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360 Wireless Controller $34 Delivered. Dragon Age ~$28. Operation Flashpoint ~$26.Valkyria ~$28.


White Xbox 360 Wireless Controller: ~34 delivered
That should be the cheapest we've seen a genuine controller. The Game had one for $37 I think.

Black Xbox 360 Wireless Controller: ~34 delivered

Dragon Age: Origins (PS3/Xbox 360): ~28 delivered.
360: http://www.zavvi.com/games/platforms/xbox-360/dragon-age-ori...
PS3: http://www.zavvi.com/games/platforms/ps3/dragon-age-origins/...

Operation Flashpoint (360): ~$28 Delivered.

Valkyria Chronicles (PS3): ~$26 Delivered.

All other deals here:

Other Deals: Bioshock 2 on PS3 was ~42 delivered. Resonance of Fate is around ~53 delivered.

Note: These deals are part of Zavvi's Mega Weekend sale. They have 80% on most their products. I think the games that I listed here, I'm confident that they're good deals. Valkyria Chronicles, you might be able to get one around the same price from eBay. The rest of them are good deals.

NOTE Special Mention: Ozbargainer tantryl believes the controller I listed here is a bootleg. Please be aware when purchasing. The word official is missing from the title which COULD potentially mean this controller could cause your Xbox 360 to spontaneously get the RROD. That's one of the possibilities. Credit again to tantryl for diverting the focus from official/unofficial talk to vaginas.

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    Don't think that's legit MS one.

    This is.

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      What makes you say that's not legit?

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                    @ragflan: Fair enough.

                    I actually agree. The "official" one looks more like a mistake, and the description of the one you link in the OP is identical to official ones. It seems highly unlikely it'd be anything other than the MS device.


    The omission of the word "official" in the two you posted ragflan lends itself to the conclusion that they are not official. I don't think they omitted the word official accidentally therefore it is safe to infer they are unofficial.

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    Hotmustardsauce, you have 2 more negative votes for the day right? Go ahead. Neg this one comment as well.

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      hotmustardsauce, did you use up your 5 already? Tomorrow's not far off.


    You do realise the free delivery is within the UK only right?

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      I factored in delivery costs into the prices of the items. The controller is 17.95 + 2.45. That's 20.4 pounds. Which, Google tells me, is ~34 dollars.


        fair enough.

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    Cheap, do they come with the two vaginas?


    It could also be just a double entry for the product. Perhaps they allocated a certain number for their Easter sales and created a separate entry for it to make it easier to sell just the right number of stock.


    Good stuff yet again, ragflan.


      Thanks blitz!


    Talk about advertising on a website, Those IE ads take up half of the site


    thehut.com has similar prices ( I think they're both owned by the same company).

    but thehut has 1euro off for 10euro orders , 2 for 20, etc.


    Does the x-box controller comes with the usb cable?
    like this one?

    cause I would like to get them if it is playable on PC.


    The wireless controller actually works out to 38.50$ after currency conversion and then most credit cards charge a certain % for purchasing in another currency. So the final price probably works out to over 40$ sadly. Still not a bad deal but probably not good enough for me to take up. IF it was 34$AU delivered i definitely would have taken it up.


    So are these Genuine microsoft Controllers? Same as you get with the consoles?


    For anyone who is interested there is a 2 pound discount code that expires on the 5/4/10 (not sure if it is UK time), when spending 20 pounds or more.

    Discount code = MVC2