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Catan 5th Ed $56.95, Melb Monopoly, $33, Family Feud $22.95, Halo Risk $49.95 @ Gameology


Hey guys!

As a way to make space for some new products we have some great deals for our existing products for you guys. We have discounted a whole range of products for the next few days.

A few products with discounts that you'll never see at DSE:

Catan 5th Edition - $56.95 - *extremely low price for clearance!
Game of Thrones Monopoly - $38.95
Melbourne Monopoly - $33.00
Apples to Apples - $49.95 - *very limited stock!

Pokemon Breakthrough Booster box - $149.95 with free shipping!
Family Feud - $22.95
Risk Halo - $49.95

We have recently reviewed our shipping costs and we can now offer free shipping for orders over $70!
Any order below - $10 and express post is $16, and of course pickup from our new Clayton warehouse is free!

Sale prices end 11:59PM AEST Wednesday 24th March or while stocks last.

As always if you find anything cheaper or want a game that is not on the website please PM or contact us directly and I will give you the best price possible.

We are still very new to this so any tips/feedbacks on our website or anything else/game requests - please let us know! We always value the expertise from the ozbargaining community.



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  • +4

    Some good prices on other games too. Very tempted by Dead of Winter. Some comparisons with my favourite (often cheapest) board game store:

    Board Games Gameolgy Games Empire
    Catan (5th Ed) $56.95 $69.99
    Dead of Winter $79.95 $94.99
    Small World $61.95 $71.99
    Carcassonne V2 $47.95 $49.99
    Ticket to Ride $66.45 $71.99
    • +4

      Thanks for the comparison sharky! We are trying hard to build a customer base by offering the best price and customer service.

      • I was going to compare to Milsims too, but their site is down and rumour is they have shut up shop (?)

        edit: oops. I spelt your store name wrong in the table. Can't edit now. Sorry!

        • Milsims has been bought by Joe Dodgy's. Hopefully they can bring back the good name of Milsims…

        • +1

          I had no idea of this. Bought from Joe dodgy many times without a problem. Bought from milsims once and will never return. What a load of BS that store was! Up there with games paradise as worst business in Australia.

        • rumour is they have shut up shop

          The fact that the Boronia store became empty overnight and now has for lease signs all over it supports this rumour.

  • No discount on ticket to ride?

    • +1

      I believe we are already the cheapest but please let me know if you find a cheaper price and we will beat it by 5%

        Ticket to ride Europe $66.14 + $6.70 postage.

        Gameology $66.45 + $10 postage

        • +7

          thanks for getting a lower price for our ozbargainers dasher86!
          Our new price is $61.95 +$10 shipping.
          Also applies to the original edition game

        • +3


          Ozgameshop has it for $69.99 with free shipping, plus 3,500 Player Points worth $3.50

        • +4

          Beaten to $58.95.
          Can't really do anything about their point system as it's not exactly 'matchable'.

        • @86boy: damn! Just bought at the previous price! Oh well will just have to get the original edition too!

        • +15

          We will refund you the difference, we're an honest business and there's no reason why you shouldn't get the best deal for supporting us early!

        • +1

          @86boy: kudos. Awesome service. Just placed another order for a few more games! Haha thanks

        • @86boy:

          Awesome. Thks

  • Do you happen to have Dominion or Coup?

    • We do not have that at the moment but we definitely can get our hands on it - I will keep you on our contact list when it does.

  • +3

    King of Tokyo for $39.95 is an excellent price. It's a great light fun game.

    • +1

      It's currently at our clearance price - limited stock for this product and it definitely won't last long!
      I'll recommend the power-up expansion if you like the base game - adds a fun new twist to the game!…more specifically:
      It adds monster specific "evolution" cards that are earned by rolling 3x hearts in a turn. They give you special abilities and modifiers that help differentiate the monsters, as each one gets its own deck that builds on a theme.
      Have a look -

    • Seconded. Great game for larger groups (up to 8) or as something light between heavier games

  • Anything about Catan being 5th edition that I need to know?

    Was told I need to buy & play it..

    • +2

      "The new edition changes very little of the core gameplay we've come to know and enjoy throughout the years. However, "some areas of confusion and rare "corner cases" in the rules are being better explained to ease any game night consternation that might arise from a misreading of the rules."
      The 5th edition will also be fully backwards compatible to the previous 4th edition and will feature a more cohesive art style throughout all 4th and 5th edition expansions."
      from : gamenguide

    • Any version will do really - they're the same in terms of rules. Just clarifications in the rulebooks, slightly different wooden bits, slightly different art, etc. 4th or 5th edition are compatible all the expansions I believe (in terms of the wooden pieces and card art mtaching). This is an excellent price!

    • Just buy and play!
      If you're planning on getting expansions, I recommend Traders & Barbarians and do not recommend Seafarers (I have both, but never play seafarers as it does not add much to the game. Can't comment on the other expansions though)

  • Any chance if we order with normal shipping that it will arrive (in Sydney) before this coming Friday (Good Friday)?

    • +2

      Hi Divineinquity,
      As much as I would like to guarantee that - I do not want to ruin your Easter, especially since Friday is a public holiday. We would advise you to pay for the express shipping to avoid disappointment.
      What I can do for you though - depending on the number of items you buy, if you PM me - I may be able to offer you express postage at a better rate.
      Thanks for your interest!

  • +1

    Are you able to pricematch with Kmart for Bananagrams? It's listed as $25 here:

    I played it the other day with some friends and loved it!

    • +1

      Beaten, $23.95.
      Thanks for the comment em!

      • Thank you so much! :D

  • overall some really good prices. I ordered 5 games this weekend or else Dead of Winter and King of Tokyo might have made my collection.

    • never too late to stock up!

  • +4

    Some nice prices here - you should see if you can get listed on

    • +3

      Second this, I use this to compare prices all the time, no reason you shouldn't get business for offering low prices and good customer service :)

    • -1

      Third - definitely the best prices around. I could tell just from looking at them that they were very good. Hope you keep it up - I've got nearly all the games you sell but I've favourited you and will keep you in mind for any future purchases!

  • Can you match Dungeon crawl for Dixit?

    • Matched!

      • Thank you!

      • +1

        Hi, I just checked the link above and still find dungeon crawl cheaper than you when you add shipping. Any chance to match this ?

        • Their shipping is only 6.70

        • @francoz:
          Please PM to see what I can do for you.

  • Any chance you can also match 7 Wonders Duel? It's a great price.

    • +3

      Sorry gr33nhouse, their price is a extremely good deal - highly recommend you to buy from them at that low price!

      • Fair enough. Thanks for all your other efforts though!

  • Is it possible to offer reduced express shipping when over the $70 threshold?

    Already bought Dead of Winter, but just a suggestion :)

    Thanks OP!

    • Thanks for the feedback! That is a really fair point. We will get this fixed up today. :)

  • Thanks OP! Been meaning to check out Settlers of Catan!

    • +1

      Thanks for the upvote and purchase Carmabella!

      • No worries - package already marked for posting later today so there's a chance I'll get it before the long weekend. Top job, OP! :)

        • +1

          We're trying our best to be the Easter Bunny of board games!

  • Thanks,
    Finally pulled the pin and purchased Catan

    • Awesome! Thank you so much for your support. Please let us know of any other future games you are after.

  • Great prices! Are you able to get Cosmic Encounter?

    • We are in talks with Fantasy Flight games - so we do hope to get that soon!

  • I was hoping to find Monopoly Sydney Edition for the same price as the Melbourne Edition, but you don't seem to stock it. Any chance?

  • Hi - Do you have the expansion for Catan to go with the game? (I think it was available with the original Settlers of Catan)

  • Hey - you sold out of the Exploding Kittens NSFW edition. Would it be possible to put in an order for that and receive it at a later date?

    I am thinking about purchasing multiple games - Ticket to Ride, Pandemic and Exploding Kittens NSFW.

    • Hi Bmwild

      Of course! We are expecting to get more in within the week!

      • Hi, I'd also like to include a copy of Exploding Kittens NSFW in my order and receive it when you get stock in. How do I do this?

        • @jdeniet @bmwild
          We've implemented a pre-order on the NSFW. You can checkout as normal and we will send the NSFW when it is in stock, separately if need be - free of charge!

        • @86boy: Legend

  • +8

    Up vote just for the customer service shown here.

    • +1

      Thanks for the support Cloudy! We really appreciate it.

  • -2

    I recalled seeing Catan 5th Ed for cheaper on Ozbargain?

    • Hi Congngo

      Thanks for commenting, happy to beat it by 5% if you can find it in stock and send me a link. :)

  • Great prices!

    But why does the "Board Games" section of the website have a "MENS T-SHIRT EXAMPLE" subsection containing only 7Wonders?

    I think the site's database is in need of a cleanup. ;-)

    • Thanks for pointing this out! You are right, we only finished this website a couple of weeks ago.

  • Cheers, pulled the trigger and bought Dead of Winter. Looking forward to any new deals!

    • Awesome! Thank you so much for your support. Please let us know of any other future games you want deals on!

      • +1

        Blood Rage!

  • I wanted catan junior but sold out

    • It'll be back in stock on Wednesday!

  • Hey are you guys able to price beat Games Empire on Mysterium? Thanks :)

    • Beaten, $69.50

      • I didn't realise this, but dungeon crawl actually has it cheaper!
        Just wanted to see if you could price beat this one.

        Amazing service btw, very much appreciated!

        • Beaten, $65.95!
          Your support is greatly appreciated, we hope to build a strong customer base by keeping our relations as positive as possible :)

  • Can you beat the other prices for 7 wonders Duel?

    $45 seems to be the normal price.

    • See above. Rep said buy it from DC at $29.95

      • Dungeon Crawl is sold out.
        thinking either buy it for $42 at gamesman or wait to see if Rep can do better.

        Would like Machi Koro deluxe too if Rep can do it for close to $70

        • @Ghossst we can match dungeon crawl for you at 74.00 even though they are sold out.
          With 7 Wonders Duel, $42.00 - buy both and get free shipping!

  • Can you guys beat the expansion prices for King of Tokyo?

    22.99 and 24.99 for Halloween and Power up! respectively:


  • +1

    Any chance on a bundle deal with Catan + the 5-6 player expansion/ any of the other expansions?
    And just confiriming it is the 2015 refresh version?


    • +2

      We're offering the lowest prices on these products (to the best of our research) so unless you can find cheaper, the best bundle deal is what you get in the cart!
      Yes, it is the 5th edition.

      Thanks for your query!

      • Damn I only managed to get back to this just then and both are sold out :(

        Will there be new stock coming in or any chance i can get a rain check for both Catan and the expansion?


  • "I've got wood for sheep"

  • Carcassonne, usd$29 + usd$10.40 delivered from

    Can you do better?


    • Hi Newplace,
      Unfortunately the shipping will cause us to make a loss. The best we can do is to match that price for you $46 (shipped), if you buy another item to qualify for the free shipping.
      Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other queries!

  • +1

    Holy crap, your games are so cheap! Wish I knew about you guys last week… bought 5 games and they're all cheaper on your website :(

    • +1

      Well now you know :) , you can always PM us if we don't have a game you want listed and we'll see what we can do for you in the future!

      p.s could always review your original store's return policy :P

      • Haha, even if I could return it, it'd cost heaps shipping it back :p. Anyway, I placed an order for a couple games (catan and mysterium), too good to pass on those.

        I am after 'Ticket to Ride: 10th Anniversary Edition', but I'm guessing it's impossible to get more stock of it?

        • +1

          Maybe the shipping could outweigh your savings, we can definitely recommend some courier companies :P
          Haha, just kidding - we appreciate your business - big or small.
          It's been sold out for a while now - I'll see if I can salvage any directly from the manufacturer. I'll keep you posted.
          Thanks again n1 !

  • Awesome prices. Any chance you could beat for the catan extension? thanks

    • +1

      Beaten, $33.00 - very limited stock left!

      • sweet! grabbed one plus the base set :)

        • Thanks for buying from us!

  • Good Evening,

    Would it be possible for you to beat this price?


    Thanks a bunch.

    • Beaten, $34.50

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