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Save $190 Panasonic ES-ST25 3 Blade Shaver $99.95 + Free Shipping Made in Japan @ Shaver Shop


Came across this when browsing for under $100 Shaver. It's made in Japan, 3 Blade Shaver as stated. Currently listed in their catalogue for instore otherwise free shipping when buying online.

Charging Time:1 hour
Usage Time:45 minutes
Pop Up Trimmer:Yes
Worldwide Voltage:Yes
Cleaning Station Included:No

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    Lol, at $289.95 its a rip off. I feel sorry for those people who bought it at that price.
    Can easily import it from Amazon JP for around AU$88…. all year round.

    • Yeah, definitely the RRP is a rip off. It is a pretty old model now. I bought one of these back in 2013 for around $95!

  • it's always $99 there.

    • ditto. what I'm more interested in, is it any good???

      • It's actually not bad - I bought one when passing through an airport as a travel shaver.

        I used to use a Braun electric and hated it, but I was pleasantly surprised with this. I can get a very close shave with it. If I wet shave with it, it is almost as good as my Mach 3.

        The only annoying thing is that the model I have has a charging cradle, which is annoying to carry when travelling. I was hoping it had a simply plug in the base.

  • $99.95 is about normal price. Picked one up before Xmas for that. Going from razor to electric takes a bit of getting used to. Shaving is definitely not any quicker.

    One thing with this shaver is that recharging is through a stand that comes with the unit. So for travelling the stand has to go with you unless its for a couple of days enough for a battery to last.

  • +1

    I desperately need a new shaver. Is this the best value for money at sub $100?

  • Works well for me with shaving gel. Excellent close shave.

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