • I wouldn't. You can get there fairly cheap and the best tailor I've ever had is in Singapore. I've tried other 'good' tailors from Bankok, Phuket, Bali and Vietnam and they're never as good.

      Not cheap though. I was there in Jan and paid $1K for my new suit. But daymn I look good in it.

      • Op asked for cheap suits. Singapore will offer quality products but they will never be as cheap as the countries I listed above.
        1k ea isn't exactly cheap if OP wanted a few suits.

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          It's cheap for the quality.

          He can get suits for $150 at Lowes if he's only looking at price.

        • @SirFlibbled: He could but I think the reason for wanting Tailored and overseas is because its 'cheaper'. Lowes stuff may not fit him (op themselves said they were obese) or will have to spend half of the suits cost in alterations.

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          @JDM4LIFE: "cheaper" is not the same as "the cheapest possible". The $1K suit is cheap for the quality. Can you get cheaper? Yes. Can you get cheaper in the quality of the suit I got? Maybe, but you'd struggle doing so.

          I've bought $300 suits before and they're generally pretty poor quality IMO. You can get those in Singapore as well.

        • @SirFlibbled: I agree with you mate, but you sound like a snob!

        • @Meconium: It by 'snob' you means understands the difference between cheap and value then yes I'm a snob.

  • Maybe you can pay a tailor to fly to you?

  • Would it be that expensive to get a tailor in Australia?

    (I have no idea).

    • Yes if you are getting multiple suits.

    • Very…

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    If you can get measured up here, would the following be within your size range?


    Although some are out of stock, if the stars align, you might find exactly what you are looking for on sale.

    Quite reasonable quality for the prices.

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      Yes they're within my size range. Might order one and see how I go. Seems fairly cheap compared to other options.

  • You can get some great suits if you go to hong kong. There's a district there, where the tailors make suits so good they boast they're the suit you'll want to wear to your funeral.

    • Last time I visited Hong Kong I had seen a fairly ritzy tailor in the shopping mall where the big brand stores were.

      • They're all over the place. Apart from the one I listed above, Jantzen is pretty well known.

  • Lowes has 20% off today and has a large big mans selection. Stacked with gift cards purchased at 20% off previously, that's a great deal.

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      Wouldn't touch Lowes with a ten foot pole (or sub).

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    Another thing I'm worried about is I've read online that if you're a male travelling alone to places like Bangkok you're labelled a sex tourist, is this true?

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      Maybe if you are old as well as fat?

      Sorry. Not meaning to cause offence, but that is ridiculous.

      • No. Certainly not old.

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      At Bangkok customs, if they see you are a single male, they ask you a series of personal questions. It is highly likely you will be required as a condition of your visa to wear a high vis fluro jacket with a big square sign declaring you to be a sex tourist in big bold writing.

      100% true. It happened to a friend of a friend of mine. It was very frustrating for him to explain to all his business associates.

      Similar to the labeling laws in other cities for single males… Munich - alcoholic, Amsterdam - druggie, sydney - gay.

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        'a friend of a friend' it must be true then.

        I travel to Bangkok, Jakarta other cities in Asia regularly and have never experienced any 'personal questions'. Immigration are just doing their jobs asking the purpose of your visit.

      • Been to Thailand multiple times over the past couple of years. Sometimes as a single male and sometimes with my girlfriend. I have never seen or heard anything like this and Google shows no comments similar.

        Sounds like an urban legend to me.

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        no one else smell sarcasm? :( i upvoted.. lol

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          The high vis jacket gets you 10% of drinks in the red light district of patpong. So it's not all bad. It's the Thai naughty equivalent of the entertainment book.

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        Sex tourism is devastatingly sad. I wish people didn't make jokes about it.
        Those poor victims (the children, desperate men/women who have to resort to sex with tourists to earn money etc).

        I've been to Thailand and saw these women on the street and actually looked at one in their eyes (We stared at each other) and it was one of the saddest moments of my life. The look in her eyes was really really awful.

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          I cannot fathom the difficulties and sadness of the sex tourism issue.

          But sex tourism is a completely different topic to the absurd topic of being labeled a sex tourist because you are a single make traveler.

        • Tragedy makes for the best comedy though. It's a way of dealing with things that really happen out there but are too chilling to fathom. Or so my priest used to say before they reassigned him

  • There are actually quite a few good taylors coming form [Insert choice of India, Vietnam, China] coming to major cities. Don't look at the news papers - those guys charge an arm and a leg… you'll have to ask a few fancy dressers as it is usually a social network thing (I don't think they have a "work and sell" visa).

    Essentially you meet them - often in a hotel room - [No, not that kind of room] and you can see the materials, get measured, and ultimately get a service similar to as if you flew over.

    The benefit is that you can put all the air expenses to the suites and get a better deal, even if the suites cost a bit more.

    Can't give you tips for your location, but start asking around… you may be surprised or get a PM from someone where you are.

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      Mark taylor is a good one

  • As a friend recently found out, don't book an emergency aisle seat on Virgin if you need a seat belt extension. They said it's policy not to give one out in those two rows, and my friend had to swap seats with someone else despite paying the $25 premium.

    • I don't require a seat belt extension luckily!

      • Then why do you need 2 seats?? I'm a large fellow myself, and I find the seats OK. I've occasionally been large enough to need a seatbelt extension, but I've never needed 2 seats. I don;t really understand the issue?

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    I recommend you fly Gold Coast to Bangkok with AirAsia.

    1:An additional $100 using Optiontown gives you a great chance at getting at least an extra seat, if not a whole row to yourself.

    2: Thailand does not require a Visa for Australian passport holders who are tourists. Vietnam visa cost $25USD stamping fee + letter cost, or even higher if done through the embassy.

    3: I find the flights to be cheaper to Bangkok as its a busier route.

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    Paper mache your entire body and send the mold to your favourite Asian tailor who will use its measurements to make your suits for you.

    • Is that actually possible?

      • It's definitely possible.

        Advisable? No.

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      Or maybe in a high tech universe, you can scan your body with a Microsoft Kinect, upload a 3d model image of you into CAD software and then the tailor works off that data.

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    I write this from Sukhumvit in Bangkok. I flew here with $475 return Jetstar ticket from Melbourne obtained during a sale.

    I visited my tailor today - http://www.rajasfashions.com/ There are several good tailors in the area and lots of rubbish ones.

    Cons: Raja's expensive - at least 2 or 3 times the price of some nearby tailors.
    Pros: He's high quality, and excellent customer service. I returned with some clothes I purchased 18 months ago that had worn poorly and were tight because I had put on weight - he adjusted them for free and replaced another pair for half price which was better than I expected.

    The biggest mistake you could make is going for the cheapest suit - especially after flying all this way

    • am I gong to be better suited in waiting for some sales?

      I see what you did there.

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    +1 for Hoi An
    deals to Saigon pop up here and there
    treat yourself book a tour and stop by Hoi An via bus/train
    spend a couple nights there
    great people, great food, everything negotiable
    including the metered taxis!
    I remember a joint called Yale Couture
    in the main town centre making me a nice
    tailored suit for under $100 in less than 24 hours.

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      It's Yaly Couture. The guys from Top Gear filmed there.

      I had a beautiful suit and blouses made there - top quality material and tailoring. Yaly is renowned around the world, they do such good work - and Hoi An is beautiful.


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        ahh thats the one! Ya Ly!
        great service - they even delivered the suit to my hotel!

    • I wouldn't recommend Kimmy (a very popular tailor). My suit from there was pretty crappy. It looked nice in the store, but after about 6 months it started to fall apart.

  • would be easier just to lose weight

    • You got anything gluten free?

      • Funny 😎

  • Try DHgate, if you have your sizes
    They will custom made anything
    Also wait for Amazon s 70% sales
    I am 6'3" ordered large in Michael Kors and CK , almost had to get quarter of it tucked in by tailors in Asia as the value was way too good to be returned
    Now they need more alteration :p
    But worth it
    I am talking about ~100 for a overcoat or a suit with alreration , here they in nearly 10 times ..

  • Have you considered buying one Scootbiz ticket or an Air Asia X Premium Flatbed instead of 2 normal seats? Both offer wider seats and bigger recline than a normal seat

    • I did almost purchase the ScootBiz tickets they had on sale over the weekend.

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    Why not join a gym and eat better?

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      Why not just make a sweeping statement without knowing anything about the OP's biopsychosocial history, right? That should fix it…

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        It was a question not a demand :) also this is ozbargain… It would be cheaper to eat less and get a year's gym pass than flying overseas with 2 seats to find a tailor to make clothes.

        • A years gym pass only costed me $350.

        • @Mittervi:

          Great :) if you lose too much weight then you will need to spend more on new clothes and the ones you get tailor made won't be useful :)

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      Who says I'm not? You don't know!

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    You don't have to fly to them, the bigger tailors from Bangkok, Vietnam, Hong Kong etc do world tours - you should check their dates. They usually book a space in each of the major cities and will take your measurements, get you fitted etc. They do any tailored clothing - for guys I think it is usually suits and shirts. You can pick fabric from the samples as well.

    The finished product gets mailed to you and if you need adjustments made they are free to return, get fixed and sent back. My partner got his whole work wardrobe made this way and my brother in law's wedding party too. Much cheaper than getting anything tailored domestically.

    We used http://www.excelsuits.com/ and they were fine. You can google for others.

    • Actually didnt read other posts til now. Excel suits looks pretty decent. How much does a suit go for?

      • This is the email I got from them in 2015 so you know what to expect:

        Excelsior Tailors will be visiting Sydney, Melbourne, Bendigo, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth starting the 23rd August – 15th September.
        If these dates don't suit you, please do let us know and we can work out other mutually convenient dates and time as we are happy to come a few days earlier or stay a few days more!

        As usual, we will have a complete range of fabrics, sample books, swatches, and catalogs of latest fashions over 4000 collection of new and modern design.
        Your referrals are highly valued and appreciated. So please inform your colleagues, relatives, and friends of our visit in this region.

        Friends and colleagues interested can write to us and enquire about our visit in their town or region.

        Our special offer this trip:
        - 2 Suits + 2 shirts + 2 ties - All for $629 and, as a reminder, our suits start from only $279.
        We are able to visit you in the comfort of your home, office or at our hotel. Please let us know what day and time is best for you so we can put you down in our appointment book.
        Please do make sure to come dressed appropriately to the appointment if possible (wearing suits, shirts or pants OR bring about your favorite fitting clothes - all this is in reference to a new client. If you have stitched from us before, come as you please.

        Our tentative travel dates:
        23rd AUG Sydney
        24th AUG Sydney
        25th AUG Sydney
        26th AUG Sydney
        27th AUG Sydney
        28th AUG Sydney
        29th AUG Sydney
        30th AUG Sydney
        31st AUG Sydney
        1st Sept Sydney
        2nd Sept Sydney
        3rd Sept Sydney
        4th Sept Sydney
        5th Sept Sydney
        6th Sept MELBOURNE
        7th Sept BENDIGO
        8th Sept BENDIGO
        9th Sept MELBOURNE
        10th Sept MELBOURNE
        11th Sept BRISBANE
        12th Sept
        13th Sept Adelaide
        14th Sept Adelaide
        15th Sept Perth
        16th Sept Perth

        • Thanks, seems pretty reasonable and the suits look nice on their website. Were you impressed with their quality, I guess I mean they dont look cheap or anything?

        • @Lucky13: No they are perfectly fine - my partner is a lawyer and is still wearing the suits he got made in 2009. They are not as swish as his best suit which he got made last year for $1000 in Melbourne but I think that's to be expected…

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          @missalicia: Thanks for that so theyre obviously quite reasonable quality for a good price. Think Ill definitely keep this place in mind then, thanks :)

  • Can you email your measurements to a tailor somewhere and buy one suit/clothes item from them and if ok you could order more. Probably be cheaper option.

  • Did a bit of Googling and if ur keen on getting an os suit these guys in Vietnam take ur order with measurements online and ship it out to u - http://kimmytailor.com/

    Looks like theyre quoting $199 (US $'s I imagine) for a cashmere and silk suit, dont know how much shipping would be. They also instruct you on how to measure yourself. Looks pretty cool.

  • I recommend looking for this info on whirlpool, they have a large thread of overseas tailor recommendations.

    • The Moderators on Whirlpool are corrupt, I avoid at all costs.

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        Why would someone offer them reward to do you harm? Care to share? (srs).

        All costs may include more expensive suit than necessary - an ozbargain heresy

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    Rather than buy two economy tickets, you should instead buy either Premium Economy (Y+) or Business (J) seats. With Scoot and Jetstar, they are often the same price as two economy seats and you'll be in better comfort. Alternatively, don't fly on an airline that has small seats. I am 6'2, 140kg and I fit perfectly fine in an economy seat on an Emirates (Except their 777 seat), Qantas and Singapore Airlines seat. Even better if it's on an A380 which often has a wider seat and more legroom.

    If your sole intention to travel is to buy a suit, you may be better off keeping your money and have a travelling tailor from Hong Kong make you a suit. I use these blokes:


    They measured me while he was in Melbourne and has my size on hand in Hong Kong. When I need a new suit made, I let him know and send money to him and makes it according to the measurements he made for me down here. It costs me $2000 for 2 suits, pants and a few shirts. You'd spend more in flight, accomondation, meals and spending money PLUS the suit costs if you flew there instead.

    There are cheaper tailors around that do the same thing and they often advertise in all the major papers.

  • First week of April with FlyScoot Gold Coast to Bangkok via Singapore (787) is AUD 546.20 return, two tickets would be $1,092.40.

    I'm allowing around $250 for Accommodation.

    As I have CD I can't really eat much while over in Bangkok, I'll have to stick to Rice and cooked meats/vegetables plain - without any sauce.

    • I can do Gold Coast to Bangkok via Kuala Lumpur (A330&A320) for $448 return, two tickets would be $896

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    OP good on you for realising that you need a second seat. On a Qantas flight I was seated next to an obese man who clearly needed a second seat as he was 'spilling' over into my seat to the point where I could not avoid it. Unfortunately there was no spare seats either. To be blunt I'm not sure how he fit into the seat and it was an incredibly repulsive and unpleasant experience.

    • Did you say something to him?

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      Lined himself up and fell back.

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    Im in hk atm. On Nathan Rd actually. There are many tailors here but you would really need to do your research to find a good one.

    Hoi an is a city of tailors. Its very hard to go wrong if you want custom clothing. Just make sure u reseach the styles of suits and shirts and colours you may like. Possibly materials as well.

    However.. if you want to mix in tourist fun while you wait for the clothes to be made then hk maybe better

  • Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur

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    I would travel to Hong Kong, take the MTR East Rail line across the border into Shenzhen and head to the Lo Woo shopping mall (just as you come out of the station) - You'll need to buy a visa at the border but is relatively cheap. The tailors in the mall are good and are usually from Shanghai. I've had shirts made here numerous times, they help you pick the material and will deliver your clothes to your Hong Kong hotel in about 3 days. The price is much better than in Hong Kong too.

    • I've visited that shopping complex before, they usually have 'greeters' ready with a suitcase willing to take your business and show you around town/building.

      • When I say shopping complex, it's more like an office tower.

  • Depends where you live too. In Perth, flying to Bali is cheaper than the ferry to Rottnest Island. I don't know if there are the sort of tailors you're looking for in Bali though.

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    Body paint mate; cheapest option bar none, and you can have a new suit every day! The rest of you is hiding your private bits anyway…

    • Might be in trouble if I'm sailing at full mast.

      • Don't flatter yourself!

  • I've noticed a few recommendations for Hong Kong.